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Here are some Peacock costume ideas for Halloween or Mardi Gras. Why a Peacock Halloween Costume, you may ask? Peacocks are favorite birds the world over, loved for their beautiful and colorful plumage…or even if it’s white, that plumage is gorgeous!

And it’s pretty easy to become a Peacock for an evening, whether it’s for Halloween, Mardi Gras, or just a fun costume party. And what a fun thing to be. Peacocks are partiers, loud, and fun loving. It’s funny too, that you don’t often see Peacocks at human gatherings, so you will most likely be the only one!

For me personally, I love birds the most of all animals, and Peacocks have always intrigued me since seeing them at the compound where my father worked. One year I thought it would be fun to be a Peacock for Halloween, and my costume got rave reviews. I actually made my own costume by making feathered wings out of hangers and Peacock feathers and wearing a green leotard and a tutu with those wings. (No, I don’t have a photo, sadly!)

Here are Peacock costume ideas for homemade Peacock Halloween costumes and lots of ready made costumes. If you just want some of those gorgeous Peacock feathers, they’re here too.

In a hurry to find Peacock Halloween costumes right now? For all kinds of beautiful Peacock Halloween Costumes click on the link HERE.


 Peacock Halloween Costumes
Peacock Costumes Kids
Baby and Toddler Peacock Costumes

The costumes below are some of the cutest Peacock Costumes for Toddlers at Amazon. But just click on a photo to see more. And another way you can make a cheap peacock costume, especially for babies, is to use a onesie or a leotard, and a tutu in blue or green and just add Peacock wings. (And tights if it’s cool outside) So that’s the first of the Peacock costume ideas for you.

Or even easier, just add the Peacock headband sold below in the Peacock accessories. Easy and cheap and you can use the onesie and the leotard and tights again after Halloween is over. This is the same thing you would do if you needed a Peacock dance costume and you would be surprised how many children do! It seems Peacocks are popular in school plays too.

Toddler Peacock Halloween Costume
Teal Toddler Halloween Costume
Purple Baby Peacock Costume

So many cute Peacock costume ideas! Purple lovers rejoice when they see the cute purple Peacock costume! And what a darling teal Peacock Costume! Can easily be used over and over for pajamas afterward too. Babies are natural peacocks! (Loud noisy partiers.) This one is perfect for little Girls Peacock costumes (or boys!). It’s also on the warm side, good if you live in cooler climates. From the Manufacturer: Our costumes all have detailed applique and are made of high quality materials. One size fits up to 25 pounds.

 Purple Baby Peacock CostumePeacock Costume Ideas Baby Peacock CostumePeacock Costume Ideas Baby Toddler Peacock CostumePeacock Costume Ideas

Peacock Costumes for Kids
Children’s Peacock Costume
Kid’s Peacock Costume

What a cute Peacock costume for a little boy or a girl either one. Warm too, which is great if it will be a cool weather Halloween for your little Peacock. Strictly girls peacock costumes are usually of the tutu variety, sort of like peacock ballet costumes. If you want a warm peacock costume, this one is a better choice.

 Little Girls’ Peacock Toddler CostumePeacock Costume Ideas

Peacock Costumes Adults
Peacock Costumes for Women
Peacock Costumes for Teens

All of the following are Peacock costumes women love. These all might qualify as sexy Peacock costumes too! But they are not too out there for regular parties.Peacock costumes adults would love, and peacock costumes girls would love, both. While you could wear one of these as a sexy peacock costume if that’s the kind of party you’re going to, I think these are modest enough for older girls and teens. But if you want more choices, just click on a link and you can see many more Peacock costumes for girls.

Sexy Peacock Halloween Costumes
Royal Blue Peacock Costume
Princess Corset Peacock Costume

The first one of these is very dramatic with all those black feathers trimmed with just enough peacock feathers to contrast. If you love black and blue not so much, this one is perfect. Just add the stockings and shoes; the headpiece comes with it. Also doubles as a masquerade dancer for a costume party, or even a cigarette girl costume for a gangster themed party.

Then there is another Peacock Costume women love! This one is stunning and one of the most popular Peacock costumes for women at Halloween or costume parties. Beautiful and elegant for a dressy party or Mardi Gras! You will get rave reviews when you strut your Peacock feathers in this costume! Includes the dress and tiara. You would have to buy the gloves and stockings separately to get this look.

 Black Feather Peacock CostumePeacock Costume Ideas Royal Peacock Womens CostumePeacock Costume Ideas

Peacock Costume Ideas
Deluxe Peacock Costumes
Blue Feather Peacock Costume

First up: What a magnificent blue feather Peacock costume! Love the corset on this one and all the metallic to sparkle in the lights!

The next one is great if you need a budget saver, and who doesn’t these days? This one is sure to please you! Beauty at a discount! Metallic blue, really beautiful. One of my favorite Peacock costume ideas.

 Blue Corset Peacock CostumePeacock Costume Ideas Peacock Envy Adult CostumePeacock Costume Ideas

More Peacock Halloween Costumes for Women
Peacock Costume Ideas

Fun Peacock costume option for an adult atmosphere! But it’s perfectly fine for a girls peacock costume too! Look at the iridescent bodice on this beautiful affordable Peacock Costume! I love this one! Pretty and flirty, and discounted!

The next one is beautiful for Halloween or Mardi Gras or a wonderful Costume Party: This is a spectacular party Peacock costume for any event. Amazon Description Excerpt: The Deluxe Women’s Peachick Costume is a unique costume that consists of a blue corset with boning and real peacock feathers, and a skirt and back fan that are adorned with real peacock feathers. Brilliant costume like no other.

 Womens Peacock Fairy Costume LargePeacock Costume Ideas Adult-Costume Peacock Princess Dl Xlg Halloween Costume – Adult LargePeacock Costume Ideas

Many of these Peacock costumes are also available as a Plus Size Peacock Costume

In fact, many more plus size costumes are available, not just Peacocks. If you are plus size, there are lots of costumes just for you. Just click on any image and search for more plus size Halloween costumes. There are lots of ways to be beautiful for Halloween!

Peacock Costume Accessories
Peacock Costume Ideas
Mardi Gras Peacock Feather Mask

More Peacock costume ideas for Halloween or Mardi Gras: DIY Peacock Costume! Wear a beautiful solid colored dress and add a fabulous Peacock mask! Voila! Peacock Costume!

This Screams New Orleans! After you wear this beautiful mask, you can hang it on the wall as art. Just add a beautiful dress in purple or blue green, and you can be an elegant peacock. Or you can wear a leotard and a tutu with the mask. That’s what I did one year and it was a hit! The manufacturer says: Feather Face framed with long peacock tails. Eyes are outlined with golden sequins. Mask is hand made of natural feathers and may have slight color variations. Has black cord to secure mask around your head. Costume Ideas

Fancy Red Peacock Mask
Beautiful and Elegant Mask for a Masquerade Ball

For a totally sexy Peacock Costume, (for Halloween or Mardi Gras or a Masquerade Ball) Wear a white dress or a champagne one or even a red one, and add this stunning mask. You will be the belle of the ball for sure. The manufacturer says: Metallic Covered Eye Mask w/ Gold Trim Around Eyes and Outside Edges, Gold Beading at One Side, Red Feather Spray on Other Side w/ Peacock Feathers, Gold Beading, Red Ribbon and Gold Flower Accents.

 Women’s Spanish Peacock Feather Eye MaskPeacock Costume Ideas

If you still haven’t figured out a costume for your little one, an easy way to make a Halloween Peacock costume is to go for a Peacock tutu costume. Dress her up in a cute leotard, add a tutu in the same color (blue or green works well) and add this cute Peacock headpiece. Precious! (and budget friendly, since you can reuse the leotard and the tutu.)

Peacock Costume Ideas: Peacock Headpiece
Round Peacock Feather Headband

For children this is easier. No blocking the eyes. Darling headpiece for a Peacock costume is easier to manage for a child!

 Qandsweet Baby Girl’s Headbands with Peacock Feathers Flower (5 Pack)Peacock Costume Ideas

Some Tutus to Make a Tutu Peacock Costume
Peacock Costume Ideas

 Buenos Ninos Girl’s Tutu Assorted Colors (Blue)Peacock Costume Ideas MDancina Girls’ Tutu Glitter Ballet 4 Royal BluePeacock Costume Ideas

Homemade Peacock Costume Ideas
Peacock Costume Accessories
Books and Patterns to Make a Halloween Peacock Costume

Make a Peacock Costume!

Elegantly Frugal Costumes:
The Poor Man’s Do-It-Yourself Costume Maker’s Guide

Here are some excellent resources to help you make costumes on the cheap! I have this book and it has so many great ideas for costume making, not just Halloween costumes, but Mardi Gras and for the stage too. There are Peacock costume ideas inside.

 Elegantly Frugal Costumes: The Poor Man’s Do-It-Yourself Costume Maker’s GuidePeacock Costume Ideas

Pattern to Make a Peacock Costume
Easy Peacock Costume Ideas

There are several different costume patterns here and you can adapt one of them to make your very own Peacock Costume using some of the supplies below. The manufacturer says: Child, Girl and miss Mermaid costumes. Pattern for 3 looks.

 Simplicity Sewing Pattern 4043 Child, Girl and Misses Costumes, (ALL Sizes)peacock halloween costumes

Peacock Feathers for a Homemade Peacock Costume
To Make a Peacock Mask for a Peacock Halloween Costume
Peacock Costume Ideas

I think it would be fairly easy to make this simple and elegant purple Peacock mask and I like that it is lightweight and love the way the feathers are done. To make this version, you would only have to buy a simple mask and a few of these Peacock feathers for this same effect. Real feathers on a simple mask makes a huge statement! Or if you are creative and crafty, add your peacock feathers to your own concoction for a unique peacock costume!

Peacock Trim To Make a Peacock Costume
Peacock Feathers; 12″ Length – 12 per Pack; no. CK-4515

Manufacturer Description: Peacock Feathers: This bag of 12 peacock feathers adds a great touch to costumes, masks, collages and other creations. Grade Level: All
All the person did here was take a purple mask and glue the feathers around it! Add a cool dress, and you are now a Peacock! Magic!

 Chenile Kraft Peacock Featherspeacock halloween costumes Mask made with Peacock Featherspeacock halloween costumes

Halloween Peacock Makeup
Peacock Eyes Makeup Kit
Peacock Costume Ideas

More Peacock Costume Ideas: Xotic Eyes – Peacock (Lashes and Shadow Not Included)
Complete the look of your peacock costume with this exotic Peacock Eyes kit. All the things you need to create the look pictured here in this peacock makeup for Halloween or Mardi Gras.

Manufacturer Description: Xotic Eyes is a new wave to make-up. It is an easy and fun way to create a new exotic you! Peacock includes Eyes only.

 Peacock Glitter Eye Art Kitpeacock costumes women

Peacock Costume Videos

Make Your Own Peacock Costumes

Need help to make a Peacock Costume? There are lots of videos to help, with lots of ideas so you can make a  Peacock Costume, and lots of Peacock Makeup ideas too.

Still searching for Peacock Halloween costumes? For all kinds of beautiful Peacock Halloween Costumes click here: Peacock Costumes for Halloween.

Happy Halloween!


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