Severed Head Halloween Decorations

Severed Head Halloween

Scary Severed Heads

Severed heads have scared the heck out of me since I was a little kid. On Saturday nights we were glued to the set watching our favorite creature features.

One of the movies that scared me most was “The Thing That Couldn’t Die,” featuring the severed yet animated head of Gideon Drew, an evil man executed for witchcraft some 400 years ago.

When Mystery Science Theater 3000 mocked the film in the nineties, I still had trouble watching the window scene where the mute severed head takes possession of Andra Martin’s character. If you’ve got time to kill, an MST3K video of favorite moments is available below.

Severed Head Halloween Decor

Severed head Halloween decorations are all the rage in October. Some of the ones shared here are very realistic and are sure to make people squirm. A severed head prop will add a creepy touch to your Halloween party. Place one in the center of a large hors d’oeuvre platter, or right next to the potato chips and dip.

Severed head props are an easy and fun way to decorate your house with a morbid Halloween look. Hang an animated severed head near your front door and give a scare to unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. Your guests will run screaming when you greet them in realistic severed head makeup or a headless Halloween costume.

Don’t Lose Your Head

Queen – Don’t Lose Your Head – Digital Music

Severed Head Props

Large Open Eye Cut-Off Head
Heads will roll when you display this large, open-eyed severed head prop. The realistic latex decoration features detailed worry lines on the face, life-like eyes and a bloody neck stump. It’s a perfect decoration for any scary haunted house or Halloween crime scene.

Large Open Eye Cut-Off Head

Severed Head Dessert Jello Mold

Severed Head Gelatin Mold and Recipe Tips
This is so gross, I don’t even know where to begin. Making the delicious dessert shown here requires three large boxes of flavored gelatin. Prepare the gelatin according to the directions on the package for a transparent molded dessert. You may add fruit bits and such for added flavor. To create a “skin” tone gelatin dessert, use peach flavored jello and replace 12 ounces of water with lite evaporated or fat free milk. Then add a few drops of green food coloring until the desired skin tone is achieved. You’ll receive additional instructions for setting and removing your gelatin head from the mold. It can be used year after year!

Life Size Severed Head Dessert Jello Mold Horror Prop-Realistic sizeLife Size Severed Head Dessert Jello Mold Horror Prop-Realistic sizeMold Ice Cream, Cheese Balls, Dips, Appetizers, or Ice for the Punch BowlMold Ice Cream, Cheese Balls, Dips, Appetizers, or Ice for the Punch Bowl

More Severed Heads

When it comes to severed heads, the more the merrier! These crowd pleasers will make your Halloween party memorable. They’re wonderful for photo opportunities too.

Scary Haunted House Rotted Zombie Head Party Decoration Latex Halloween PropScary Haunted House Rotted Zombie Head Party Decoration Latex Halloween PropLife-Size, Beautifully Detailed Screaming Look Severed Bleeding HeadLife-Size, Beautifully Detailed Screaming Look Severed Bleeding Head

Severed Head in a Jar

Laboratory Severed Head in a Jar Halloween Prop
Yuck! Place this creepy severed head in a conspicuous spot–on the buffet table, in the refrigerator, or near the front door. Your party guests and trick-or-treaters will recoil in horror at the realistic, bloody head prop. Severed head Halloween decorations are always a crowd pleaser.

Laboratory Head in a Jar PropLaboratory Head in a Jar Prop

Headless Horseman Graveyard Inflatable

Halloween Animated Headless Horseman Graveyard Airblown Inflatable
Inflatable Halloween decorations are always popular due to their ease of storage and setup. This inflatable headless horseman graveyard scene is made of weather resistant material and measures 7 by 9 feet. It self-inflates in just a few moments, and will be easy to spot from a distance day or night. The horse is animated–its head moves from side to side. Trick-or-treaters will love it! When the festivities are over, simply unplug and deflate this prop so you can store it until next Halloween. Order early because inflatable Halloween decorations sell out fast.

Halloween Animated Headless Horseman Graveyard Airblown InflatableHalloween Animated Headless Horseman Graveyard Airblown Inflatable

Headless Halloween Costumes

Headless Horseman Men’s Costume
Bring the legend of Sleepy Hollow to life with this dark, sinister ensemble. This 100% polyester costume is available in sizes small, medium, large, and XL. The set includes a black vest with sleeves, headpiece, and inflatable shoulder components. Elastic and lace line the cuffs of the sleeves while a black, lace ascot embellishes the vest. The vest ties behind the waist for a fitted look and has an attached cape and foam collar. The top velcros in the back for closure to easily place the inflatable shoulder component, which consists of two, blow-up components attached with elastic. Elastic is also attached to each individual component to secure them to your arms. A severed head headpiece features red and bone details on top and has two slits for your eyes that are covered with the shirt’s collar when the shoulder component is inflated. Wear over dark pants (not included).

Headless Horseman Men’s Costume

Kids Headless Costume

This costume includes a harness with attached neck and robe and fits up to child size 14. It creates a terrifying illusion and is sure to cause nightmares. The ghoulish costume is ideal for pretend play, stage performances, costume parties, and Halloween. Proudly created by Forum Novelties, a leader in costumes and novelty products for more than 30 years.

Headless Boy Costume - One SizeHeadless Boy Costume – One Size

Adult Headless Costume

This adult headless costume includes a harness with attached neck and robe. It’s a scary costume that will have you looking like you just rode out of Sleepy Hollow. Created by Forum Novelties.

Adult Headless Costume

Adult Gruesome Headless Butler Costume

The costume includes black elastic waist pants with white pinstripe detail, a long tuxedo style jacket with a foam collar, tails, mock buttons, velcro back neck tab, and an attached dickey with a striped jabot. A vinyl “headless” piece fits over the head and it includes eyeholes so you can see out. This costume does not include gloves or the carrying tray. You’ll need to provide the severed head too!

Adult Headless Butler Costume

Severed Head Makeup

Halloween Zombie Shop Severed Head
Zombies are all the rage this season. This decapitation kit has a sliced throat look that’s sure to freak people out. The set is perfect for any gory costume, and includes a latex appliance, adhesive, and blood gel.

Rubie’s Costume Zombie Shop Severed Head

The Thing That Couldn’t Die

The Grave Can’t Hold It … Nothing Human Can Stop It

The Thing That Couldn't Die (1958) Movie PosterThe Thing That Couldn’t Die (1958) Movie Poster

William Reynolds … Gordon Hawthorne
Andra Martin … Linda Madison
Jeffrey Stone … Hank Huston
Carolyn Kearney … Jessica Burns
Peggy Converse … Flavia McIntyre
Robin Hughes … Gideon Drew
James Anderson … Boyd Abercrombie
Charles Horvath … Mike
Forrest Lewis … Julian Ash

The Thing That Couldn’t Die (1958)

Favorite Moments Presented by Mystery Science Theater 3000
(Trust Me … It’s the Only Way to Get Through this Horrible, er uh, Horror Classic)

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