Horse Costumes

Horse Costumes Horse Head Costume

I know every time some couple dresses up a horse at Halloween it always cracks me up. Why would anyone need to dress up as a horse? There are lots of reasons that someone would want to wear a horse costume or a horse mask; perhaps you’re in a play or production?  Maybe you need a trusty stead by your side at the next Halloween party?  This page has a variety of horse costumes for anyone looking to dress up mare..

There are basically 5 different types of horse costumes to buy. Infant, toddler, childrens, adult and the two-person horse costume. Here are some of the most-popular, best-selling horse costumes:

Horse CostumesChild Pony CostumeHorse CostumesHorse Head MaskHorse CostumesHorse CostumesHorse Hooves GlovesHorse CostumesInflatable Cowboy CostumeHorse CostumesBaby Pony CostumeHorse CostumesHorse CostumesKids Horse CostumeHorse Mascot CostumeHorse CostumesKids Horse CostumeHorse CostumesHorse CostumesTwo Person Horse (Standard)Horse Costumes

Two-Person Horse Costumes

2-Person Horse Costumes for Adults

We’ve all seen them on T.V. and thought to ourselves, “I never want to be the back end of a horse!” right?  I know I have!  Here are some of the infamous 2-man horse costumes for your entertainment and dress-up pleasure.  Are you thinking of buying a two-person horse costume and wondering where you can get one?  Here are some of the most popular 2-person adult horse costumes, the only question left is, who gets to be the back end?

 Two Person Horse (Standard)Horse Costumes Horse 2 ManHorse Costumes Men’s Two Man Horse Adult Costume, BrownHorse Costumes

Horse Head and Hooves Costume

Need a Horse Head Mask?

I know what you’re thinking? I need to dress up as a horse right? Need a horse mask for a costume? How about the matching horse hoof gloves?

Horse Costumes AdultAccoutrements Horse Head MaskHorseAdult Horse Hooves GlovesHorse Costumes Adult

Childrens Horse Costumes

Cutest Kids Horse Costumes for Sale

Saddle up partner, here’s some of the best horse costumes for kids right here. Dress up your little one a horse or pony for Halloween or other event. I know that we had to dress up our 6-year-old as a horse for play he was going to be in. He was the cutest darn horse I ever saw! Horse costumes for kids look so precious! Get your camera ready mom!

 Childrens Pony Horse CostumeKids Horse Costumes Child Horse CostumeKids Horse Costumes Toddler Horse CostumeKids Horse Costumes

Baby Horse Costumes

Do you need to dress your infant up as a pony?

There was a time in my life when I would have looked at you crazy if you told me that I would one day need to dress my baby up as a horse, but that day came when my daughter wanted to dress up as Jessie from Toy Story and she wanted her little brother to be Bullseye. LOL So there I was, wondering, how on earth do I dress my baby up as a horse?

Baby Boy’s Playful Pony, Brown, SmallHorse Halloween CostumeBaby Girl’s Pretty Pony, Pink/White, SmallHorse Halloween CostumeInfant Horse Halloween CostumeHorse Halloween CostumeInfant Toddler Courduroy Horse CostumeHorse Halloween Costume

Adult Horse Costumes

Where do I buy an Adult Horse Costume?

If you have to dress up as a horse, might as well look good right? I bet there was never a time in your life where you thought you’d grow up and be a horse at any point, but here you are, shopping for adult horse costumes! These are some of the best-selling horse costumes for adults, whether you want to ride the horse or actually BE the horse…saddle up or be saddled..

Horse Halloween CostumeInflatable Cowboy Horse CostumeCowboy Horse CostumeMascot Horse CostumeMascot Horse Costume