Awesome Supergirl Costumes for Baby, Kids & Adults

Who says boys should have all the fun? These Supergirl costumes will stand out for Halloween, no matter if you are a child, teen, or adult.

Supergirl Costumes for Baby Girls

Get the youngest trick-or-treaters in on the Halloween action with these adorable Supergirl costumes for babies! The first two options here are onesie-costumes. It’s nice to have an all-in-one costume for babies (less for grabby hands to rip off!).

I absolutely LOVE the first option because the headpiece that it comes with is so cute! Who wouldn’t want the Supergirl “S” in the middle of this accessory? Your baby will not only be Supergirl, but Superbaby, for sure.

The third option is interesting in that it’s a deluxe bib. So, you could wear this for feedings even after Halloween! With this Supergirl costume, you’ll need to dress your baby girl warmly underneath, as this one is quite literally just a bib.

 Supergirl Onesie And Headpiece Supergirl Costume for Baby Supergirl costume

Super Girl Costumes for Toddlers

Another tough decisions here! While typical Supergirl costumes are red and blue, the pink costume in the middle is certainly eye catching!

The pink costume is also VERY highly rated at almost-five stars with 200 reviews. This darling costume comes withe the dress & cape, belt, and even the boots! The boots aren’t actual shoes, but “tops”, meant to be worn over her existing shoes. It’s a better-quality costume and will last well past Halloween.

Let’s not forget the red & white costumes, though! They are just as cute, and would look super-cute if Supergirl were to go trick-or-treating with a matching Superman (Superboy?)!

 Supergirl Toddler Costume Pink Supergirl Costume Supergirl Costume for Girls

Kids Supergirl Costumes

If she’s past the toddler stage and looking for a great kids’ costume, these Supergirl costumes are sure to make her smile.

My favorite has to be the tutu dress option! I love the sparkly tutu skirt and think it gives this costume just a little extra added touch to be special. Really, everything is included with this one: sparkly tutu skirt and removable cape, eye mask, belt and gauntlets!

Of course, you can’t go wrong with whichever Supergirl costume she decides on.

 Supergirl Child’s Costume Child’s Supergirl Tutu Dress Supergirl Tutu Kids Costume Pink Supergirl Kids Costume Supergirl Kids Costume Supergirl Pink Kids Leotard

Supergirl Costumes for Teens and Adults

There are certainly no shortage of options when it comes to Supergirl costumes for teenagers and for adult women! No matter if you want something more form-fitting or not, sparkly or more plain, there’s something for you. Even if you want just a simple tee-shirt look, we’ve got you covered.

These would be awesome as part of a couple’s costume, too!

I personally think these costumes look best with a tall pair of white boots, so be sure to finish off the look with the right shoes and accessories. You’re sure to be a hit this Halloween!

 Superhero Style Teen Dress Women’s Supergirl Costume Supergirl Costume Super-Girl T-Shirt With Cape Supergirl Costume Supergirl Plus Size Adult Costume DC Comics Supergirl Corset Costume Superhero Style Costume Supergirl Costume T-Shirt