Gross-Out Cakes

Gross-Out Cakes

The Kitty Litter Cake and Other Classics

Mmmmmmmm good! Are you looking for perfectly gross desserts, drinks, dips, and appetizers to delight—or perhaps disgust—your friends and family this Halloween? This book has the best gross recipes for all tastes and palates.

Gross-Out Cakes provides simple to follow step-by-step instructions for the following crowd pleasers: Kitty Litter Cake, Dumpster Juice Jubilee, Barf Bars, Never Eat Yellow Snow, Putrid Pus Pockets, Phlegm Brulee, Tarantula Trifle, Road Kill Cheesecake, Cow Pie Cake, Bird Bombed Nest, Toenail Torte, Snake Cake, Blood Clot Cake, Slime Mousse, Day Old Bath Water, Hideous Hairbrushes, Earwax Swabs, The Bleeding Brain, Googly Eyeball, Squeamish Skewers, Sludge Pile Pizza, Doggie Doo Doo Drops, Bug and Dirt Cake, Alien Cupcakes, Flaming Ant Cake, Boogery Bundt, Foul “Fly”ing Cupcakes, Pumping Heart Tart, Revolting Rat Cake, Sea Slime Sandwiches, Severed Arm Cake, and Graveyard Cake.

Calling all moms … Your children and grandchildren will love being grossed out with these tasty Halloween treats!

So, are you ready to turn your kitchen into a Halloween party zone? Everyone can get in on the act. This unique cookbook features full-color photographs. You’ll be cooking like a chef in no time! Each recipe is rated on degrees of difficulty and grossness. Gross Halloween recipes are sure to be a welcome family tradition. Grab your camera and capture the memories.

Barfing Pumpkin Postcard

Barfing Pumpkin PostcardBarfing Pumpkin Postcard

Gross-Out Cakes

The Kitty Litter Cake and Other Classics
A Unique Cookbook with 20 Dreadfully Wonderful Halloween Recipes

Gross-Out Cakes: The Kitty Litter Cake and Other ClassicsGross-Out Cakes: The Kitty Litter Cake and Other Classics

Blood Clot CakeBlood Clot CakeKitty Litter CakeKitty Litter Cake

Zombies Hate Fast Food T-Shirts

Zombies Hate Fast Food Shirts for Halloween

Zombies Hate Fast Food T-ShirtZombies Hate Fast Food T-ShirtZombies Hate Fast Food T-ShirtZombies Hate Fast Food T-Shirt

Halloween Serving Accessories

Halloween Black Cat Jack ‘O Lantern Party Plates & Napkins
This practical set includes everything you need to serve gross-out cake or any other Halloween party food favorites. Deluxe party supply package includes 16 buffet luncheon paper plates and 16 themed paper napkins. All of the items are coordinated to match for a complete and attractive Halloween table. Save time! Everything is delivered to your door. No need to drive from store to store finding things that match. All items are disposable for easy cleanup after the party.

Disposable Halloween Party Dinnerware Set: Plastic Knives, Spoons, Forks, Paper Plates, Napkins, Cups (Service for 24)Disposable Halloween Party Dinnerware Set: Plastic Knives, Spoons, Forks, Paper Plates, Napkins, Cups (Service for 24)Pumpkin Plate CloseupPumpkin Plate Closeup

Please Do Not Feed the Zombies

Warning Please Don't Feed The Zombies Tin SignWarning Please Don’t Feed The Zombies Tin Sign

Halloween Cake Pans

We love gross Halloween food, but it’s also nice to have a few holiday standbys, like festive orange pumpkins and spooky spider webs. Wilton makes the best cake pans for holidays, and these jack-o-lantern and spider with web cake pans are 5-star winners! You’ll love how easy it is to make cute cakes for your Halloween party. Wilton cake pans create raised designs that make decorating a breeze. Non-stick pans allow cakes to release easily for less breakage and quicker cleanup.

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Cake Pan

Wilton Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Fluted Cake PanWilton Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Fluted Cake PanHalloween Jack-O-Lantern CakeHalloween Jack-O-Lantern Cake

Halloween Web with Spider Cake Pan

This Halloween set includes two pans–one for a spooky Halloween spider web cake, and another for a smaller mini spider cake. Place the spider on top of the cake as shown here, or bake a bunch of mini cakes to place around the spider web cake.

Wilton Web with Spider Non-Stick Cake PanFrosted Web with Spider Cake

Halloween Cake Ideas

These chefs are having way too much fun in the kitchen. Join them as they create fabulous Halloween cakes that your family and guests will love. Get into the holiday spirit and pass these gross Halloween recipes around.

Halloween Grave Robber Cake

Halloween Blood Cake

Halloween Rainbow Party Cake

Make a Kitty Litter Cake

Gross-Out Cakes

Halloween Fun Shopping