Flight Attendant Costumes (Retro & Pan Am Style!)

New options just added! Pan Am Flight Attendant Costumes, cleared for take-off! Warning: If you’re not looking for a fun costume this year, then these options are not for you! If you are, then read on. This makes a great choice for Halloween, or any time of year.

There are many female Halloween choices out there, but these are unique and one of the best ideas because you just don’t see it very often. I love when people have creative options and stand out and this definitely fits the bill!

 Women’s Vintage/Retro Stewardess Outfit

This was a very popular option last year and it rotating in and out of stock several times. It’s back for this year and it’s less expensive!

All you need to add are the gloves to finish this flight attendant costume off. I love that this choice has a hat that’s correct for the time period. It’s definitely one of my favorites since it’s so realistic-looking (which you can’t say for many Halloween options, right?).

It costs a bit more, but the fabric is heavier — this is a quality made-in-the-U.S.A. costume that will last. If you’re looking for a very authentic Pan Am flight attendant costume, this is the one.

 Stewardess Uniform Flight Attendant Women’s 3-Piece Costume Women’s Air Hostess Costume

 Women’s Retro Stewardess Costume

Looking for the complete package this year? Check out this unique option–it comes complete with the dress, necktie, hat…AND even the pins and bag!

I like this costume because it’s both real-looking and inexpensive — a great choice if you want a realistic option that doesn’t break the bank.

For heels, I would go with white versus blue. I think finding a blue color this vibrant would be a little hard to match, and I think white would really help to kick off the nice, contrasting trim.

 Women’s 4 Piece Classic Flight Attendant Dress With Purse, Hat And Scarf

This was the #1 best-selling Halloween flight attendant costume from last year, so we’ll see if it lasts long this year. If you click on the item, you’ll also see a back shot–so helpful! This costume includes the dress, scarf, hat and even the purse.

This one is just all-around cute, and the bag really helps to make this a complete selection. I think I especially like that both the purse and the hat are super-petite and dainty.

 Women’s Stewardess Costume Plus-Size Flight Attendant Costume Womens Flight Attendant Costume

 Navy Flight Attendant Costume

This is a fun, sassy flight attendant costume–I love all the little extras that come with it. It certainly makes for a very complete stewardess costume. You *must* add a pair of white heels to round out this look (and it helps to keep it classy!).

This blue is nice and rich and the material helps to set off the color even more.

 Mod Flight Attendant Adult Costume

This is “muy caliente” in fiery, “look at me” red! This sexy flight attendant costume includes the dress, gloves and hat. Just add a pair of bright red high heels or boots to finish it off. If you want “all eyes on you”,, then this is the flight attendant costume for you.

A pair of red stilettos might be cute with this, or you could even do white to help offset the stripe on the dress. No matter which one you choose this Pan Am-type costume would be an awesome choice.

 Women’s Captain Costume Retro Airline Stewardess Costume Women’s Costume, Plus-Size

 Pink Stewardess Costume

This is short, sweet, and retro with a twist: instead of blue, this flight attendant costume gets a makeover in pink. It comes complete with the dress, belt, hat and even the gloves. Add a pair of white heels or go-go boots–and don’t forget the pin! This is prefect for a girly-girl!

My favorite part is the low-slung belt–I think it’s very slimming!

 Women’s Pan Am Costume Flight Attendant Costume Airline Stewardess Costume

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