Forrest Gump Halloween Costume Ideas for Singles, Couples and Groups!

Forrest Gump Halloween Costume Ideas, Run Forrest Fans, Run!

Forrest GumForrest Gump Halloween Costumep Halloween CostumeMomma always said, Forrest Gump Halloween costume ideas are easy to come by if you know where to look.  I love the idea of Forrest Gump Halloween costumes because it works solo, with couples or in groups.  Forrest Gump is one of the most iconic movie characters of all-time and there are lots of ways to take this costume idea and make it for couples or groups.  A Forrest Gump costume also makes a cool 90’s theme costume for a party.

If you’re thinking of going as a couple, Forrest and Jenny look cute together.  For two men, Forrest and Lt. Dan would make a good set to go as.  Some Forrest Gump group costume ideas might be to add Momma, Jenny, and Lt Dan to the posse.

Official Forrest Gump Costume

“My mama always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.’”

This traditional Forrest Gump suit costume is available from a couple of online retailers.  It comes with the jacket, pants and blue plaid shirt – you’ll have to buy your own box of chocolates guys.  This Forrest Gump Halloween costume is undeniable and you’re sure to make a lot of people LOL if you practice your Forrest Gump quotes before the party.

 Forrest Gump SuitOfficial Forrest Gump Costume Forrest Gump SuitOfficial Forrest Gump Costume

Forrest Gump Running Costume

“I just felt like running..”

The Forrest Gump Halloween running costume is also a popular pick.  In the movie, Forrest runs cross-country and wears an outfit like this one here.  Forrest wears red running shorts, a yellow shit with green trim, his Bubba Gump shrimpin’ hat and those cool double-stripe red and white tube socks.

 Running Forrest Gump CostumeForrest Gump Running Costume Running Forrest Gump CostumeForrest Gump Running Costume

Buy a Forrest Gump Running Halloween Costume!

“I’m pretty tired, I think I’ll go home now.”

One thing you don’t want to be without is the Forrest Gump mustache and beard. In the movie, Forrest runs so long and so far that he grows this massive long beard. If you are going to make your own Forrest Gump Running costume you could buy a pair of red gym trunks, a yellow shirt, tube socks and of course, the Bubba Gump distressed red ball cap.

 Long Beard and Mustache SetForrest Gump Running Halloween Costume Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Distressed CapForrest Gump Running Halloween Costume Smiley Face with Mud Splatter T-Shirt

Forrest Gump Halloween Costume Ideas

Forrest Gump Jenny Hippie Costume – Outfits She Wore

“Run, Forrest! Run!”

If you’re going to your Halloween party with a date, why not Jenny?  Jenny is the blonde hippie bombshell that Forrest is in love with in the movie.  There are a lot of ways you could do a Forrest Gump Jennie costume because she had a lot of different looks in the movie but the flower child hippie style was probably the most memorable.

 Women Cotton Embroidery DressForrest Gump Jenny Hippie Costume Elegant Moments Flower Child 60s CostumeForrest Gump Jenny Hippie Costume

Forrest Gump Jenny Costume – What to Wear!

Jenny had a more traditional school girl look when her and Forrest were younger. The most common Jenny look was her hippie flower child look when Forrest was in the army. Jenny turned into a party girl with her shiny disco outfit during her druggie days. Jenny returned to Forrest she was a little more cleaned up and reserved, she wore a off-white wedding gown and had flowers in her hair.  If you can’t afford a Jenny costume you could always sing naked on a bar stool with an acoustic guitar too!

 Disco Jenny Dress CostumeForrest Gump Jenny Costume Naked Acoustic Jenny GuitarForrest Gump Jenny Costume Jenny Long Sleeve Wedding GownForrest Gump Jenny Costume

You Need Jenny Blonde Hair for Your Costume!

For your Forrest Gump Jenny costume you are going to need a long blonde wig.  She did have short hair in the wedding of the movie, but her longer blonde hair is more memorable for your Halloween costume.  Shoulder length blonde hair or longer would give you the Forrest Gump Jenny look.

Forrest Gump Lieutenant Dan Taylor Costume

“I am living off the government tit! Sucking it dry!”

LT Dan Button Up Costume ShirtLieutenant Dan Taylor

Lieutenant Dan is one of the most memorable characters in the whole movie. Creating a Lieutenant Dan Halloween costume isn’t that hard and it makes a great pair with a Forrest Gump costume.  A wheel chair would be a great prop for this costume if you have one.

To be Lieutenant Dan you need a white wife beater tank top, a button up shirt and a pair of green army cargo pants.

Lieutenant Dan wears a red bandanna and has very messy and carefree brown hair.  Lieutenant Dan has a mustache and goatee in the movie, you can draw one on with brown pencil or buy a fake one, it’s up to you.  A cigar would also be another prop to consider for your Lieutenant Dan Halloween costume.

Lieutenant Dan Forrest Gump Halloween Costume

Your Lieutenant Dan Halloween costume should look something like this…

Forrest Gump Lieutenant Dan Taylor Costume

 Cargo Pantslieutenant Dan Forrest Gump Halloween Costume Tagless Tankslieutenant Dan Forrest Gump Halloween Costume Customized Military Dog Tagslieutenant Dan Forrest Gump Halloween Costume

Lt. Dan Poster Available at Amazon

Forrest Gump Momma Costume

Forrest Gump loved his momma!  If you’re going with Forrest Gump group costumes; you may want to consider having “Momma” there for the party.  Forrest adored his Momma and she makes a good character for your group costume if you need another lady character besides Jenny.  Here is a nice 50’s look that you could use for your Forrest Gump Momma costume.  Momma was played by Sally Field.

 50’s Women Hair 50’s Dress Black Floral Vintage Vintage Hat

Get a Forrest Gump Plaid Shirt Online!

Forrest Gump Plaid Shirt

The most popular costume idea for Forrest Gump is the one with him in the beige suit and plaid shirt. If you can find a beige suit, you can buy the Forrest Gump plaid shirt separately and make your own costume.  You don’t have to have the suit jacket, you can go with some khaki pants and this blue and white plaid shirt and make your own Forrest Gump Halloween costume.   If you do this, you will need to make sure you comb your hair exactly the way Forrest gump did in the movie.  You may also want to grab a box of chocolates and blonde hippie girl for a date.

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