Ferris Bueller Halloween Costume with Sloane, Cameron, Ed Rooney and the Boring Economics Teacher

Ferris Bueller Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples and Groups!

Ferris Bueller Halloween CostumeA Ferris Bueller Halloween costume is legendary if you’re going to be attending a party.  Take a “Day Off” with these cool Ferris costume ideas.  When it comes to 80’s heart throb costumes; you’re going to have to peel the ladies off of your Ferris Bueller costume.  Matthew Broderick is undeniably adorable as the class-cutting, rebellious teen in Ferris Buellers Day Off.

This 1980’s classic was a personal favorite of mine as I always wished I was Sloan, Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend in the movie.  You’re not going to be able to walk into Target or Walmart and find a Ferris Bueller Halloween costume, it’s one of those specialty items that you’re going to have to find online or make yourself.

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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Ferris Bueller Costume

Buy a Ferris Bueller Costume!

This is an officially licensed Ferris Bueller costume. It includes the Ferris Bueller recplica vest and jacket that is spot-on to the ones Matthew Broderick wears in the movie.

  • Includes vest & jacket
  • Officially licensed product
  • Faux leather jacket

This costume is so Ferris that there will be no doubt your who your character is this Halloween.  You’re going to need to buy a pair of pleated gray trouser pants to go with the costume vest and jacket.

If I were looking for a Ferris costume, I would check the thrift stores and eBay to see if there is anything similar you can put together.. The pants Ferris wore were pleated in the front and they were a darker grey color.

Ferris Bueller Costume Accessories

“How could I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this?”

An essential piece of the Ferris Bueller costume that you’re going to have besides his gray pleated trouser pants are the white dress shoes that he wore.  You could add the beret and some 80’s sunglasses if you wanted too.  The white shoes and grey pants are a must have to complete this Ferris Bueller Halloween costume.

 Grey Pleated Pants for MenFerris Buellers Gray Pants French BeretFerris Buellers Hat Mens White Dress ShoesFerris Buellers Shoes

Where Can I Buy a Ferris Bueller Costume Vest?

Ferris Buellers Halloween Costume Vest
Image from Amazon

If you don’t want to buy the entire costume, you could just wear a costume vest similar to the one Matthew Broderick wears in the movie.  With just a plain white t-shirt, some grey trousers and a pair of white dress shoes you can have the Ferris Bueller look.

The leather varsity jacket isn’t necessary to complete your Ferris Bueller costume style but it does look cool.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Button Up Costume Sweater VestFerris Buellers Vest

Ferris Bueller Group Costume Ideas

Ferris Bueller Day Off Costume Ideas

“Do you have a kiss for daddy?”

Ferris Bueller Group Costume Ideas
Image from Amazon

If you’re going to a Halloween party or 80’s theme party as a couple or in a group; you could add Sloane and Cameron.  If you need more than three people; you can add the boring economics teacher or mean principal too.

There are lots of different Ferris Bueller costume ideas that work for a couple of people or a group.  Whether you’re going with your girlfriend, best friend or a group of buddies; this is a unique 80’s movie costume idea. 

Ferris Bueller Cameron Costume

“Ferris Bueller, you’re my hero.”

Cameron is Ferris Buellers best friend in the movie.  He is most known for wearing his Detroit Red Wings jersey.  Cameron wears khaki pants with his jersey. The most important part of dressing up like Cameron from Ferris Buellers Day Off is the hairdo!  You’ve got to comb your hair like a total goober in order to dress-up like Cameron.

 NHL Detroit Red Wings JerseyFerris Bueller Cameron Costume Men’s Khaki PantsFerris Bueller Cameron Pants Black Dress Shoes for MenFerris Bueller Cameron Shoes

Ferris Bueller Girlfriend Costume

“We can’t come to the phone right now. We’ve had a… death in the family.”

Faux Leather White Fringe JacketFerris Bueller Girlfriend Costume Jacket

Sloane Peterson Jacket

Sloane Peterson is the girlfriend of Ferris Bueller in the movie. She’s an iconic 80’s brunette bombshell with long flowing hair.

In the movie Sloan Peterson wears some olive green pleated-front shorts, a royal blue tank top, a leather white fringe jacket and her knee high off-white colored suede boots that come just below the knee.

The white leather fringe jacket is the most memorable piece of apparel that Sloan Peterson wears – it’s going to be the focal point of your Ferris Bueller girlfriend costume!

Adding the little brown leather purse she carried over her shoulder would be a nice touch too!

What Does Sloane Peterson Wear?

Sloane has your typical 80’s hot girl style about her that can’t be denied, especially by any teenage male in 1986.  Her outfit is definitely back in style these days because the vintage 1980’s look is in right now.

Ferris Buellers Girlfriend

Ferris Bueller Movie Poster available on Amazon

 Royal Blue Tank Pleated Front Olive Green Shorts Wide Calf Suede Boots

Ferris Bueller Day Off Boring Economics Teacher Costume

“Bueller, Bueller!”

Ben Stein plays the hilarious boring economics teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.   If you want to dress up like the Ferris Bueller Day Off boring economics teacher you need a tweed suit, dog tie and 80’s square framed glasses.  You might even want to add a touch of gray to your hair to authenticate the look.

 Brown Tweed Suit Blue Dog Tie Square Frame 80’s Glasses

Ferris Bueller Day Off Mean Principal Ed Rooney Costume

“What is so dangerous about a character like Ferris Bueller is he gives good kids bad ideas.”

Ed Rooney was the ruthless principal of Ferris Buellers high school.  This mean principal chased Ferris Bueller all over town in the movie to prove that he was in fact, ditching school.  By the end of the movie, he’s got himself into quite a mess and was probably better off just staying at school in his office.  Edward Rooney wears a gray suit, burgundy polka dot tie and has that infamous red mustache that makes him extra intimidating.  You can find yourself a suit at the thrift store but the mustache is an inexpensive must-have that you can get on Amazon.

 Gray Suit Burgundy Polka Dot Tie Winchester Fake Moustache

Ferris Bueller Faking Out Parents 101

Ferris Buellers Day Off Movie

“It’s a little childish and stupid, but then, so is high school.” 

What Would Ferris Say?

I love to include the quotes from the movie to help you get into character. It’s more authentic if you dish out lines from the movie while wearing your Ferris Bueller Halloween costumes.  Ferris Bueller is an 80’s icon and you have to have the cool factor to be him.

“While the rest of us were just thinking about it… Ferris borrowed a Ferrari and did it – all in a day.”

Ferris Buellers Day Off Movie Poster

Movie Poster available at Amazon.

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