King Tut Costumes

King Tut Costumes

King Tut Costumes

Every Halloween there is a high demand for colorful King Tut, pharaoh, mummy, Egyptian and Cleopatra costumes. King Tut costumes are available in many styles for adults and kids. There is even a “King Mutt” costume for the family dog!

Take a quick look at what’s available today–King Tut Costumes

Who Was King Tut?

by Roberta Edwards and True Kelley

Who Was King Tut?Who Was King Tut?


King Tut: The Boy King

Discovered by British Egyptologist Howard Carter

In November 1922 Egyptologist Howard Carter discovered the virtually intact tomb of the 18th-dynasty pharaoh Tutankhamun. The young king had died around 1325BC and was buried with approximately 3,500 artifacts. Among the treasures were opulent statues, alabaster vases, gilded chariots, three ceremonial beds, and a gold throne.

King Tut’s story was kept alive by a steady flow of glittering gold historical treasures emerging from the tomb. The greatest archaeological discovery of all time was handily covered by the emerging media of the day–radio and newsreels. A craze for all things Egyptian gripped the world, influencing music, art, the cinema, fashion, and interior design. “Nile style” was here to stay.

Carter the Great

Discovering Secrets of the Sphinx

Vintage Howard Carter King Tut Poster ReprintHoward Carter King Tut Vintage Poster Reprint


American popular culture was greatly influenced by Tut-mania in the late seventies. Under the direction of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Treasures of Tutankhamun toured seven cities between 1976 and 1979. More than eight million people attended the exhibition, which featured 53 Tutankhamun artifacts. King Tut’s blue and gold striped burial mask became the most famous archaeological relic in the world.

Design Toscano King Tutankhamen's Life-Size SarcophagusKing Tutankhamen’s Life-Size Sarcophagus

King Tut on Saturday Night Live

How’d You Get So Funky?
No one put the boy king on the map like Steve Martin, when he introduced his novelty song King Tut during the April 22, 1978 episode of Saturday Night Live. The popular comedian was flanked by exotic Egyptian dancers and a bedecked house band.

In the seventies SNL’s live skits were notoriously low budget and downright cheesy. On this occasion producer Lorne Michaels opted to go all out for the show’s breakout star. The production featured elaborate Egyptian costumes and a large gold sarcophagus from which saxophone player Lou Marini emerged to perform a solo to great fanfare.

King Tut Guitar PickKing Tut Guitar Pick

King Tut Song

Steve Martin and the Toot Uncommons

King Tut was released as a single in 1978 by Steve Martin and the “Toot Uncommons,” actually members of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. The song sold over a million copies and reached number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Thanks largely to Steve Martin, King Tut has been a pop culture staple for decades.

King Tut by Steve Martin and the Toot Uncommons

King Tut Lyrics

King Tut
Now when he was a young man
He never thought he’d see (King Tut)
People stand in line
To see the boy king (King Tut) …

King Tut Costumes for Adults

King Tut Costumes

Men’s King of Egypt King Tut Costume

He’ll rule the kingdom as a vision of desire in this versatile men’s King Tut costume. This ensemble includes a magnificent Egyptian skirt with an embellished waistband, paired with a black sleeveless shirt. It’s accented by a detailed Egyptian collar with an attached gold cape, wrist gauntlets, and an Eye of Horus necklace. The royal nemes black and gold striped headpiece hugs the head for a more flattering look. This versatile set may also be worn shirtless, as shown here. Ladies, what do you think? Delicate hand washing is recommended for this 100% polyester ensemble.

King Tut CostumesMen’s King of Egypt King Tut Costume

Adult Super Tut Deluxe Costume

The Super Tut Deluxe costume set includes a white tunic with a belt and arm cuffs. Shiny golden details accentuate the collar, belt, cuffs, and generously sized headpiece. Adult standard size fits a chest size up to 42 inches or dress size 14. The fabric is 100% polyester, which can be gently hand washed.

King Tut CostumesSuper King Tut Deluxe Costume

King Tut Costumes for Kids

King Tut Costumes

Black and Gold Pharaoh Costume

This pharaoh costume includes a black robe, gold cuffs, gold neckpiece, gold belt, and black and gold headpiece. It is available in sizes small through large to fit most kids.

King Tut CostumesBlack and Gold Pharaoh Costume

Egyptian King Tut Costume

This King Tut costume includes a black tunic, accentuated by a turquoise embellished belt, neck piece, and pair of arm bands. The headpiece is gold and black striped with gold snake detailing on the band. Several sizes are available for a good fit.

King Tut CostumesEgyptian Style King Tut Costume

King Tut Funeral Mask

The Most Famous Archaeological Relic in the World

Tutankhamun Funeral Mask PosterTutankhamun Funeral Mask Poster

Accessories for King Tut Costumes

Child Black and Gold Striped King Tut Hat
This black and gold striped pharaoh headpiece features golden snake detailing above the gold headband. Some reviewers have commented that the hat runs small, so consider going with an adult version for kids older than 7 or 8.

Kid Black and Gold Striped King Tut HatKid Black and Gold Striped King Tut Hat

Headpieces for King Tut Costumes

Tutankhamun’s blue and gold striped burial mask is the most famous archaeological relic in the world. These similarly designed pharaoh headpieces feature golden snake detailing above the gold headband. Find the perfect topper for a King Tut, Egyptian, or pharaoh costume.

Egyptian Headpiece for King Tut CostumesEgyptian Headpiece for King Tut CostumesEgyptian Headpiece for King Tut CostumesEgyptian Headpiece for King Tut Costumes

Egyptian Headpiece for King Tut CostumesEgyptian Headpiece for King Tut CostumesEgyptian Headpiece for King Tut CostumesEgyptian Headpiece for King Tut Costumes


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Egyptmania: The Egyptian Museum in CairoEgyptmania: The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

King Tut
Now, if I’d known
They’d line up just to see ’em
I’d taken all my money
And bought me a museum …

Egyptian Dog Costumes

Now even the family dog can walk like an Egyptian with the King Mutt pharaoh costume and the Cleopatra dog costume. These finely detailed pet costumes are available in several sizes, so you’ll want to measure your dog’s girth and refer to the chart for proper sizing. Snaps keep the costume secure underneath the chest area. The coordinating hat varies in size with the outfit and is secured by an elastic strap with ear holes.

King Mutt Pharoah Costume for DogsKing Tut CostumesCleopatra Pharaoh Costume for Dogs

Steve Martin – King Tut (Live 1979)

King Tut T-Shirt

He Gave His Life … for Tourism

The Mountain Big Face Tut T-ShirtThe Mountain Big Face Tut T-Shirt