Spider Costume for Dogs

Have you seen the hilarious video going around social media of a dog in a spider costume totally freaking people out? Scuttling around laneways, and even springing from an elevator, leaving behind the prone form of an unmoving man and terrorising a traveler on a subway station. This is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a while although I wouldn’t like to be one of those girls waiting for the elevator doors to open. If you’d like to have some fun just like this you need to check out these spider costumes for dogs that are bound to create an impact.

If you like to include your dog in your dress-up fun and you’re looking for something a little bit different then take a look at this video to get an idea of just what’s possible. Forget dementors and zombies, if you want to totally freak out the neighbourhood, dress your dog in a large spider costume for dogs.


I reckon that dog was having so much fun scaring the life out of people! The great news is that a spider dog costume is pretty easy to come by so if you have a budding Shelob eager for her big moment it’s really easy to do. Take a look at these fantastic spider costumes.

Spider Pup Dog CostumeSpider Pup Dog CostumeGiant Spider Dog CostumeGiant Spider Dog CostumeSpider Harness Dog CostumeSpider Harness Dog Costume


Once your dog is kitted out in this disguise and set loose at night just wait and watch him create absolute mayhem. These costumes are available in various sizes to suit your particular breed of dog. Always exercise good pet safety when taking your dog into unfamiliar situations. If you are not confident about how your dog will react to being off-leash at night, keep him on-leash for security.

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The possibilities for spider couples are interesting as well. Consider these well-known pairs.

  • Hagrid and Aragog
  • Frodo and Shelob
  • Charlotte and Fern

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