Paw Patrol Costumes – Perfect for Halloween or Dress Up

Paw Patrol costumes are an awesome idea for Halloween, or really for playing dress up any day. If your child is anything like mine and loves all things Paw Patrol, then these Paw Patrol costumes are sure to light up his or her eyes.

These costumes are fantastic for Halloween, or for just playing around. My little guy wants to wear his 24-7, and even sleep in it!

Paw Patrol Costumes: Chase

 Chase Toddler PAW Patrol Costume

Chase in on the case! My son Jack loves Chase, and has declared that this Halloween he’s going to be dressing up in this Paw Patrol costume.

The styling of this Paw patrol costumes is super-cute, and it even comes with a backpack (no look is complete without a paw pack!).

This costume is a great value and is highly-rated!

It’s truly a complete costume, too. Even the dog ears and the tail were not overlooked, here.

Marshall Paw Patrol Costume

 Marshall PAW Patrol Halloween Costume

Dog meets fireman in this Marshall Paw Patrol costume. Marshall is a dalmation, the classic firehouse dog. He’s fired up and ready for a rescue!

The backpack on these costumes are actually functional—perfect if you want to cart around anything extra while trick-or-treating.

Much like the Chase costume, this one also comes with a matching hat and tail to complete the look.

One thing I like most about these Paw Patrol costumes is the way the back opening is constructed makes it easy to wear heavy or lightweight clothing underneath.

Paw Patrol Costumes: Skye

 PAW Patrol Skye Child Costume

My son hates to admit it, but I really do think he loves Skye almost as much as the male dogs.

This Paw Patrol costume is so adorable, so don’t be surprised if she asks to sleep in it.

I like that the tutu and the vest are one piece, so it helps this costume to lay just right. It’s one less thing to have to fiddle with during busy dress-up play or trick-or-treating.

The backpack is fully operational, too!

Paw Patrol Costumes: Accessories

Check out these awesome accessories to go with your child’s costumes. These are often for the kids that don’t want to wear a full outfit, but still want to partake in the fun and festivities.

Or, maybe you live in a hot climate like I do—sometimes Halloween is not much fun considering how hot some of those costumes run (although the ones above are pretty lightweight). Throw on a few Paw Patrol accessories and they’ll be good to go!

 PAW Patrol Chase Sun-Staches Paw Patrol Paper Masks 8ct PAW Patrol Marshall Sun-Staches

What? No love for Rubble, Zuma or Rocky? Or the new gal, Everest? Stay tuned as we’ll be adding more Paw Patrol costumes as they become available!