Large Inflatable Halloween Decorations

Large Inflatable Halloween Decorations for Your Yard


Large Inflatable Halloween Decorations

I love Halloween Inflatable Lawn Decorations, but I’ll tell you who loves them the most in my family: my dog Queenie. Queenie loves to entertain everyone, and she must think inflatables are real, because as soon as she sees one, she starts dancing for it, just like she does for all people.

So every October we can’t wait for the Halloween lawn decorations to start appearing in yards around here so her walk will be even more entertaining for us! She always has a good time, but Halloween and Christmas are her fave time of the year since she has so many inflatables to dance for.

Here I have spotlighted some of Queenie’s favorite Yard Decorations. Decorating for Halloween might possibly be one of the most fun times to decorate, and now that so many cool inflatable decorations are being made, you can decorate your yard as easily as you can your home!

I always enjoy driving around the neighborhoods and looking at all the holiday decorations! I think I’ll get the set of 3 ghosts decoration for Queenie. She seems to love them and thinks they are alive. Trick or Treat!

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Image: Pumpkin Inflatable, available from Amazon


Halloween Inflatable Yard Decor

Airblown Tree with Ghost and Pumpkins Inflatable
The Most Popular Large Inflatable Halloween Decorations!

You’ll find airblown inflatable Halloween decorations  here, like this tree with a ghost and pumpkins which has all of the major themes in it, so it’s a great overall Halloween decoration for any yard. Inflatable scary trees make awesome Halloween yard decorations!

They might be accompanied by ghosts or they might be the sole inflatable, but they really look cool blowing in the wind. Sometimes if there are a lot of trees in the yard and they blend in, it’s almost as if they come alive, and passersby will take notice for sure! You’ll find some giant inflatable Halloween decorations that have scary trees on this page.

According to Amazon, this Halloween Inflatable includes airblown inflatable tree with ghosts and pumpkins prop, (4) stakes, (4) nylon tethers,(1) Extra C-7 Light Bulb, UL Listed AC adapter with white cord, (1) 5 Amp (125 v) fuse and instructions.

 Halloween Decorations 8′ Tall Airblown Halloween Inflatable Dead Tree with Ghost on Top/pumpkins on BottomLarge Inflatable Halloween Decorations

Airblown Animated Black Cat Decoration for the Yard
Very Popular Inflatable Halloween Lawn Decorations

The Black cat inflatable decorations add a nice touch to your yard for Halloween. Even though I don’t think Black cats are scary or bad luck, I always love seeing them displayed in people’s yards, because then I get to admire and enjoy them as a cat, not as something scary.

Some of the Black cats are a bit scary looking though, so if that’s the look you’re going for, you should be able to find one to your liking.

 Gemmy Industries 23623 Airblown Inflatable Animated Black CatLarge Inflatable Halloween Decorations

8 Foot Dead Tree with Owl, Ghost and Pumpkins
Giant Inflatable Halloween Decorations

Another cool Halloween inflatable tree with decorations. This one has all the bases covered and it’s cheerful too.I think this one will be perfect for our yard.

Amazon says: Don’t think about where you are going to store it until next Halloween. Once deflated, it’s compact design makes storage easy and allows it to be stored almost anywhere. Everything is included in this sturdy outdoor Halloween decoration!

 8 Foot Dead Tree with Owl, Ghost and PumpkinsLarge Inflatable Halloween Decorations

4 Foot Inflatable Halloween Grim Reaper / Skeleton Yard Decoration
Scary Halloween Inflatables

Teens love Scary Decorations so this is one of their favorites. The Grim Reaper and/or skeletons are cool Halloween inflatable decorations for your yard or garden. Kids and teens will get a kick out of your cool skeleton decorations.

Especially if the inflatables light up or are animated! That seems to make them even more appealing to Halloween enthusiasts of all ages. I see so many of these where I live.

An Amazon Favorite! Manufacturer says that with the lights, it is the perfect decoration at your front door or backyard at night. Worried about storage? Simply let the air out and fold it!

 4 Foot Halloween Inflatable Grim Reaper Yard DecorationLarge Inflatable Halloween Decorations

4 Foot Halloween Inflatable 3 Jack-O-Lanterns Yard Art Decoration
Best Selling Halloween Outdoor Inflatable Decorations!

What is Halloween without pumpkins?! You’ll find cute and scary inflatable pumpkins for sale here. The bright orange colors will really stand out in your yard. You’ll probably want more than one pumpkin yard decoration or mix them with others such as witches, ghosts and black cats! Of course real pumpkins add to the ambiance, but the inflatable ones that light up are safer than pumpkins with candles.

Amazon says this: Inflated Size Measures: 20″ x 20″ x 48″ (Lengh x Width x Height)
Self Inflates in Moment and Lights Up
Deflates Back Down for Easy Storage

 4 Foot Halloween Inflatable 3 Jack-O-Lanterns Yard Art Decorationhalloween inflatable yard decor

4′ Tall Airblown Inflatable Halloween Witch
Airblown Inflatable Halloween Decorations

You’re probably going to want some witches in your yard this Halloween season, too. Whether they are brewing up a spell or keeping a Black cat company, witches are Halloween staples and belong somewhere in your holiday decorations.

Inflatable witches for your yard are cool and scary! This bright Green and Purple one really stands out. A menacing Witch for a Scary Halloween Lawn. Inflates in seconds and stores flat, so easy to deal with.

 6.5 Ft Tall Animated Witch Halloween Airblown Inflatable – Spinning Eyeshalloween inflatable yard decor

Ghostly Group Set of Three Outdoor Halloween Inflatable Decorations
Most Popular Inflatables Halloween Decorations

Ghosts are popular Halloween decorations, and you’ll find many cool inflatable ghosts that are just waiting to haunt your yard this year. Whether they are hiding behind a scary tree or sitting on a pumpkin, these ghosts add awesome ambiance to your yard and will get noticed!

You’ve got to have at least one inflatable ghost in your yard this holiday season! These ghosts are scary though. I like the friendly ghosts better. However, I see many scary ghosts and skeletons used around here where I live. Pumpkins and ghosts, what says Halloween better?

Wonderful Halloween yard decoration. Inflates in seconds. Stores easily. Kit includes Group of 3 ghosts, and stands 36″ tall.

I really love this set of 3 ghosts. Someone has this set on a street close to me. Queenie loves these things. The fabric sways a little in the wind so they look animated all the time. They’re about 3 feet tall, so to her they probably look like children. Doesn’t it look like they are having a seance when you group 6 like that? Adorable! Photo shows 2 sets of Halloween Inflatable Ghost Decorations.

 Set of Three Halloween Outdoor Decorationshalloween inflatable yard decor

Inflatable Halloween Lawn Decorations
Haunted House Archway Airblown

Haunted houses are fun! This one is another one of the really large inflatable Halloween decorations. You could put it inside for a cool party atmosphere. Or a haunted house decoration would be the perfect centerpiece to your yard this Halloween! You can then surround it with witches, ghosts, grim reapers, pumpkins and more!

You can even place some scary trees around the haunted house to add some more interest and realistic looking items to your Halloween yard decorations. Seriously you could go all out and have one of those yards that everyone drives to see. But you could also just get one huge centerpiece decoration like this one. Your choice.


Inflatable Halloween Decorations Clearance
Halloween Inflatable Yard Decor

Some people have asked me if there is ever an inflatable Halloween decorations sale. Yes there is! Right after Halloween every year, retailers put their leftover decorations on sale, including their inflatable lawn decorations. So this year right after Halloween is over, go online for markdowns. How cool is that?

Happy Halloween!

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