Halloween Farmer Costumes That Make You Go YeeHaw!

Halloween Farmer Costumes for the Whole Family

Halloween Farmer CosumesGrab yer hoe!  Here I have a large variety of Halloween farmer costumes for all ages.  I’ve gathered the different farmers Halloween costumes for a baby, kids, men and women all in one place so you that don’t have to bounce around from store to store.  I’ve pulled the very best ideas for a farmers costume no matter how old you are or what gender you may be.

This page will have a farmer Halloween costume for adults; both men and women as well as children; boys, girls, toddlers and infant sizes.

Head on down to the ho down in Halloweentown with yer authentic farmer girl or farmer dude costume.

Most-Popular Farmers Halloween Costume Choices

You won’t find a selection of Halloween farmer costumes like this in any store.  Here are some of the most popular Farmers Halloween costume ideas.

 Toddler Farmer Costume Child Farmer Costume Adult Farmer Costume Good Ol Girl Farm Girl Costume Barndance Hat Farm Girl Costume

Farmer Costumes Men – Chicks Dig the Overalls Boys

Farmer Costume men wear are made up of usually of some denim overalls, a plaid or checkered shirt, and a straw hat.  Now, some farmers will wear jeans, a plaid or checkered shirt and straw hat, but overalls would be a better fit for a farmers costume.

 Adult Farmer Costume Dickies Men’s Denim Overalls Men’s Checkered Woven Shirt

Farmer Costumes 2015 – Men Must-Haves

Every farmer has to have his straw hat and his handkerchief for those hard days out in the sun farming.  The handkerchief should go in the back pocket of your overalls or jeans.  You could also pick up some straw to have hanging out the side of your mouth.  Some sort of farming tool would make a great prop too; perhaps a hoe?

 Farmer Barndance Hat Farmer Handkerchief Farmer Print Tee

Halloween Farmer Costume Clothing Ideas

Farmer Halloween Costume Ideas

A Halloween farmer costume is usually made up of denim, red & white checkers/plaid, handkerchief and a straw hat.  Depending on the farmer Halloween costume the denim will vary.  Men and children will most likely wear denim overalls while women sometimes like to “girl it up” a bit with some short denim shorts or what’s referred to as “Daisy Dukes.”  Think.. MaryAnn Gilligan’s Island.  Now a farm girl of tween age or younger might wear a farm girls dress; which could be made of up plaid or checkered patterns.

American Farmer Costumes for Women

What kind of farmer costumes for women are you looking for exactly?  Do you want that down on the farm, home cooking farmer woman costume or do you want something a little more revealing?

 Farmer Girl Womens Blouse USA Flag Denim Farmer Girl Shorts

Sexy Farmer Woman Halloween Costumes

These are ready made sexy farmer woman costumes that you don’t have to think about. They are already put together and made to turn heads. I think a lot of men fantasize about farmer girls, not really sure why because when you think about it, they probably smell gross – last farm I was on didn’t smell like vanilla cupcakes is all I’m sayin’

 Farmer Costume Women Flirty Farm Girl Costume

Farmer Girl Costume – Dresses a Farm Girl Would Wear

Looking for a farm girl costume for Halloween?  How about piecing something together on your own from a cute denim dress?  Some boots, a farmer straw hat and cute dress like this one here is the perfect farm girl costume.  Wear your hair in some braided pig tails to complete the look.

 Raspy Tan Cowboy Boot Farm Girl Denim Dress 100% Natural Rush Straw Hat

Girl Farmer Costume Denim Overalls & Shorts

These denim overalls or shorts would work great for a farmer girl costume.  Add a red & white checkered blouse or a red flannel tied in the front with a cute white tank underneath.  The important piece of the farmer girl costume is going to be in the hat and the denim that she wears.  Overalls are cute, but so are the Daisy Duke shorts.

Junior Denim OverallsBootie Denim Shorts

Girl Farmer Girl Red & White Blouse

These red and white blouses would work perfectly for your girl farmer costume because they have that quintessential look.  Any red and white checkered button-up blouse like this would look great with a pair of Daisy Duke shorts or some denim Bermuda pants.

 Red & White Checker Plaid Blouse Red Plaid Button Down Farm Blouse

Really Cute Girl Farmer T-Shirts

Here are some cute girl farmer girl t-shirts that would look cute with a flannel, some denim and a straw hat. Pull you hair back in some cute braided pig tails with some ribbons on the end.

 Fresh off the Farm Tshirt Farm Girl Heart Shirt

Kids Farmer Costume Ideas

Looking for a farmers costume for kids? I had found a few ready made costumes here and if those don’t work you could always put one together yourself with a pair of overalls and straw hat.  For your kids farmer costume shirt, you could use any plaid or checkered shirt with your denim pants or overalls.  The straw hat and handkerchief would be the crowning touch for your kid farmer costume.

Cute Farmer Costume Ideas for Boys

Need a boys farmer costume? The same way you make a Farmer costume for an adult man, you would do for a boy. Denim, red plaid, straw hat and some cowboy boots would make the perfect farmer costume for boys.

 John Deere Youth Kids Overalls Cowboy Hat and Bandana Durango Kids Boots

Get Down at the Ho Down with Toddler Farmer Costumes

Toddler farmer costumes are pretty simple to throw together.  A little pair of denim overalls or some denim jeans and suspenders would make a good base for your toddler farmer costume.  A pair of cowboy boots, a straw hat and handkerchief in the pocket would make for a cute farmer costume for a toddler.

 Toddler Farmer Costume Toddler Farmer Costume Toddler Hillbilly Farmer Costume

 Baby Farmer Boys Costume – Bust Our Your Cameras!

A baby farmer costume is pretty easy to put together yourself if you have some imagination and a few key pieces.  Besides a cowboy hat (which might be hard to get on your baby) you can put on a pair of overalls, cowboy boots and a plaid shirt.

 Levi’s Baby Boys’ Overalls Baby Boys Cowboy Boots Baby Boys Plaid Shirt

Infant Farmer Costume Ideas

How precious your little one is going to be in a baby farmer costume!  These costumes make excellent props for pictures and photographers love them.  I think a family farmer costume with a baby would be a cute idea too.

 Hillbilly Costume Baby Grow Baby Farmer Costume

Bloody Zombie Farmer Costume for Adults

This is not your ordinary farmers costume. This bloody zombie farmer costume is handmade on Etsy and it’s of the highest quality. You could use this bloody zombie farmer costume over and over again year after year.  It’s not your ordinary Halloween Farmers costume that’s for sure

Bloody Farmer Costume AdultFarmer Zombie Costume Halloween

Farmer T-Shirts Because You Should Buy Local & Non-GMO

You can help local farmers buying local fresh farm food. You can help your health buy demanding non-GMO!  Here are some great shirts you can wear with your farmers costume if you want to spread the word!

Buy Fresh, Buy Local Tee ShirtsNO GMOs Anti-GMO T Shirt

Coolest Occupational Halloween Costumes

At the Halloween Fun Shoppe we don’t stop at the farm, we’ve got lots of good occupational Halloween costume ideas to choose from.

 Retired Hooters Waitress Costumes Fast Food Restaurant Costumes Retro Flight Attendant Costumes

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