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Animal Costumes for Halloween

Animal Halloween Costume Ideas

Animals are a wonderful choice for Halloween costumes and many children and adults love channeling their animal spirit. We have animal costumes of different varieties for men, women, teens, children and babies.

What’s nice about animal costumes is that they never go out of style. You can save them for future generations or use them as play outfits until you wear holes in them! Little kids especially love animal costumes to play in all year round. It doesn’t have to be Halloween!

They come in handy for plays at school too. Easter pageants and Christmas pageants call for them and what Mardi Gras parade doesn’t have a few animals?

And of course the most iconic costume of all for Halloween is the Spider! Horrible looking insect, well not really an insect, as it’s technically an Arachnid. Much cuter is another bug, and it’s not an insect either. The Ladybug is really a Beetle. Confusing isn’t it? Oh well, we have real animals too!

Here are a few wonderful animal costumes for you to choose from:

Peacock Costumes
Butterfly Costumes for Kids and Adults
Cat Costumes
Horse Costumes
Ladybug Costumes for Kids
Spider Costume for a Dog

Animal Halloween Decorations:

Decorate with scary spiders! Scary Spiders Halloween Decorations

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