Purple Ninja Turtle Costume

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Need a Purple Ninja Turtle costume for boys and adults? They are very popular and have been for about 20 years!  Finding a purple Leonardo Ninja turtle costume isn’t always easy. The problem with retail stores like Target and Walmart is the selection is very minimal. If you’re looking for a purple Ninja Turtle costume for Halloween, you need to be shopping online so you can get the perfect one. Online you’ll be able to find an array of purple Ninja Turtle costumes to choose from along with the accessories. With one-click you can have the costume you want shipped to your door just in time for Halloween.

Purple Ninja Turtle costumes represent the Donatello, the bow twirling, antagonistic brother of the infamous TMNT foursome.  Donatello goes by Don or Donnie in the series and you may not know this but he is the co-creator Peter Laird’s favorite Turtle.  Donatello is the tech-savvy, science whiz kid that’s responsible for building many of the Ninja Turtle contraptions and devices on the show.  His intellect and IQ are what make him an indepsensible member   Donatello is sometimes depicted as second in command after Leonardo, the blue ninja turtle.

Purple Ninja Turtle Costumes for Boys

“I hate it when he does that.”

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe Donatello CostumePurple Ninja Turtle Costume Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Muscle-Chest Donatello CostumePurple Ninja Turtle Costume Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe Leonardo CostumePurple Ninja Turtle Costume

Donatello Ninja Turtle Costume Boys Toddler


This purple ninja turtle costume is available from a couple of different costume retailers.  Sometimes stores run out, so it’s nice to have to options when it comes to your favorite ones.  This Donatello ninja turtle costume is sized for a toddler.

 Ninja Turtles Donatello Costume ToddlersDonatello Ninja Turtle Costume Toddler TMNT Donatello CostumeDonatello Ninja Turtle Costumes Ninja Turtles Donatello Toddler CostumeNinja Turtle Donatello Costume

GIRLS TMNT Donatello Costume Child Size

Today’s girl loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as much as the boys.  Here is a cute Ninja Turtle girls costume fit for your sewer, crime-fighting princess.

Girls Purple Ninja Turtle Tutu CostumeGIRLS TMNT Donatello Costume Child Size

TMNT Movie Purple Ninja Turtle Costume Adult

Remembering Splinter took away his weapon* “AW sewer apples!”

These adult size TMNT Donatello costumes feature that muscular, action-packed persona that embodies today’s modern ninja turtle.  If you want a new and modern purple ninja turtle costume, here are a few from my favorite costume retailers.

Donatello Adult Movie CostumeNinja Turtle Movie Adult Deluxe DonatelloNinja Turtle Movie Adult Deluxe DonatelloNinja Turtle Movie Adult Deluxe Donatello


Purple Ninja Turtle Costumes for Women

Ladies, you can have purple Ninja Turtle costumes too! Depending on the look you are going for you can dress up in any one of these Donatello girls costumes.  There’s more casual looks as well some more provocative purple Ninja Turtle costumes for women available.  Don’t forget to get yourself a bow staff if you’re dressing up as Donatello.

 Womens Purple Ninja Turtle Tank DressDonatello Costume Women Women Donatello Deluxe CostumeDonatello Costume Women TMNT Womens Donatello Costume TeeDonatello Costume Women TMNT Donatello Skater Girl DressLadies Donatello Costume Women Donatello Purple Mask Knee High SocksDonatello Ninja Turtle Costume Women TMNT Donatello Costume WomenDonatello Costume Women

Plus-Size Donatello Ninja Turtle Costume for Women

Need a plus-size Donatello Ninja Turtle costume for women?  This costume here is sexy and fierce!  Dress up for a Halloween G.N.O. with the ladies and feel super sexy as you fight crime.  Ninja Turtles make a great group costume set for women too.

Plus Size Sexy TMNT Donatello Costume

Purple Ninja Turtle Costumes for Men

“I’ve been working on something pretty awesome.”

Even grown men dress up as the purple Ninja Turtle at Halloween because a lot of them grew up loving the turtle. My brother is in his mid-twenties and he is an avid TMNT fanatic! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around for 20 years, so most grown adult men have a favorite TMNT too! Here are some adult men purple Ninja Turtle costumes.

Adult Purple Ninja Turtle CostumeAdult Muscle Purple Ninja Turtle Costume

Purple Ninja Turtle Dog Costume

Better watch out, this purple ninja turtle really will eat all your pizza.

TMNT – Donatello Pet CostumePurple Ninja Turtle Pet Costume

 Purple Ninja Turtle Costume T-Shirts

Purple Ninja Turtle costume tee shirts are great for those times when you just want something a casual and inexpensive to dress up with at Halloween. I know that Purple Ninja Turtle Costume T-Shirts are great for work or school, some people can’t wear a costume, so a costume tee shirt is the perfect alternative.

Donatello Adult Costume Tee ShirtPurple Ninja Turtle CostumeGirls Junior Donatell T-ShirtPurple Ninja Turtle CostumeBoys Purple Ninja Turtle T-ShirtPurple Ninja Turtle CostumePurple Ninja Turtle CostumePurple Ninja Turtle Costume for BabyPurple Ninja Turtle CostumeTMNT Donatellow Costume Tee Shirt w/MaskPurple Ninja Turtle CostumeLong-Sleeve Adult Donatello T-Shirt Costume

Purple Ninja Turtle Costume Accessories

“Gentlemen and Raphael.”

Donatello is known for twirling his staff bow, he wear a purple mask and belt. Here are some of the costume accessories one would need if they were going to dress up in a purple Ninja Turtle costume.  In addition to these costume accessories, there’s also Ninja Turtle costume t-shirts at the bottom of this page.  The great thing about these costume accessories is that children can play with them all year long, I know that my boys enjoy dressing up as their favorite Ninja Turtle or super hero all year long, not just at Halloween.

 TMNT Donatello Bo StaffPurple Ninja Turtle Sunglass TMNT Donatello SunglassesPurple Ninja Turtle Bow TMNT Ninja Combat Gear DonatelloDonatello Costume Bow and Eye Mask

Purple Ninja Turtle Donatello Costume Hoodie Jacket for Men

TMNT Donatello Zip Hoodie

Shopping for the Purple Ninja Turtle Costume

The benefit to shopping online for your purple Ninja Turtle Donatello costumes is that you can get the exact size you and style you are looking for without having to dig through a bunch of costumes or go from store to store.  You can buy his staff bow and other accessories you need and have them shipped to your door! What a fun surprise that will be to get in the mail for your boy right?  I know my kids love it when they get packages in the mail.