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Mad Hatter Johnny Depp Poster - Mad Hatter Costume IdeasMad Hatter Costumes for Halloween

If you are looking for a fun character for Halloween then The Mad Hatter is a great option. These Mad Hatter Costume ideas are really pretty simple to put together and can be achieved with a bit of op-shopping and a bit of creativity.

Who is The Mad Hatter?

Students of Lewis Carroll’s work, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, must cringe whenever they hear the term ‘Mad Hatter’ since this was never the term used for one of Carroll’s key characters. Correctly known simply as The Hatter (or Hatta in the later book, Through the Looking Glass), Alice’s new found friend was most likely quite mad because of his trade. It was for this reason that Johnny Depp‘s interpretation of Hatta was cursed with red hair and discolored eyes, a sure sign of the mercury poisoning suffered by many milliners in the 19th century.

For all his madness, the troubled hat-maker is a harmless victim of the Queen of Hearts‘s irrational temper and dominant character. For the crime of singing he finds himself in a state of perpetual tea-time where it is always 6:00pm and your birthday never arrives.

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Creating The Mad Hatter Look

Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack - download from iTunes
Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack – download from iTunes

Reproducing Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter look isn’t really all that difficult but if hunting around for the ideal clothes to pull it off is proving a challenge, there are many options available to make the job easier. The main items you’ll need for success are:

  • A great hat
  • A big showy bow-tie
  • A scruffy coat
  • A pale shirt with overly long sleeves
  • A pair of trousers with shortened legs
  • A wild red wig and some bushy red eyebrows
  • Someone who can help with the makeup
  • A pair of yellow-tinged contact lenses


Alice In Wonderland Poster - Mad Hatter Costumes
Alice In Wonderland – Mad Hatter

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Perhaps you prefer your Hatter look to more resemble the animated character from Disney’s original Alice in Wonderland


mad hatter costumes for menForum Alice In Wonderland The Mad Hatter CostumeMad Hatter Costume IdeasElectric Mad Hatter Adult Costume (Large)Mad Hatter Costume IdeasAlice In Wonderland Movie – Deluxe Mad Hatter Adult Costume


Putting The Mad Hatter Look Together

So how might you go about putting this look together? Realistically, the clothing can be fairly flexible. Starting with the Mad Hatter’s coat, if you are going after the Depp Hatter, look for dark tan jacket in a velvet type fabric if you can get it. For Disney’s animated Hatter hunt down a brightly colored jacket in plaid.

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party
The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party John Teniel Giclee Print

The pants can really be just about anything (although jeans aren’t really going to work). They could be striped or bright, plaid or plain. To get the Johnny Depp look, find something in a plain dark colour in a fairly wide leg then with the help of someone with a sewing machine shorten the legs and add a triangle panel to add a flair to the bottom.

To get the shirt look, again with the help of your clever friend who can sew, stitch some wide lace or a ruffle to the inside of your jacket sleeves to make it appear as though you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Most of the neckline will by covered by the over-sized bow-tie so the shirt itself is not as important as other elements of the outfit.

Without doubt the most important element of the whole outfit is Hatter’s hat. These are the two main styles, the second of course includes the price tag from the original John Teniel illustration that was featured in early edition’s of Carroll’s book.

mad hatter hat ideasAlice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Hat, Disney(Large)mad hatter hat ideasElope The Mad Hatter, Green Hatmad hatter hat ideasBlack Damask Mad Hatter Hat

Next of course, is the Mad Hatter’s hair and in this you again have the choice of which Hatter you choose to be.

alice wonderland mad hatter hat Mad Hatter Hat w/Hairalice wonderland mad hatter hat Forum Novelties Men’s Mad Hatter Costume Wigalice wonderland mad hatter hat Mad Hatter Metallic Hat

Compare these Mad Hatter Hats

mad hatter hat ideas Mad Hatter Adult Hatmad hatter hat ideas Mad Hatter Adult Top Hatmad hatter hat ideas Alice In Wonderland – Classic Mad Hatter Hatmad hatter hat ideas Alice in Wonderland Movie – Mad Hatter Hat Childmad hatter hat ideas Alice In Wonderland Movie – Cocktail Mad Hatter Hat Adult

Learn How to do the Johnny Depp Mad Hatter Make-up

This video will guide you step by step through getting your make-up just right for the perfect Mad Hatter look. Add some colored contact lenses to really complete the effect.

Check out these cute Mad Hatter Costumes for Girls

mad hatter costumes for girls The Mad Hatter Tween Costumemad hatter costume for teens The Mad Hatter Teen Costumemad hatter costumes for girls Mad Hatter Child Costumemad hatter costume for teens Deluxe Mayhem Mad Hatter Teen Costumemad hatter costumes for girls Ever After High – Madeline Hatter Child CostumeAlice in Wonderland Movie – Mad Hatter Child CostumeWicked Mad Hatter CostumeMad Hatter Girls CostumeTeacup Mad Hatter CostumeMadeline Hatter Girls Costume Wig

See a full range of Mad Hatter Halloween Costume elements.

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