CUTEST Prince Charming Costume for Boys!

Super CUTE! Prince Charming Costume for KidsPrince Charming Costume for Kids

How cute is this little man in his Prince Charming Costume?  He’s adorable with his little white pants, prince jacket, boots and crown.  There’s nothing sweeter than dressing up our kids for Halloween, I get so many cute pictures and memories to share with family and on social media (of course). lol

Prince Charming is the prince’s name in the Disney classic, Cinderella. Some people get the princes confused in these stories, but it’s important to know that Prince Charming is definitely Cinderella’s man.  Sleeping Beauty has Prince Phillip, Ariel has Prince Eric, Belle has Beast and Snow White has a generic prince with no name. LOL

Cinderella’s Prince charming costume should have some prestige to it.  In the Disney classic he wore a nice royal gentlemen’s jacket, slacks with a stripe, golden belt, shiny black shoes and white hand gloves.  Prince Charming is a handsome, clean-cut prince, so you’ll want to make sure you comb your boys hair in a similar likeness.

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Prince Charming Halloween Costumes

Generic Prince Charming CostumeDisney Prince Charming CostumePrince Charming Dress Up Costume

Dashing Disney Prince Charming Child Costume for Boys

Disney Prince Charming Child Costume

This Disney Prince charming costume for boys is a size 4-6. It’s the quintessential boys Prince Charming costume because it has all the bells and whistles. You’ll only need to purchase your own shoes to go with this costume because the jacket, pants, yellow tassels and medal are all part of the costume set.

This is probably one of the most popular Prince Charming costumes for boys because its the Disney version which is more commonly known.

What’s nice about this costume is that it has all the nice royal jacket that comes with it.  The shoulder decorations, gold belt and medal really make this Prince Charming costume set perfect. The only thing I would add is some shiny black shoes and little white gloves.

Generic Prince Charming Costume for a Child

Generic Prince Charming Costume

This particular “Prince Charming” Halloween costume is actually nothing more than a generic Prince costume but it certainly fits the bill perfectly.  It’s not an actual Disney costume but if you wanted something along the same lines, this is a great deal for the price. It comes in 3 different sizes which is nice because that gives you more options than the Disney costume mentioned above which only comes in one size.   For the price, this is a good prince costume set for a boy.

  • Available in Small, Medium & Large
  • Reasonably priced
  • Great generic prince costume set
  • Includes blue crushed velvet tunic with attached belt and royal red cape

Boys Prince Charming Costume Accessories

Here are some Prince Charming costume accessories that would work well with the more generic costumes.  Prince Charming doesn’t have to be exact, he just needs to be royal!

White Costume GlovesRoyal Prince CrownGold Crown for Royalty

Prince Charming Halloween Costume Shirt

Prince Charming Youth T-Shirt – Youth Medium

This youth costume t-shirt is a great accessory for someone who is going to need a simple Prince Charming costume. What I like about the costume T-shirt is that you can use it as part of your costume or use it as the costume itself.  It’s an inexpensive way to get your “Charming” on..

If you’re planning to make your own DIY Prince Charming costume, this shirt would work well with some slacks, jacket and a crown. It may not be fancy, but it will be comfortable and that’s important for a lot of kids.

I love the tassels hanging off the shoulders, that’s very true to character.  It looks like a real Prince Charming outfit with all it’s decorations.

Do It Yourself Prince Charming Costume for Boys

This is a really great DIY Prince Charming costume tutorial online.

I really love with this lady did here in this video for making a DIY NO-SEW Prince Charming costume for her child.  She uses some yellow fabric, a blue or white button up shirt, a pair of maroon pants and she makes her own costume!  It really is a clever and cute idea and it would work perfectly if you wanted something homemade.

Prince Charming Halloween Costume – The Ladies will Swoon!

prince charming child costumeDress Up Prince Costume for Boysprince charming costume child

If you’re making your own Prince Charming costume for your boys this would work well. This costume set comes with the shirt, pants, cape, hat, belt and boot covers. I personally would probably use a crown instead of hat and maybe get some white gloves but other than that, this costume works well for a young Prince Charming.

This particular prince costume is also available in small, medium and large child sizes which makes it more universal. This costume is light and made of a polyester material.  The shirt is a long-sleeve but the material is on the thinner side so it shouldn’t be too hot or stuffy for your child.

Prince Charming Costume Ideas for a Toddler

Toddler boys are already charming, I know, I have one!  How adorable is your little prince going to be in one of these costumes?  The Disney Prince Charming costume featured here is a size 4-6 but runs kind of small.  The other two are Prince Charming costume shirts but they definitely work well with some slacks, little white gloves and a crown.  It takes a little imagination and some clever shopping but a Prince Charming costume for a toddler can be done.  The two shirts are prince charming costume shirts and they come in a size 2T.

Disney Prince Charming Child Costume, 4-6, Blueprince charming cinderella costumesPrince Charming Costume White Toddler T-Shirt – 2Tprince charming costume 2tPrince Charming Toddler T-Shirt – 2Tprince charming costume 2t

Cute Baby Prince Charming Costume Ideas

Personally, I think the baby Prince charming costume onesie is perfect for an infant.  A onesie is comfortable and make diaper changes really easy.  You can get yourself a little pair of infant slacks or sweats and this pacifier and you’re all set.  You’re little baby Prince Charming is going to sweep Cinderella off her feet in his little onesie.

Prince Charming Costume White Soft Baby One Piece – 18-24 monthsinfant prince charming costumePrince Charming Baby One Piece – 3-6 monthsinfant prince charming costumePersonalized Pacifiers Prince Charming Pacifier in Blueinfant prince charming costume pacifier

Cinderella Prince Charming Costumes

(Featured Image Courtesy of Morguefile)

What does Prince Charming Wear?The colors for a Prince Charming costume kids don’t have to be exact.  Prince Charming changed outfits a few times in the movie.  The basics of Cinderella’s Prince Charming outfit were the royal jacket, slacks, belt, shoes and gloves.  If you wanted, you could buy a generic prince costume and make it work just fine with a few little tweaks.

To have the Prince Charming quality look, you need only to be sophisticated and dressed like royalty. A royal jacket, slacks and Cinderella by your side and you’re Prince Charming!  Look up some pictures of Prince Charming and see what you can come up with for your own costume.

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