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Buy a Kids Pizza Halloween Costume

kids pizza Halloween costumes (2)Looking for a kids pizza Halloween costume? Pizza is practically every kids favorite food and it’s one of the most-popular at Halloween.  A lot of places will run out of the kids pizza Halloween costume early because it has such a high demand.  This Italian food favorite has captured the hearts of kids everywhere and its no wonder they want to dress up as a slice! Because of the popularity of the kids pizza Halloween costume; its not always an easy find.  You can try local specialty Halloween stores or even Walmart or Target, but finding a pizza Halloween costume for kids is tough.  I almost always skip the headache of shopping in the stores when I’m looking for a specific costume because I know that shopping online is the best way to find the right size style.

Pizza Slice Halloween Costume Kids Size

This kids pizza Halloween costume is adorable and fits right over their clothing which I think is nice because the weather is different all over the country and you never know which kids need to wear long sleeves or short sleeves in October. I know where I live its not always that cold and a heavy costume can be really hot, so something like this that just pulls over their regular clothing is really pleasing.  This is the same costume from 3 different costume retailers, closer to Halloween selections can be limited so it’s nice to know which stores carry the same costume.

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Kids Costumes Pizza Slice Costume One Sizepizza

Kids Pizza Halloween Costume

This kids pizza costume is also a pullover style (tunic). A lot of kids that want to dress as a pizza prefer the pullover because they can wear the clothing of their choice underneath. The pizza costume for kids is great for school dress-up because it’s a simple one-piece tunic, very simple and easy to take-on and off. Because this is a tunic, it can fit children of different sizes.  I honestly haven’t met a kid that doesn’t love pizza, that’s why this costume is great for years if you have more than one child.

  • Pull-over tunic.
  • Cheese, pepperoni and olives.
  • Perfect for any weather type.

Kids Pizza Chef Halloween Costume

A Pizza hat and chefs costume is a simple way to dress up in a kids Halloween costume. You can a simple white chefs costume to this hat and have yourself a child pizza chef costume. What’s fun about this costume is that you can use it all year long for dress-up and role play. Kids love to pretend to make pizza and that’s why I love this kids pizza costume idea because it gives them more than just a once-a-year dress-up item.

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Make Your Own Kids Pizza Costume

“Pizza! Pizza!” – Little Caesars


  1. You can make your own kids pizza costume with a little imagination.
  2. Use two large pieces of cardboard or poster board and cut them into the same pizza shape. Length will vary.
  3. Use some red paint or red fabric/felt to cover the sauce area (leave the top area open for the crust edge).
  4. You can apply your own cheese with some yellow fabric/felt or yellow paint.
  5. Cut your toppings out of fabric or felt.
  6. Hot glue the toppings to the pizza.
  7. Connect the pizza at the shoulders with a piece of ribbon on each side.  Length will vary.

Photo courtesy of Image Arcade

Kids Pizza Delivery Costume

Early Learning Pizza ShopKids Pizza Delivery Costume

Another cute way for your little pizza lover to dress up this Halloween is as the guy who delivers the pizza.  A kids pizza delivery costume like this is fun for Halloween and role play throughout the year.  This is a dress-up set but what I like about it is that it doubles as a costume too. It would be cute with khaki pants and a white shirt.  It has the little pizza too which kids really love.  If you are looking for a kids pizza delivery costume I would go for something like this because it’s made for play too.

Includes apron, pizza delivery box, pizza plate, pizza spatula, pizza slicer and pizza with toppings.  This costume is made for kids ages 3-6 years old.

Kids Pizza Delivery Guy Halloween Costume

I love these plain t-shirts that say “Pizza Delivery” guy on them. I think it’s a simple way to make your own costume by adding some jeans and a pizza box. You can even get the hat if you think that would make it more authentic.

“God ordered the world and all things in it, and I ordered a pizza and all things on it.” 

Pizza Delivery Guy CostumePizza Delivery Guy ShirtsDress up as a pizza delivery guy

Kids Food Costumes for Halloween

Looking for some kids food costumes for Halloween? Here at the Halloween Fun Shoppe were not just partial to Italian food. We’ve got lots of classic food Halloween costumes and more being added all the time. Here are some favorites like ice cream, tacos and peanut butter and jelly! Kids love all these foods!

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