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Around the World Costumes

Around the World Costumes for Halloween
(and Mardi Gras and Masquerade too)

Around the world costumes

We live in a world full of different cultures and customs and sometimes it’s fun to dress up like some of the ones outside our own. And of course period style and historical style costumes are very handy for school plays and even adult ones, all the way to Broadway and Opera!

National Costumes of the World

Halloween isn’t the huge holiday everywhere else in the world like it is in the USA and Ireland, but it’s very lucrative for retailers so we have exported it to other parts of the world now, and they all are as fascinated by other countries as we are, so National costumes of the world are starting to be big sellers.

Traditional costumes of the world are fascinating to research too, as the world is full of diversity and the cultural norms are so different. Very good research project for schools if they want to teach geography. And a good way to show your child other countries’ customs.

Halloween Costumes From All Around the World

So we have a few historical, cultural, and just plain fun around the world Halloween costumes and more will be added after we finish our around the world tour to check them all out. Pretty good excuse for a trip, don’t you think? There are lots of countries, so there will be lots of costumes. Stay tuned!


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