Minecraft Halloween Costumes

Minecraft Halloween CostumesCool Minecraft Halloween Costumes

My kids are addicted to Minecraft so it was only natural that when Halloween came around that they wanted to wear Minecraft Halloween costumes.  What we did to create our own Minecraft Halloween costumes was purchased individual items for them to dress up in.  We purchased the Minecraft cardboard heads and the Minecraft foam sword and pickax to create our own Minecraft costumes.

Minecraft Halloween Costume Heads

The Minecraft costume heads are the easiest way to dress up as characters from Minecraft.  Steve and the Creeper are the most popular but Enderman is cool too.  More are expected to surface the closer we get to Halloween this year, but it could be a rumor.  They said last year there would be a pumpkin head but I have yet to see it…

Minecraft Creeper Head Mask AdultMinecraft Steve Head Mask AdultMInecraft Halloween Costumes

Minecraft Steve Costume

For a Minecraft Steve Halloween costume you will need the Minecraft Cardboard Steve head, a foam sword or foam pickax and a blue shirt and blue pants.  That’s the perfect Minecraft Steve Costume.  Steve has the easiest costume to recreate.  My son really likes the original Minecraft Steve, so this was the perfect Halloween costume for him.

Minecraft Steve Head (Standard)Minecraft Foam PickaxeMinecraft Diamond Crafting T-shirt

Minecraft Creeper Costume

My daughter, who is 13, wears the Minecraft Creeper costume, she has the cardboard head and a green shirt that she wears, but the hoodie with the green pixelated design on it would be a much better costume for the Minecraft creeper. The Minecraft Creeper head comes in a combo pack with the Steve head if you are dressing up two kids. That’s what we ended up buying because we needed both Minecraft cardboard heads for two children.

 Kids Minecraft Creeper Hoodie Official Minecraft Heads Minecraft Box Heads, Creeper

Minecraft Enderman Halloween Costume

This is a very popular Minecraft Halloween costume this year, a lot of kids want to dress up as Minecraft Enderman instead of Steve or the Creeper, this is a cool costume because you can buy the cardboard head and hoodie and easily create a Minecraft Enderman Halloween costume.

Minecraft Enderman Zip-Up Youth HoodieMinecraft Halloween CostumesMinecraft Enderman HeadMinecraft Halloween CostumesMinecraft Enderman Moving Company TeeMinecraft Halloween Costumes

minecraft halloween costumes

Buy the Minecraft Group Costume Set ALL 3

Now all three of your kids can dress up as Minecraft characters or go with your friends.  My son and daughter both dressed up as different Minecraft characters and it was so much fun.  They play with these heads all the time and so do their friends. The run around chasing each other with the foam weapons we bought.

Official Minecraft Exclusive Steve, Creeper & Enderman Head Costume Mask Set

Minecraft Halloween Costumes

There are a few ways to customize your own Minecraft Halloween costume.  The Cardboard heads are a must, but there’s also hoodies and foam weapons too.  My kids play with their Minecraft cardboard heads and weapons all year long, not just at Halloween time.  My son also has the Minecraft Wall Torch that he will be carrying around this Halloween.

 Minecraft Enderman Head Minecraft Steve Head Minecraft Creeper Head

Video Game Cartoon Costume Ideas

Here are some of the Halloween Fun Shoppe’s favorite video and cartoon game costume ideas.  Minecraft, Super Mario and Spongebob make excellent video game costume ideas for kids and who doesn’t love SpongeBob Squarepants?!