Ladybug Costumes for Kids

Ladybug Halloween Costumes

Ladybug Halloween Costumes

Ladybugs are fascinating little creatures which aren’t real bugs at all, but beetles. They have a hard shell that hides a set of delicate wings. They are also called ladybirds and lady beetles. But mostly we call them ladybugs and pretty much everyone loves them. They make adorable costumes for babies, kids and adults. That red and black dotted little dress with the wings just captures everyone’s heart, doesn’t it?

Here you will find all kinds of cute Ladybug Costumes for Halloween or any costume party. And if you want to make your own Ladybug costume you can find patterns below; just scroll. If you do decide to make your own, you could also use the dress again separately for a dressy dress. Bonus!

In a hurry? Find Ladybug costumes here: Ladybug Costumes for Halloween


Ladybug Costumes for Kids

Ladybug Halloween Costume: Baby
Infant Ladybug Costumes

Aren’t these adorable Ladybug Baby Costumes? All of these are Ladybug costumes babies can wear for any outing or as pajamas too! A Ladybug baby outfit is cute any day of the week and for any occasion. Gender neutral too. Great for boys and girls both.

 InCharacter Unisex-baby Infant Lady Bug Costume, Red/Black, MediumLadybug Costumes for Kids Rubie’s Costume Newborn Ladybug Tutu Dress, Red, 6-9 MonthsLadybug Costumes for Kids Rubie’s Costume Noah’s Ark Satin Ladybug Costume, Red, 6-12 MonthsLadybug Costumes for Kids Rubie’s Costume Deluxe Baby Bunting, Lady Bug Costume, 0 to 9 MonthsLadybug Costumes for Kids

Toddler Ladybug Costumes
Ladybug Costumes for Kids

I just can’t get over how cute these Ladybug Halloween costumes for kids are. If I still had a toddler girl around I would dress her up as a Ladybug all the time.

 Little Girls’ Deluxe Ladybug Costume ToddlerLadybug Costumes for Kids Disguise Babybug Ladybug Toddler Costume, 3T-4TLadybug Costumes for Kids Ladybug Costume Baby One Size Fits Up To 24 MonthsLadybug Costumes for Kids Toddler Ladybug Costume (2t-3t)Ladybug Costumes for Kids

The average life span of a ladybug is 2 to 3 years.
They grow to 0.3 to 0.4 inches, which is
about one-third to one-half the length
of a regular-size paper clip.

Teen Ladybug Costumes
Ladybug Costumes Girls

If you are looking for a teen Ladybug costume, you are in luck. So many cute Ladybug Halloween costumes for kids. I want them all!

 Teen Ladybug Girl’s Insect Halloween CostumeLadybug Costumes for Kids Ladybug Teen Costume Size 16-18Ladybug Costumes for Kids Drama Queens Ladybug Tween Costume, SmallLadybug Costumes for Kids Little Miss Ladybug Child Costume Size Pre-Teen (12-14)Ladybug Costumes for Kids


Ladybug Costumes: Adults

Ladybug Costumes for Adults
Women Ladybug Costume

Ladybug costumes aren’t just for kids. Any of these Ladybugs will be a Ladybug costume adults will love wearing! Aren’t these beautiful costumes? I would have a hard time deciding!

 Women’s Lady Bug Costume, Black/Red, One SizeLadybug Halloween Costumes FunWorld Women’s Lovely Ladybug, Red, M/L 10-14 CostumeLadybug Halloween Costumes Lovable Ladybug Lady Bug Red Womens Halloween CostumeLadybug Halloween Costumes Womens Body Shaper Sexy Ladybug Costume sz Sm 4-6Ladybug Halloween Costumes DAISY CORSETS DAISY-1796 5 PC Sexy Ladybug Costume color:RED size:XLLadybug Halloween Costumes Sweetheart Bug Costume Lingerie – Medium/Large – Dress Size 8-12Ladybug Halloween Costumes

There’s a legend surrounding the “lady” in ladybug that it refers
to the Virgin Mary. The legend goes something like this:
During the Middle Ages, the crops in Europe were being
devastated by pests, so the farmers began praying to the
Blessed Virgin Mary for help. Lo and behold… ladybugs began
to appear in the fields, and the crops were saved. The farmers
believed the black and red beetles were sent by the Virgin
Mary, and so they began calling them lady beetles. The
ladybug’s red color is thought to represent Mary’s cloak,
and the black spots represent her sorrows.

Making a Ladybug Costume

Ladybug Costume Pattern
Make Ladybug Costume

Easy to make your own Ladybug costume with these patterns. Just add some cute Ladybug accessories sold below and you can have an original Ladybug costume! Patterns are available in all sizes. They have such cute Ladybug costumes for kids! Just click to see.

 Simplicity 1768 Toddler and Child Costume Sewing Pattern, Size BB (4-5-6-7-8)Ladybug Costumes for Adults Girls Cape Costumes Ladybug Witch McCall’s 4946 Sewing Pattern Size 3 – 8Ladybug Costumes for Adults

Ladybug Costume Accessories

You can use these Ladybug accessories to dress up a costume you purchased or you can make your own costume and add these to the mix. Such cute red/black Ladybug stuff!

 Women’s Sexy Red Black Shoes Theatre Costumes Accessory Ladybug Platform Size: 6Ladybug Costumes for Adults Lady Bug Stockings (Standard)Ladybug Costumes for Adults Secret Wishes Lady Bug Costume Accessory Kit, Red/Black, One SizeLadybug Costumes for Adults Creative Education’s Ladybug Wings with HeadbandLadybug Costumes for Adults Ladybug Wing Set (RED) AccessoryLadybug Costumes for Adults Ladybug Wings Headband Set (1 set)Ladybug Costumes for Adults

Dog Ladybug Costume

Even dogs can get into the Halloween spirit! Get a cute dog Ladybug costume and your whole family can be Ladybugs for Halloween.

 Dog Costume – Ladybug Pet Costume – MediumLadybug Costumes for Adults Rubies Costume Halloween Classics Collection Pet Costume, Large, Ladybug DressLadybug Costumes for Adults

Happy Halloween!