Minion Costumes for Kids and Adults

Minion Costumes for Kids, Minion Costumes for Adults

Minion Costumes for Kids

With the movie about the Minions coming out soon, there are bound to be lots of little Minions running around for Halloween! This is actually the prequel to the Despicable Me movie that came out in 2013 so it’s going to spawn a whole new legion of Minions fans.

Such a cute and easy Halloween costume for kids and adults both!  I don’t think the Minion phenomenon is going away any time soon either so this is a costume that can be worn year after year, very useful if you have more than one child. Hand me down costumes work fine! First up are the Minion costumes for kids.

Update: It’s 2017now but the Minions are still going strong and are a very popular Halloween costume.

To the right is a photo of the Minions characters from the movie in the form of little pvc toys. Little kids love these things!

If you just want to go to the Minions costumes now, click here: Minions costumes

All of the Minion memes are from the Facebook Minions Fan Page here: Minions Fan Page on Facebook


Minion Costumes for Kids

Baby Minion Halloween Costumes

What a darling Baby Minion Halloween costume! Seriously cute and easy to get on and off. A crochet masterpiece. This is the only infant Minion costume I could find, but it’s perfect, isn’t it?

 Bigood Cute Newborn baby Infant Newborn Handmade Crochet Clothes Minions clothingMinion Costumes for kids

Minion Costumes for kids

Minion Halloween Costume: Toddler
Minion Costumes for Kids

Minion costumes kids will love! Either way, boy costume or girl costume, this Minion Halloween costume is one that a toddler will want to wear all day and all night. You know how they get! “No Mommy, me want to wear this to bed.” That’s what’s going to happen with these cute Minion costumes.

 Despicable Me 2 Female Minion Costume, Toddler 1-2Minion Costumes for kids In Fashion Kids Costume Toddler Despicable Me 2 Minion Romper (1-2 years)Minion Costumes for kids

Minion Costumes for kids

Minion Costumes for Adults

Minion Halloween Costume: Adults
And a Minion Womens Costume

Minions Halloween costumes adults can just pull out of the package and wear. Lots of different Minion costumes adults can just put on and start partying. The middle ones are for a mascot or Cosplay type event. The others are more for Halloween costumes. There aren’t as many Minion Halloween costume “girls looking” and by that I mean with a skirt. But girls can wear overalls too. Still, if you want a skirted Minion costume here it is. Otherwise, the others are actually unisex even though they are all shown with male models. Girls can wear them too!

 Rubie’s Costume Despicable Me 2 Adult Minion Dave, Blue/Yellow, Standard Medium CostumeMinion Costumes for kids Secret Wishes Costume Despicable Me 2, Female Minion Dress With Accessories, Multicolor, MediumMinion Costumes for kids Despicable Me Minions Mascot Costume Cosplay Costumes (L, As picture)Minion Costumes for kids Minion One Eyed Despicable Me Mascot Costume Adult CostumeMinion Costumes for kids Rubie’s Costume Plus-Size Despicable Me 2 Dave Minion, Multicolor, Plus CostumeMinion Costumes for kids Rubie’s Costume Despicable Me 2 Foam Tunic Carl Dave, Blue/Yellow, Standard CostumeMinion Costumes for Adults

Minion Costumes for Adults

Homemade Minion Halloween Costume
Make a Minion Halloween Costume

If you are looking for cheap Minion costumes, making your own might be the way to go. You can whip one up in a jiffy, and just use accessories. Many teens like Minion costumes homemade so they can be unique! Just use overalls patterns, and yellow fabric for a t-shirt, or buy the t-shirt. A Minion costume kids will want to wear over and over. Use different shirts and no more Minion costume, just a regular outfit. Dual purpose. Genius!

 Kwik Sew K3948 Toddlers Overalls Sewing Pattern, Size T1-T2-T3-T4homemade minion halloween costume Kwik Sew K2331 Overalls Sewing Pattern, Size XS-S-M-L-XLhomemade minion halloween costume

Yellow T-Shirts for Kids and Adults
Cheap Minions Costumes

 Fruit of the Loom Heavyweight Short Sleeve T-Shirt – YELLOW – Largehomemade minion halloween costume Fruit Of The Loom Childrens/Kids Unisex Valueweight Short Sleeve T-Shirt (5-6) (Yellow)homemade minion halloween costume Women’s boyfriend tee style t-shirt. (Vibrant Yellow) (Large)homemade minion halloween costume

Overalls, for a Homemade Minion Halloween Costume
Overalls for Men, Women, and Children

If you are like me and like your costumes to be made from real clothing so you can wear it year round and not just for Halloween, these sturdy overalls are a great way to make your own Minion costume and still have the clothing to wear later.

 Dickies Men’s Denim Rigid Bib Overalls, Indigo Rigid, 32×32homemade minion halloween costume Dickies Women’s Denim Bib Overall, Blue Denim, Mediumhomemade minion halloween costume Walls John Deere Youth Kids Stonewashed Denim Bib Overalls 6homemade minion halloween costume

homemade minion halloween costume

Minion Costume Accessories
Minion Costumes Homemade

If you wear a homemade Minion Halloween costume, you are going to want those googles! And for Minions kids parties, you will want to have the yellow construction hats to give as party favors.

 Minion Goggles Costume Glasses Sunstaches (Yellow Minion Goggles)homemade minion halloween costume YELLOW CONSTRUCTION HATS (1 DOZEN) – BULKhomemade minion halloween costume Accessory Innovations Boy’s Despicable Me Toddler I C U Hat and Mitten Set, Multi, One Sizehomemade minion halloween costume

Despicable Me 2 The Minions Role Figure Display Toy

Despicable Me 2 The Minions Role Figure Display Toy PVC 6Pcs Set 4cm/1.6 Tall by Gold-LeafDespicable Me 2 The Minions Role Figure Display Toy PVC 6Pcs Set 4cm/1.6 Tall by Gold-Leaf

Happy Halloween!