Keep Cool with Ice Cream Halloween Costumes

I Scream for Ice Cream Halloween Costumes!

ice cream Halloween costumesIce Cream Halloween costumes are not something you can find at just any old retail store.  I know because when we went shopping for one it was impossible to find any selection.  Most specialty costume stores carry very little in terms of Ice Cream costumes and the ones they would have were not right for one reason or another.  I decided to put together my own page with a selection from different places. Anyon

e searching for Ice Cream costumes for kids and adults is going to find one here!  I’ve scoured around to find the cutest cones on the planet 😉

“You can’t buy happiness.  But you can buy ice cream and that’s sort of the same thing.”

In a Hurry?  See all the most popular Ice Cream Costumes!

Most Popular Ice Cream Halloween Costumes for Adults

Here are three of the most popular Ice Cream costume for kids and adults.  Ice cream costumes aren’t just for Halloween.  A friend of ours used one to attract attention to an Ice Cream social. She wore it out in front of the school and it drew in more customers for their cause.  There are lots of reasons to dress up like Ice Cream!  People love Ice Cream!

Rasta Imposta Ice Cream Cone, Multi, One SizeRasta Imposta Ice Cream Cone, Multi, One SizeRasta Imposta Ice Cream Sundae, Multi, One SizeRasta Imposta Ice Cream Sundae, Multi, One SizeFrozen Treat Cutie 3 Piece Costume Dress Set, Brown, LargeFrozen Treat Cutie 3 Piece Costume Dress Set, Brown, Large


Ice Cream Sandwich Costume Kids Size

This ice cream sandwich costume is cute enough to eat!  What child doesn’t love the chocolate taste of an ice cream sandwich? This costume is a tunic style costume so it fits over your clothing. What’s nice about the costumes that fit over your clothing is you can dress for whatever weather you are having. This ice cream sandwich costume fits toddlers and children sizes 4-6x. 

 Ice Cream Sandwich Child Costume

Soft Serve Costume for Kids with Sprinkles!

This child ice cream cone costume is a size 8-10.  My son is 8-years-old and this is the costume that we are thinking about getting him.  He likes that it has sprinkles on top!  This cute tunic style costume fits over your child’s clothing so he or she can wear long sleeves or short sleeves depending on the weather.

Child’s Ice Cream Cone Funny Food Costume (Size: 8-10)Child ice cream halloween costumes

Ice Cream Sundae Costume Child

This ice cream sundae costume is available for both a child and an adult.  The child size fits kids sizes 7-10 and the adult is a one size fits all standard costume.  The ice cream sundae part of the costume is a pull-over tunic that goes over your clothing.  You can wear anything you want underneath the ice cream tunic.  The “cherry on top” hat is the perfect topper for this ice cream costume!

Ice Cream Sundae Costume – Child SizeIce Cream Sundae Costume

Kids Ice Cream Halloween Costumes – Cute Enough to Eat!

This ice cream costume here ranges in kids sizes from really small toddler size to up to a large.  Kids love sprinkles and here’s another ice cream costume to prove it.  This particular ice cream costume for kids is not a tunic like the others.  This one is an actual costume with a head piece too.

Ice Cream Costume Toddler to Kids Sizessoft serve costume

Ice Cream Cone Costume in Adult Size Too!

This adult size ice cream cone costume is topped with colorful sprinkles to make you the sweetest treat around.  What I love about ice cream costumes is that they get attention.  These are great for drawing attention to an ice cream shoppe or ice cream social.  Put someone outside in this and draw in customers to buy ice cream!

Rasta Imposta Ice Cream Cone, Multi, One SizeRasta Imposta Ice Cream Cone, Multi, One SizeFrozen Treat Cutie 3 Piece Costume Dress Set, Brown, LargeFrozen Treat Cutie 3 Piece Costume Dress Set, Brown, Large


Sexy Ice Cream Cone Costume for Women

Ladies, expect the men to follow you around drooling in this ice cream cone costume for women.  It’s a sweet treats dress that looks like an ice cream cone with strawberry ice cream and sprinkles.   I absolutely love this look.  Ladies, you’re going to melt some hearts with this chilled style.

Adult Frozen Treat Cutie CostumeIce Cream Dress Costume

funny ice cream quote

DIY Ice Cream Man CostumeIce Cream Man Costume

Everyone loves the Ice Cream man whether he’s in his truck coming down the street or in your favorite soda parlor.  Dressing up like an ice cream man really isn’t that hard.  You can find one of those paper hats, a white button up shirt, a white coat, a bow tie and ice cream scooper and you’re on your way.  Instead of a white coat you could also use an apron.  I would suggest looking at some pictures of an ice cream man online and building your costume with different props and costume pieces.

Here are some props you could use to make an ice cream man costume:

Soda Jerk Paper Party Hat & BowtieIce Cream Man CostumeNorpro Stainless Steel ScoopIce Cream Man Dress UpLong White ApronHow To Dress Up Like an Ice Cream Man

Halloween Food Costumes

The Halloween Fun Shoppe is just partial to desserts, we have lunch and dinner too!  And hopefully some breakfast foods coming soon!  Halloween food costumes are cool because everyone loves food – there’s not a person on earth who doesn’t eat! lol  Watch out that no one tries to take a bite of your costume because these are so realistic.

 Peanut Butter and Jelly Halloween Costumes Kids Pizza Halloween Costumes Kids Taco Costumes for Halloween