Retired Hooters Waitress Costumes

Retired Hooters Waitress Costumes

Hooters Halloween Costumes

Since October 4, 1983 when the first Hooters opened in Clearwater, Florida, more than 300,000 women have joined the ranks of Hooters alumnae. To be sure, the Hooters girl is a respected and globally recognized icon. She’s beautiful, smart, and trained to excel in customer service.

Hooters is especially proud of the fact that many former waitresses have gone on to become mothers, wives, doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, authors, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. Here’s the bottom line–a Hooters girl is the quintessential, all-American girl next door.

Retired Hooters Waitress Costumes

Funny Retired Hooters Waitress Costumes

Trust us on this one … retired Hooters waitress costumes are a hoot. If you’re easily offended, stop here. However, if you’d like to view this particular Hooters costume for men in its full drooping glory, just scroll down a bit. But remember, you’ve been warned.

There are several versions of funny and provocative retired Hooters waitress costumes. For obvious reasons these Halloween costumes suggest a retired, over-the-hill waitress from the popular and world famous Hooters restaurant chain. Over-sized and droopy bosom costumes are particularly funny when worn by men, as you’ll see in the examples below.

We’ve put together lots of funny Halloween costume and wig ideas. You’ll be the life of the party as a has-been Hooters waitress. Most of all, you can even make yourself useful at the party by carrying around a waitress tray.


Halloween Owl Doormat

Retired Hooters Waitress Costumes

Retired Hooters Waitress Costumes

So, what are you waiting for? Dress up as a has-been Hooters waitress for Halloween … or bucks night! Retired Hooters waitress costumes are comfortable and easy to wear. Other than footwear, everything you need for your costume is available here, right down to the round waitress beverage trays.

Droopers Hooters Waitress Costume

Retired Hooters Waitress Costumes

Droopy Bosoms Hooters Waitress Costume

Droopers Hooters Waitress Costume
Includes Cropped “Droopers” Tank Top with Fake Boobs and Orange Shorts

Get plenty of laughs with this version of the retired Hooters waitress costume. Perky fake boobs accentuate a cropped white tank top with the “Droopers” logo. Orange shorts complete the ensemble. As far as fit goes, standard size adult costumes typically accommodate chest sizes up to 42 inches. The curly platinum blonde Marilyn Monroe wig is a fabulous match for the “Droopers” Hooters waitress costume. Wear your favorite comfortable white socks and sneakers to complete the look.

Retired Hooters Waitress CostumesDroopers Hooters Waitress Fancy Dress – Bucks Night!

Retired Hooters Waitress CostumesShort Blonde Curly Wavy Marilyn Monroe WigRetired Hooters Waitress CostumesWig Back View of Curls

Hooters Guy Waitress Costume

Hooters Guy Waitress Halloween Costume

Hooters Guy Waitress Halloween Costume

Retired Hooters Waitress Costumes

Hooters Guy Waitress Costume
Includes Red Standard Size Tank Top and Matching Shorts

You’ll be the hit of the party in this Hooters-inspired ensemble, which includes a red tank top and shorts. Since you’ll probably be on your feet a lot delivering drinks, you’ll want to wear your most comfy white socks and sneakers. Don’t forget the hair! This stylish, yet inexpensive pageboy style red wig looks fabulous with the Hooters Guy Waitress costume. Also, synthetic hair wigs are easy to wash and care for with a little mild shampoo in cold water. Though this is technically a ladies wig, it should fit most heads without the use of pins or tape.

Adult Hooters Guy Waitress CostumeRetired Hooters Waitress CostumesChic Bob Red Costume WigRetired Hooters Waitress Costumes

Retired Tooters Costume

Retired Hooters Waitress Halloween Costume

Retired Hooters Waitress Costumes

Retired Hooters Waitress Costumes

Retired Tooters Costume
Funny Waitress Costume Set Includes Drooping Boobs, Tank Top, and Shorts

This “Tooters” retired waitress Halloween costume includes a set of drooping boobs, a white cropped “Retired Tooters” tank top, and bright orange shorts. Costume sizing is one size fits most adults. Pair with a retro Farrah Fawcett style gray wig for maximum impact. We’ve selected this retired Charlie’s Angels layered seventies cut wig. It’s a perfect match for the Retired Tooters costume. You’re definitely going to turn heads with this tacky, over-the-top Halloween costume. Another bonus is that you’ll be super comfortable in this costume. Just slip on a pair of white socks and your favorite pair of sneakers. Then grab a cocktail waitress tray and you’re all set for an evening of fun.

Adult Retired Tooters CostumeRetired Hooters Waitress CostumesParah (Pariah) Adult Wig AccessoryRetired Hooters Waitress Costumes

Sexy Hooters Waitress Costumes

Retired Hooters waitress costumes are certainly funny, but Hooters Halloween costumes are also available for waitresses in their prime. Sexy Hooters T-shirt are officially licensed by the corporation. To complete the Hooters Girl ensemble, seriously short mesh shorts are available in a rainbow of colors. Choose from Halloween standards like orange and black, or pick your favorite color.

The All American Hooters Girl

Retired Hooters Waitress Costumes

Retired Hooters Waitress Costumes

Miss Hooters T-Shirt

Officially Licensed Product

Miss Hooters T-shirts are officially licensed products. Comfortable and lightweight 100% cotton tees are available in juniors sizes small, medium, and large. Front and center is the famous Hooters logo, which is slightly distressed for a vintage retro feel. Pair with sexy orange shorts to complete your Hooters Halloween ensemble.

Miss Hooters Logo Black Juniors T-ShirtRetired Hooters Waitress Costumes

Soffe Juniors Mesh Teeny Tiny Short

Shorts are Available in Many Colors and Styles

Soffe junior’s cut shorts are available in many sizes and colors. In addition to black, you may choose from purple, red, navy, white, pink, gun metal, maroon, orange, and royal. These low rise shorts feature a 2.5-inch inseam. The easy care 100% polyester mesh fabric is machine washable for years of comfort and enjoyment. Soffe shorts are a popular choice for wearing to the gym, running, or just lounging around the house. Furthermore, many reviewers say Soffe shorts are the perfect beach cover up.

Soffe Juniors Mesh Teeny Tiny ShortRetired Hooters Waitress CostumesSoffe Juniors Mesh Teeny Tiny ShortRetired Hooters Waitress Costumes

Happy Halloween

Hoot Hoot

Owl Garden FlagToland Home Garden Hoot Hoot! Decorative Flag

Round Waitress Trays

Economical Plastic Round Serving Trays in Black

Stanton Trading round serving trays are available in three convenient sizes—11 inches, 14 inches, and 16 inches. These durable plastic trays make a great prop for your waitress Halloween costume, and will come in handy year round at your home for serving guests, or moving small items from room to room.

Retired Hooters Waitress CostumesBlack Plastic Round Rubber Lined Non-Slip Tray, 11-inches DiameterBlack Plastic Round Rubber Lined Non-Slip Tray, 14-inches DiameterRetired Hooters Waitress Costumes

The Hooters Cookbook

Featuring Award-Winning Photographer Rick Schafer of Portland, Oregon

Do you enjoy creating hearty American style meals? If so, the Hooters cookbook will be a great addition to your cookbook library. Soon you’ll be making customer favorites like Beer-Battered Wings, Buffalo Wings, Waikiki Wings, and Wings of Fire. There are also recipes for the restaurant’s most popular sandwiches and burgers, including Crab Cake Po’ Boys and Stuffed Burgers. Other popular recipes include crowd-pleasing dips, bread bowls, drunken chicken, calamari, beverages, and salads. Learn the story of the highly successful Hooters Restaurant chain. In addition, award-winning commercial photographer Rick Schafer captures the food images in full color, making it easier to recreate these people pleasing recipes.

The Hooters CookbookRetired Hooters Waitress Costumes

Owl Humor

Is it who or whom? Only the wise grammar owls know for sure. Makes a great gift for the tiresome person whom is always fixin’ everyone else’s grammar. This whimsical Who Whom Grammar Owls design is suitable for white and light-colored backgrounds.

Who Whom Grammar Humor Owls 2-inch Square MagnetWho Whom Grammar Humor Owls 2-inch Square MagnetWho Whom Grammar Humor Owls Reusable Grocery BagWho Whom Grammar Humor Owls Reusable Grocery Bag

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Retired Hooters Waitress Costumes

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