Girls Batgirl Halloween Costume – Cutest Little Heroine Around!

Girls Batgirl Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

Girls Batgirl Halloween CostumeMy daughter loves female super heroes and this last year all she wanted was a girls Batgirl Halloween costume after watching Batman with her daddy.  It’s wasn’t easy finding one for her at the costume shop or in general retail stores like Walmart and Target.  There seem to be some for the adult ladies but not much of a selection for just girls.  I put together this page of girls Batgirl Halloween costumes for parents like me who are shopping for just the right one.

Because very little girl is different, you want to be able to get the right costume in the right size – the best way to do this is to shop online!  You can also compare prices online which is nice – you can often get a cheaper costume or a low price because you don’t have to pay retail.

Batgirl in the older episodes wore a full body suit, but my daughter wanted a Batgirl costume that had a dress.  There are different types of Batgirl Halloween costumes; there’s a pink version, the black dress version and the full body suit style.

Because some online stores have different sizes and different prices, I’ll be sure to include all possible choices so you know you’re getting the best price and the right size.  The closer we get to Halloween 2016 – the more you’ll appreciate having a variety of online stores to pick from.  Most costumes come with FREE SHIPPING!

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This Girls Batgirl Costume is Adorable!

This is one of the most popular Batgirl Halloween costumes for girls and it has the black dress that my daughter really wanted. This is the girls Batgirl costume that my daughter ended up choosing and it’s super cute.  You’re sure to be the picture perfect heroine in this costume here!  This one comes with a black Batgirl dress, cape, mask and arm cuffs.

Super DC Heroes Batgirl Child’s CostumeBatman Costumes for Girls

Pink Batgirl Costume for Girls – Totally Cute & PINK!

Another popular girls batgirl costume style is the pink one with a pink dress, cape and mask.  I love the silver logo and utility belt area on this pink costume, it’s very diva for a Batgirl costume.   This pink Batgirl costume for girls comes with the dress, boot tops, and arm cuffs.

“I want to help Batman and Robin.”

Pink Batgirl CostumePink Batgirl Costume

Gotham Girls Batgirl Jumpsuit in Purple

This is the full body suit version of the Batgirl costume. The original Batgirl wore a purple jumpsuit similar to this style here. It’s considered the original Batgirl Halloween costume because it has the same similarities the first Batgirl costume ever had.   The Gotham Girls Batgirl costume is just awesome, you’re a crime fighting heroine in this purple and gold masterpiece.

“You keep a silk handkerchief in your utility belt? I don’t know if that’s weird or amazing.”

Gotham Girls, Batgirl Costume

How About this Girls Batgirl Halloween Costume?

This girls Batgirl tutu costume is a cute version of this female heroine.  Both of these girls Batgirl costumes have a tutu skirt which is very feminine and pretty.  The face masks and bat symbol on the chest area show that this girl is ready to fight crime in her tutu at any time.

Justice League Child’s Batgirl Tutu DressBatgirl CostumeLittle Girls Batgirl Costume

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