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The Bellas are back and that means you’re looking for Pitch Perfect costume ideas for Halloween this year, right? The good news is that these costumes can’t just be readily bought off the rack. Good, you say? Yes. Because even though this is the highest grossing Musical Comedy film, the outfits worn by The Bellas and their nemeses are really just ordinary, everyday clothes; with some added panache.

Choose which of the Bellas you’d like to be then let us help you become her.

If you are unfamiliar with the story, lets recap. When Amy and Beca commence at Barden University they find themselves inevitably looking for a club to join. Campus a capella group, The Barden Bellas is looking for new singers to build up their ranks. After a disastrous appearance at last years regionals where one of the group, Aubrey vomits during their final performance, The Bellas need to rebuild their reputation.



Fat Amy Costume Ideas

‘Fat Amy’ is the self appointed moniker of Australian Rebel Wilson’s character, Patricia. Fat Amy from Tasmania is a confident and strong character with a stinging wit who would prefer to go on the attack than wait for criticism. A Fat Amy costume could be the original Bellas’ two-piece figure-hugging suit over white blouse with a navy, white and yellow neckerchief or any of the casual outfits worn throughout the movie. Team her red t-shirt with rainbow heart motif with a pair of dark leggings. Or switch it out for the mulberry tie-dye t-shirt. In the riff off scene Amy wears a purple leather bomber jacket over maroon top and navy jeggings. Top it off with a blonde jeannie wig.

“You call yourself ‘Fat Amy’?”

“Yeah, so twig bitches like you don’t do it behind my back”


Fat Amy's Purple Leather Bomber Jacket - Pitch Perfect Costumes Fat Amy's Purple Leather Bomber Jacket - Pitch Perfect Costumes Fat Amy's Purple Leather Bomber Jacket - Pitch Perfect Costumes

Women’s Purple Leather Bomber Jacket

KRISP Womens PU Leather Biker Jacket

Women’s Short Fitted Bomber Leather Jacket


Beca, Chloe and Aubrey at the Riff Off

Aubrey wears a mustard yellow double-breasted leather crop jacket over a pink hip length top with coffee coloured jeans and ankle boots. If a jacket like this is difficult to track down, try for something longer that you don’t mind tinkering with and cut it to suit.

Chloe’s dominant feature is her long red hair. A girl who loves slimline dresses and bright colours such as the horse-patterned blouse worn at the Bellas audition, at the riff off she is dressed unremarkably in a dark duffle coat over a teale knitted sweater and jeans.

Beca is a reluctant participant in the riff off and initially has no intention of getting involved but is eventually tempted by the opportunity to express her creative musical side. This of course isn’t what the contest is about and goes down like a lead balloon. Beca wears a dark plaid fitted jacket over a filmy grey top and denim jeans with a long grey silky scark.

Beca's Riff Off Plaid Jacket - Beca Costume Ideas Grey finged long scarf - Beca Costume Ideas Grey Top - Beca Costume Ideas

Van Laack Blazer ESTELLE, Color: Plaid

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Pitch Perfect at Regionals

When the Bellas take to the stage at regionals, they walk out in the same costumes, performing the same routine as last year. Aubrey and Chloe mistakenly believe that success lies in sticking with a winning formula. The Pitch Perfect Costumes consist of a figure-hugging two-piece charcoal suit of short skirt and cap-sleeved jacket over white blouse. This outfit should be pretty simple to put together. Don’t forget the yellow, white and navy paisley pattern neckerchief; mid-heel pumps and the hair goes up into a french knot. The whole look is very airline stewardess.

“This number is like an elephant dart to the public’s face




The Barden Bellas Regionals Costume - Perfect Pitch Costume Ideas The Barden Bellas Regionals White Blouse - Perfect Pitch Costume Ideas The Barden Bellas Neckerchief - Pitch Perfect Costume Ideas

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Lily the Beat-Boxer and Sexy Stacie Pitch Perfect Costume Ideas

Two of the misfit members of the Bellas are Lily and Stacie. Lily speaks so quietly that no-one can hear or understand what she is saying. With her classic asian features and beat-boxing skills, Lily is an intriguing and unlikely a capella performer. Her sense of style is Japanese innocent bordering on but falling short of Lolita Fashion. Stacie on the other hand is totally in touch with herself and her sexuality, literally. When Stacie performs you get the feeling she is missing something, like a pole! Perfect Pitch costume ideas for Stacie can include wearing a pair of short denim shorts and a tied in front button-up shirt over a spaghetti strap tank top. But then again, there is also the gorgeous dark pink pea coat she wears to the riff off over a very sexy high-waisted dress that accentuates her buxom bosom!


Pitch Perfect Costumes for the A Capella World Championships


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