Halloween Car Decorations: Costumes for Your Car!

AWESOME Halloween Car Decorations !!

Halloween Car Costume - Zombie Response Team VehicleHere are some cool Halloween car decorations that will show off your spooky spirit. Are you a bit silly? Great! You will love these Halloween car decorations then. Having Halloween car decorations on your car is a great way to get people into the spirit of Halloween. Every single year my husband pulls out the car costume and dresses up the Saturn. We have an SUV and it looks funny with the fake ears and tail on it driving down the road. Halloween car decorations are great for a salesman that is always in his car. Pull up in front of your clients office with your cool car costume and you’ll be noticed for sure. One of the cutest ways to show off your personality is by having Halloween car decorations on your car, truck or SUV. Have you ever been behind a guy who had a fake arm sticking out of the trunk of his car? Well hopefully that was a Halloween car decoration!

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Zombie Outbreak Response Team Vehicle

halloween car decorations

This vehicle belongs to my neighbor Jack, and boy am I glad I live next to “The Zombie Response Team!” You can dress up your car like this one for Halloween with a few cheap car decals. Jack’s Jeep is actually decorated this way all year long, not just at Halloween time.  He’s quite the character as you can probably tell.  Really, any car can be a part of the Zombie Response Team!  It just takes a few decals like the ones featured on this page.  You can use this Jeep as an example when creating your own Halloween car costume.  (Image is personally owned, do not copy)

Zombie Response Team Vehicle Stickers

Zombie Outbreak Response Team VinylZombie Outbreak Response Team VinylZombie Outbreak Response TeamZombie Outbreak Response Team



The Fake Arm – A Classic Halloween Car Decoration!

 The Surprising Armfake arm for car

This is a CLASSIC car decoration for Halloween. I love driving behind those people with the fake arm sticking out of their trunk (at least I hope it’s fake).

If you want something funny and a bit disturbing for your car this Halloween, this surprising arm would be a cool addition.

The fake arm out of the trunk is something that you could leave all year long if you really wanted too. It’s not necessarily a once a year type of decoration. I bought one of these and stuck it out of my best friends trunk when she broke up with her boyfriend. I left a little note hanging with it that said “I took care of him for you” as a joke. She laughed so hard when she went out to her car that morning.

The fake arm is my must have for Halloween because it’s easy to decorate with and it always grabs attention.

Car Eyelashes for the Headlights

CarLashes (1001UB) Classic Black

Dress up the car this Halloween and have her looking pretty with these cute universal car eyelashes.

They are universal so they fit almost all makes and models. I first saw these on a Volkswagen Bug and they were so adorable, it brought the whole car to life and gave it personality. It looked like something out of the Cars movie with the eyelashes on there.

They are made to adhere to your headlights with a special 3M double-sided tape that will not damage the paint.

They will stay on in normal driving conditions and are UV resistant so they won’t fade. How cute would your car be?


Mummy in the Trunk Car Decor

Halloween-Theme Magnetic Car Decorations, Mummy ArmsCool Car Decorations for Halloween

These mummy arms magnets make a cool Halloween car decoration for your car. They are cheap and easy to apply. A very simple idea that would look cool sticking out of the trunk. They are magnetic so they will adhere to the car easily. Peel and stick them to the trunk so it looks like you have a mummy trying to escape out. The people driving behind you are sure to get a Halloween thrill.

  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Magnetic
  • Adheres to your cars surface


Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Car Halloween Costume

Mystic Industries Pumpkin Halloween Vehicle Costume

This cute pumpkin costume would be ideal for dressing up your car for Halloween. Did I just say that? This Halloween car decoration comes with two pumpkin ears and a Jack O Lantern nose for the grill.

This pumpkin car costume is really easy to install, there are two window pieces the clip on and one front piece for the grill. No tools are required. It’s made of weather proof plastic and fabric materials.

  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive


Holiday Car Decorations

Holiday Car DecorationsHalloween Car Decorating

With this Halloween car decorations kit you get three holiday seasons in one.

There is a reindeer for Christmas, a black bat for Halloween and a bunny for Easter. For one low price you can dress up your car for all the major holidays this year.

These car costumes are weather-proof, made from fabric and plastic so you don’t have to worry about taking them down in the rain.

Installation is really easy, no tools are required to put these on your car.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out this car costume.

  1. Black Bat
  2. Easter Bunny
  3. Reindeer

Halloween Car Costume Decorations

Mystic Industries makes a lot of different Halloween car decorations as well as vehicle costumes for other holidays like Easter and Christmas. Here you will find their collection of cute car decorations for Halloween.   Dressing up the car is a lot of fun for Halloween, especially if you drive to work every day.

Mystic Industries Black Bat Halloween Vehicle CostumeMystic Industries Black Bat Halloween Vehicle CostumeMystic Industries Witch Halloween Vehicle CostumeMystic Industries Witch Halloween Vehicle CostumeMystic Industries Cat Vehicle CostumeMystic Industries Cat Vehicle Costume