Halloween Films and TV Shows

Halloween Inspiration from Films and TV Shows

Halloween Films and TV Shows

There are some really good Halloween films and TV shows that inspire a lot of brilliant Halloween costumes. And there are films about Ghosts and Vampires and Witches and all sorts of creatures you think of when you imagine Halloween. We even feature many costumes based on characters and creatures from some of those films and TV shows. Some are funny, some are horror films, and some are both.

Sometimes people like to stay home and watch TV or old movies about Halloween during the time when all the “trick or treaters” are visiting instead of going out themselves. So we have some reviews of some of those TV shows and movies here too. You can see some of their cool posters and trivia and they might even inspire some costume ideas for you!

Topper by Thorne Smith

First up are pages about Topper, a delightful series of movies (and later a TV series) featuring ghosts! Read all about these lovable ghosts and their creator, Thorne Smith.

Topper, the Movie
Topper Takes a Trip
Topper Returns
Topper TV Series
Thorne Smith, creator of Topper

Elvira’s Movie Macabre

Elvira loves Halloween. The Vamp of Camp will add plenty of laughs (and eye candy) to your next holiday party. Choose from her favorite frightfully fantastic horror films, courtesy of Movie Macabre. You’ve never seen so many good Halloween films in one place–guaranteed!

Stay Tuned!

Check back with us, as more reviews are coming soon! Happy Halloween!

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