Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes

Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes for Halloween or Themed Parties

Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes
Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes

If like me you were lucky enough to have been a teenager or young adult during the seventies then it is highly likely that you were one of the thousands or more who experienced The Rocky Horror Show or at the very least its cinematic version, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I remember that I was 16 when I went along to the stage show with a few friends back in 1975. We traveled into the city by bus and had a meal in Chinatown before heading to the theatre where our lives would be literally transformed.

Every aspect of Richard O’Brien’s creation is pure genius. As a parody of science fiction and B grade horror films of the times, The Rocky Horror Show also challenged the audiences’ sensibilities of sexuality and sexual expression.

The first thing I did after the show was to go out and buy the LP of the sound track. Not long after, the film version The Rocky Horror Picture Show was released. By this stage we all had cars and made a night of it at our local Drive-In Cinema to re-live the fun I first experienced at the live show.

The Rocky Horror Show is enjoying a revival right now with theatre productions in a number of cities around the world and is a perennial favourite for costume ideas for not only Halloween but also costume parties and even weddings!

Rocky Horror Picture Show Frank N Furter Costumes

The Frank N Furter look isn’t difficult to re-create. You’ll need a wig, black high heel shoes, fish-net stockings, a suspender belt, black satin briefs, a black corset, a pair of long, black gauntlet gloves and a strand of oversized ‘pearls’. If you’re having trouble putting the look together you can get the complete costume here.


Rocky Horror Picture Show Brad Costumes

Doing a Brad look is actually really easy to pull off. Brad is simply dressed in clean-cut all- American college boy clothes and realistically you could just wear a pair of trousers, a zip-up jacket and a pair of black-framed specs and you’d be pretty close to the mark. To get it just right the jacket will need to be beige and the trousers grey. Brad also wears a dark navy v-neck sweater over a pale blue button up collared shirt. Here are some items to help get you looking just like Brad.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Janet Costumes

You better wise up Janet Weiss! And if it’s Janet that you going for then the main thing to remember is sweetness and innocence. Janet is your typical girl-next-door from a 1960s family TV show. She wears a light, baby-pink dress with found collar, white cardigan and simple round hair clips. Team with a white patent leather rectangular clutch and pink sling-back heels. Here are some options for Janet Weiss.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Riff Raff Costumes

“You’ve arrived on a rather special night. It’s one of the master’s affairs.”

Riff Raff is the hunch-backed butler in The Rocky Horror Picture Show who is the first to welcome Brad and Janet to the mansion. The Riff Raff look is pretty simple to put together; apart from the black suit, white vest and white shoes, all you really need is some stuffing in the back to form a hump and a long straggly blond wig with a bald patch on top.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Magenta Costumes

If you plan to dress as Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show then think along the lines of French maid and you’re almost there. Start with a black shirt-front dress with white contrasting collar and cuffs. Add a lacy white apron, red frizzy wig and white maids cap. Finish it off with a suspender belt, fishnet stockings and black, calf-high lace-up boots. If you’re not confident you can put this look together, here are some complete costumes and accessories to help you out.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Columbia Costumes

To create Columbia’s look think tap-dancing showgirl. Start with a pair of stripe short shorts in shiny fabric, a close-fitting gold top, platform may-janes, blue ankle socks, a pixie-cut red wig and a big red bow-tie. The trickiest part is the gold lamé dinner jacket with tails but if you are handy with a sewing machine or know someone who is and have enough time, you could try making it yourself. Finish off Columbia’s outfit with fish-net tights and a glittery gold top-hat. Alternatively, you can get these items from Amazon.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Rocky Costumes


Rocky Horror Picture Show Eddie Costumes


Rocky Horror Picture Show Narrator Costumes

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Broadway) POSTER

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