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Kids Beetlejuice Halloween Costumes 2015

beetlejuice halloween costumes kidsI went shopping for my 8-year old son and couldn’t find kids Beetlejuice Halloween costumes at the regular retail stores like Walmart and Target and the Halloween store by our house was outrageously priced.  My son is just now getting into Beetlejuice even though the movie came out when I was a kid.  We watched it for the first time a month ago and now it’s his favorite and he wants to wear a kids Beetlejuice Halloween costume this year.  Lucky me, I have the task of finding the a child Beetlejuice costume for him. LOL

So where do you go when you want a kids Beetlejuice costume? Online of course!  I decided to do all the moms out there a favor who are searching for Halloween Beetlejuice costumes; I put this page together with a bunch of different styles from various online stores like Amazon, Walmart and more.  That way you can show your child the different options there are for a kids Beetlejuice Halloween costume and go from there?  Sound fair? Okay let’s do this!

The ONLY Beetlejuice Kids Costume

There really seems to only be one basic child Beetlejuice costume and that’s not what they call it. Probably because its a copyright issue or something, but this is what I found at both Walmart and Amazon for a kids Beetlejuice Halloween costume that you could use. It’s called “Graveyard Ghost Child” and it’s carried at both Walmart and Amazon online.

Rubies Child Beetlejuice CostumeBeetlejuice Kids Costume

Where to buy a Kids Beetlejuice Halloween Costume?

There are pros and cons to buying your child a Beetlejuice costume at both Walmart and Amazon.  Both are the same exact kids Beetlejuice Halloween costume but they are a different price.  Walmart usually stays competitive and steady in their pricing but they run out of them quickly before Halloween and the shipping takes a week to arrive.  Amazon on the other hand has very competitive shipping and prices (most of the time).  Amazon tends to go sky high in price the closer it gets to Halloween, so it’s important to order at least a month out if you want the best possible deal on a kids Halloween Beetlejuice costume.

Buy a Teen Beetlejuice Costume Online – It’s Cheaper!

Beetlejuice Teen Shrunken Head Costume

This shrunken head Beetlejuice costume is for for a teen. Remember Beetlejuice in his maroon tuxedo with the ruffle tuxedo shirt and bow tie? This costume is a classic for any teenager who wants to dress up as Beetlejuice this Halloween. This costume set comes with the tuxedo jacket, pants, vest and ruffle shirt. You will need to do your own make-up (there’s a tutorial below) and wigs to choose from.

Finding a maroon tuxedo like the one Beetlejuice wore is not easy but you could always get a mask and wear a tuxedo with a ruffle shirt and bow tie and probably pull it off just fine.

Beetlejuice Kids Wig

The wig and make-up are going to be what make you child’s Beetlejuice Halloween costume most authentic.  Beetlejuice’s face is all white with a tinge of moldy green around his hair line and ears.  His hair color took “dirty-blonde” to whole new level.  His hair was more of a white, gray and green color in the movie.

Party King Graveyard Ghost WigBeetlejuice White Wig – ONE SIZE Fits Allkids Halloween Beetlejuice costumesEnigma Wigs White Wig – ONE SIZE Fits Allkids Beetlejuice Halloween costumes

Beetlejuice Halloween Costume Face Make-Up

Beetlejuice Makeup Kit

You can do your kids own Beetlejuice Halloween make-up by getting some white face make-up, black face paint for under the eyes and maybe a tinge of green if you have it for some outlining around the face.  You can look up images online of his face while you put the make-up on to help you.  Also, there’s tutorials on YouTube that also help you create your own Beetlejuice look.

Cover the face in white paint first and foremost.  You can color in under the eyes with black make-up and also fill in the edges around the hairline once the wig is in place.  Here is an awesome tutorial that this girl did if you want to really have a good Beetlejuice look!

Make-Up for Beetlejuice Halloween Costumes for Kids

You can create your own look like the girl from the tutorial video with one of these Halloween make-up kits. I think having dirty teeth is a really nice touch.  Beetlejuice definitely had some gnarly teeth in that movie.

Kids Child Beetlejuice Dress-Up CostumeSuper Value Family Makeup KitHalloween Costumes BeetleJuice Make-UpHollywood Makeup CenterBeetlejuice Halloween Costumes Kids

Create Your Own Child Beetle Juice Costume for Halloween

Make Your Own Kids Beetlejuice Halloween Costume

Another alternative is to create your own kids Beetlejuice costume.  This can be done by replicating the wedding tuxedo that Beetlejuice wore in the movie.  The make-up and wig also important to this, you don’t necessarily need to have the striped suit that Beetlejuice wears in the majority of the movie.

The Wedding Tuxedo Beetlejuice Wore

The tuxedo that Beetlejuice wears in the movie is maroon-colored.  He has one of those ruffled shirts underneath with a maroon bow tie to match.  The suit fit a little small and tight if you remember from the movie.

You could really wear any small tuxedo and make it work, finding the ruffled shirt is what matters in pulling off this costume.  If you can find an ivory or white ruffle tuxedo shirt for a child, you can use it with your tuxedo, even it isn’t a maroon tuxedo.  The wig and make-up will be the defining part of your Beetlejuice Halloween costume.

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