Scary Halloween Contact Lenses for Halloween and Cosplay

Really Freaky Eyes Will Complete Your Halloween Look

Scary Halloween Contact LensesScary Halloween Contact lenses will really set you apart from the try-hards this year. Are you looking for something extra to really take your Halloween costume to the next level this season? Just take a look at these scary halloween eyes for example.

Choose your character. Choose your costume then think about what kind of scary halloween contact lenses will really set off your outfit. Whether it is a vampire or a zombie, a witch or a mythological creature, the eyes will be the perfect finishing touch to your amazing Halloween outfit.

Here is just a small sample of the creepy and ghoulish lenses available from

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colored contact lenses halloween contact lenses Green Troll Contact Lensescolored contact lenses halloween contact lenses Angelic Blue Contact Lensescolored contact lenses halloween contact lenses Raze Contact Lenses

How Long ’til Halloween?

Are you planning your costume yet?

By the time summer hits you know the year is almost over. Before you know it, the trees are changing colour and bam! Autumn is here. So it’s really never too soon to start thinking about your Halloween costume.


Scary Halloween Contact Lenses are Perfect for Sexy Vampires Costumes

These vampires are all fabulous! Regardless of which style of vampiress you decide you want to be, a pair of creepy contact lenses will be a perfect addition to the overall effect.

Versailles Vampiress CostumeVersailles Vampiress CostumeDeluxe Purple Hooded RobeDeluxe Purple Hooded RobeWomen's Vampire Queen CostumeWomen’s Vampire Queen Costume


Vampire Outfits For The Guys

Definitely Need Some Scary Halloween Contact Lenses

There’s no such thing as a stock standard vampire and there’s no need to be limited to a stock standard vampire look. Whether you elect to go for your regular garden variety vampire or something a little more regal you can make the vampire look as individual as you are.

California Costumes Men's Very Cool Vampire CostumeCalifornia Costumes Men’s Very Cool Vampire CostumeFever Men's Gothic Vamp CostumeFever Men’s Gothic Vamp CostumeDreamgirl Men's Bloody Handsome CostumeDreamgirl Men’s Bloody Handsome Costume

Scary Halloween Vampire Contact Lenses

novelty contact lenses halloween Crow Contact Lensesnovelty contact lenses halloween Fire Contact Lensesnovelty contact lenses halloween Incubus Contact Lenses

Let’s Get Witchy

Witches Need Scary Eyes


Witches come in many forms. The witches from literature differ in both character and appearance from the good witch Glinda from the Wizard of Oz through to the evil potion-brewing hags from Macbeth. Of course there were the innocents such as the healers from 17th century Salem as well as the more recent popular witches and wizards of JK Rowlings creation. Costumes for many if not all of these different witches can be found from a number of sources. Try the ones shown here and if they aren’t exactly what you are after you will find many more from there.

Womens Sassy Witch CostumeWomens Sassy Witch CostumeWomens Classic Witch CostumeWomens Classic Witch CostumeWomens Emerald Witch CostumeWomens Emerald Witch Costume


And These Scary Halloween Contact Lenses Go Perfectly With Them

Angelic Blue Halloween Contact LensesAngelic Blue Halloween Contact LensesSeducer Halloween Contact LensesSeducer Halloween Contact LensesDeath Dealer Halloween Contact LensesDeath Dealer Halloween Contact Lenses


Scary Halloween Contact lenses are also great for Cosplay events and dress up parties any time of year. Browse the full range of Halloween Contact Lenses.