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Super Mario Bros Halloween Costumes – They’re Cheaper Online!

Super Mario Bros. CostumesAdults and kids love Super Mario Brothers Halloween costumes because Mario and Luigi have been around since the eighties.  This famous Italian brother duo has been loved by generations and the video game itself evolved into a movie and kids television morning show.

On this page you will find lots of different Super Mario Bros Halloween costumes and ideas for going in couples with your video game entourage this October.  It doesn’t matter who is in your posse, men, women, children – because all will have a Super Mario Bros costume.

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Super Mario Brothers Costumes

These are some of the most popular Super Mario Brothers costumes for kids, adults and women.  This legendary plumbing brother duo wouldn’t be complete without Luigi too.  Below these Super Mario costumes you will find more Super Mario Bros Halloween costume ideas if you plan to spend Halloween as a group.

“I hate to run on an empty stomach.”

Kids Super Mario CostumeSuper Mario Costume AdultsWomen Super Mario CostumeKids Super Mario Luigi CostumeAdult Super Mario Bros Luigi CostumeWomen Super Mario Bros Luigi Costume

Super Mario Costume Kids Size

This Super Mario costume for kids includes the jumpsuit, hat and mustache.  It’s a simple, yet effective Mario costume. Add some black plumbers shoes (or just some regular shoes) and your costume is complete.  This Nintendo Legend is a favorite for many kids and sizes range from toddler to boys large.

Boys Super Mario Costume

“Do the Mario!” (from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show)

Kids Super Mario Costume Hat, Mustache & Gloves

If you already have your own pair of boys blue overalls and a long-sleeve red shirt you can buy this kids Super Mario costume hat, mustache and gloves. It’s easy to locate a long-sleeve red shirt and some blue overalls but you’re going to want to go to Amazon if you want just the Super Mario hat, mustache and gloves because I haven’t seen this combo without the costume in retail stores.

Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Mario Child Mustache & Hat Set

Super Mario Costumes Women

Here are some of the most popular Super Mario costumes for women.  If you want to show a little more than your plumber’s crack, these Super Mario costumes for women are quite appealing.  This woman Super Mario costume includes the hat, half-gloves, mustache ad super sleek jumpsuit with accent yellow buttons and red shirt.

Women Super Mario Costume


“Unstoppable? We’re plumbers! If we can unstop a stop, we can stop the unstoppable!”

Super Mario Bros Costumes for Couples

Mario and Luigi work for couples, best friends and sibling sets.  You can have a male Mario and female Luigi or vice versa.  There are lots of combinations of male and female Super Mario costumes that work well in two’s – men, women, boys and girls can go as Mario and Luigi.  Another combination that works well if your sister, wife or lady friend doesn’t want to be Luigi or Mario is to dress her up as the Princess.  The Princess makes a great date for the Super Mario Bros.

 Nintendo Super Mario Bros Mario Mask Nintendo Super Mario Bros Luigi Mask

Luigi Super Mario Costume Halloween

Luigi is the somewhat slimmer plumber brother of Mario and he wears green. Together Mario and Luigi make the Super Mario Bros.  This Luigi boys Super Mario Bros Halloween costume includes the hat, inflatable belly, jumpsuit, gloves and mustache.  You’ll have to pick up a pair of your own black plumbers shoes (or any shoe will do).

Super Mario Bros Luigi Child Costume

Luigi Super Mario Bros Costume Hat, Gloves and ‘Stache

You can get just the Luigi costume hat, glove and mustache set and buy your own overalls and long-sleeve green shirt.  I found this costume on Amazon at (a trusted online Halloween retailer with awesome choices in costumes).

Luigi Costume Hat, Gloves and Mustache

Luigi Super Mario Costume Adult

This Luigi Super Mario Bros costume is perfect if you want something affordable and easy.  This costume includes the Super Mario Bros Luigi hat, jumpsuit and mustache. There is a more deluxe costume below that includes the inflatable belly and the gloves too.   You better start practicing your Italian accent now so you’ll be an authentic Luigi by Halloween!

Super Mario Brothers Luigi Costume

Luigi Super Mario DELUXE Costume Adult

What makes this Luigi Adult Deluxe costume different than one above is that it has the big ol’ spaghetti-eatin’ belly and the gloves.  This is an officially license Nintendo costume and Luigi is a legend that everyone knows.  With this Luigi Adult costume you get the hat, mustache, belly, jumpsuit and gloves.  Get some good shoes because plumbers walk around in some gross things.

DELUXE Super Mario Luigi Costume

Women Super Mario Luigi Costumes

Guys dig video game chicks and who can forget the legendary Luigi, the famous brother of Mario? This plumbing duo make up the Super Mario Brothers and also make a great couples costume or BFF set.  Head off to a Halloween party or video game convention dressed as two video game legends – Super Mario and Luigi!  This costume is available from two different online retailers for women.

 Woman Luigi Costume

Super Mario Princess Fancy Dress Women Costume

These Super Mario Princess Dress Up Costume dresses and accessories are the perfect girl Super Mario costumes. These are great couples costume sets as well as sibling Halloween costume ideas because you have a “pretty” girl costume that can be paired with Super Mario. Not every girl wants to be a Luigi if she has to dress up and go out with Super Mario.   What I love about these Princess costumes is that they stay true to character from the game.

Super Mario Bros Princess Womens CostumesSuper Mario Bros Princess Womens CostumesSuper Mario Bros Princess Girls CostumeSuper Mario Bros Princess Girls CostumeSuper Mario Bros Princess Gloves CrownSuper Mario Bros Princess Gloves Crown


Super Mario Bros Costumes for Groups

Super Mario Bros Halloween costumes work good for groups too because you have lots of characters to dress up as from the video game.  Mario, Luigi, The Princess, Toad, Yoshi, Bowser and Wario are all costumes you can buy and use as part of your Nintendo Super Mario group costume ideas.  You can mix them up no matter whose in your family because most of the different Super Mario characters come in kids, adults and women costumes.

Super Mario Brothers Toad Costume

Toad is a classic and should be a part of any Super Mario group costume ideas you are might be dreaming up for this Halloween.  There is a Toad costume for anyone in the family, mom, dad and the kids.

Toad Costume from Super MarioAdult Toad Costume Super Mario BrothersLadies Toad Costume Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Women Yoshi Halloween Costume

There are lots of ways to create a group costume set for Super Mario Bros.  There is a costume for kids, adult men and women available in some of the most popular characters from the game, like this Yoshi Woman Halloween costume fits a group costume set perfectly!

GSG Yoshi Costume Adult Female Halloween Fancy DressGSG Yoshi Costume Adult Female Halloween Fancy Dress


Super Mario Bros Yoshi Halloween Costume

Yoshi is another you can add to the Super Mario group costume idea set because it works for kids and adults.

 Child Deluxe Yoshi Costume Super Mario Yoshi Costume Adult Yoshi Costume

Super Mario Bros Wario Halloween Costume

Super Mario Bros Wario OR Waluigi is another good pair that works good in groups or in couples.  Super Mario group costume ideas are made easy when you know where to find all the best costume characters from the game.  These are all officically licensed Nintendo Halloween costumes.

 Adult Wario CostumeSuper Mario Bros Wario Halloween Costume Kids Wario CostumeSuper Mario Bros Wario Halloween Costume Boy Waluigi Halloween CostumeSuper Mario Bros Wario Halloween Costume

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