Make Spider Webs for Halloween

Make Spider Webs

Make Spider Webs

Who needs to make spider webs? At our house we tend to have the real thing on display. We’re a spider-friendly household. Mostly they hide in the shadows, but on occasion we can’t help but notice and appreciate an eight-legged friend.

Shortly before Halloween in October 2012, a spider took up residence in the kitchen garden window. Not content to merely hang out in a corner like the other spiders, she set up camp inside a basket of vegetable brushes. After a few days we welcomed her to our menagerie and named her “Charlotte.” In no time at all a dozen flies found themselves ensnared in elaborate webs that were attended to each night as the rest of the household slept.

Make Spider Webs

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte doubled in size after we first spotted her, measuring nearly an inch from top to bottom at her peak. She was a bit shy and preferred to hang close to her safe spot inside the small willow basket. Charlotte’s webs were quite elaborate, though we failed to discover any words among them, as was the case with her namesake in the popular children’s book. It was a sad day when Charlotte left us for good. We missed seeing her and the beautiful webs she created and maintained.

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How to Make Spider Webs

You can get the same creepy Halloween spiders look for your home with fake spider webs and realistic plastic spiders. Halloween is all about spider webs, and they’re one of the easiest and most economical ways to decorate your home for the fall holiday. Stretchable spider webs are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. DIY spider webs are easy to apply, and look great on shrubs.

Create stunning spider web displays with minimal fuss. Simply stretch the spider web material on desired surfaces and accentuate with scary plastic spiders. For maximum impact, try a giant spider web. They’re easy to create from items you may already have around the house, like inexpensive clothesline cord and zip ties.

Fake Spider Webs

Twelve Pack Spider Webs and Plastic Spiders

Individually packaged stretchable spider web material is non-flammable and black light (UV) responsive. Plastic spiders measure 1.5 inches.

Halloween Spider Webs and Plastic SpidersMake Spider Webs

Halloween Glow House

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Halloween Glow House Garden FlagHalloween Glow House Garden Flag

Fake Spider Webs

Super Stretch Spider Web Material

Super scary spider web material is available in several sizes. When you want to make spider webs, remember that less is more. One bag will go a long way. The 16-foot long web stretches to cover 200 square feet and includes 4 creepy plastic spiders. Non-flammable webbing material is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Super Stretch Super Scary Spider Web Covers 200 Square FeetSuper Stretch Super Scary Spider Web Covers 400 Square Feet

Spider in Witch Hat

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Spider and Witch Hat Halloween House FlagSpider and Witch Hat Halloween House Flag

Giant Spider Webs

Hairy Spiderweb with Two Giant Spiders

You’re bound to scare trick-or-treaters with this glittering, horrendously hairy spiderweb, which measures a full 90 inches in diameter. This jumbo web is the perfect creepy touch for a doorway, window, or wall. The set includes two terrifying spiders, but why not add more. Spiders measure 6.5 inches long, and color patterns will vary. The giant spiderweb pairs well with an extra set of two Sparkly Spiders.

Two Giant Spiders and Horrendously Hairy Spider Web

Set of 2 Spooky, Sparkly Spiders Halloween Decoration

Boo Halloween Spider Web

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Halloween Spider Web Garden FlagHalloween Spider Web Garden Flag

Plastic Spiders

Be sure to have plenty of scary spiders on hand for table decorations, party favors, and to enhance your fake spider webs. You can even hand them out to trick-or-treaters! Add a few to the candy bowl.

Creepy Realistic Plastic Spider Party Favors (100 Piece)Scary Plastic Spider Table Sprinkles Set (144 Piece)

Strechy and Scary Two-inch Plastic Spiders (Set of 12)Strechy and Scary Two-inch Plastic Spiders (Set of 12)Large Black Widow Spider - Realistic Hand Painted Toy FigurineLarge Black Widow Spider – Realistic Hand Painted Toy Figurine

Boo Halloween Black Bat

Decorative Halloween House Flag

Boo Bat Decorative House FlagBoo Bat Decorative House Flag

Giant Inflatable Spider Decoration

The 8-foot wide animated Airblown Spider makes a colorful addition to your Halloween decorating. The giant spider lawn decoration inflates to 3-feet tall in just seconds. Everything you need for quick and easy set-up is included–motor fan, AC adapter, lawn stakes, tethers, and complete instructions. For night time display, simply plug into any standard outlet to power the internal light. This high-quality big spider lawn decoration is made of durable weather-proof and fade-resistant nylon. Be sure to order early because inflatable Halloween decorations sell out fast.

Halloween Airblown Inflatable Wide Kaleidoscope Lightshow Spider

Charlotte’s Web (2005)

Based on the Children’s Classic by E.B. White

Charlotte's Web DVD (2006)Charlotte’s Web DVD (2006)

How to Make a Large Spider Web

Materials: Clothesline, Zip Ties, Scissors, Ladder

Make Spider Webs

Meet Our Kitchen Mascot

Charlotte Steps Out to Check on Her Unfortunate Victims

Make Spider Webs

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Make Spider Webs

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