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Brilliant Halloween Costumes

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We love Halloween, Mardi Gras, Masquerade Parties, and Costume Parties. We also love the theater and the wonderful costumes they wear and make. In fact, some of us used to help the costume department at our kids’ schools too because it was so enjoyable for us.


At one time we even had a chest full of costumes in the family room and the kids used it every day.


So we have a whole collection of costume pages! It’s quite an eclectic group of pages and we hope you enjoy them.  There are so many Halloween costumes now that you are spoiled for choice!


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Brilliant Halloween Costume Ideas

We like making our kids’ costumes because we hate to waste money and like the clothes we buy to be useful for more than one thing! In fact we are famous for making pajama Halloween costumes! We try to make sure all their costumes would also work for bedtime!


For example, my oldest son was a complete Star Wars fanatic and wanted to be Luke Skywalker so much that he wore his costume for 5 years straight! I made it from a karate costume pattern and just kept letting out the hems forever. He would not take that thing off except when I made him so he could go to school. Then the minute he got home it was off with the clothes and back into the Luke Skywalker persona….


 Brilliant Halloween Costumes for All

So when my group of friends and I decided to share a Halloween site, we decided that we weren’t going to just share the standard costumes you can find anywhere. Instead we have found many different scary costumes, fun costumes, creative costumes, and clever costumes for all your Halloween fun. In short, we have many brilliant Halloween costume ideas for you! Just click the links below to find them.


Happy Halloween!



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