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Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes for Halloween


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Wearing a Cleopatra costume is a powerful statement! Cleopatra was a fascinating woman in history, a woman of intrigue, guile, cunning, and the ruler of Egypt. Many books have been written about her, several movies made about her, and her style is still influencing fashion today, 2000 years later.

She was such a unique person of history that even today the name Cleopatra only refers to her. Seriously, how many people have you ever heard of named Cleopatra? There was only one! This shows the breadth of her influence and her place in history.

Many people like to dress up as Cleopatra and I am one of them. It’s easy too. If you don’t have a Cleopatra costume, you could literally take a sheet and make a Cleopatra costume. Style your hair like hers, or get a wig, have fun really piling on the eyeliner and shadow and lipstick, and get out lots of gold jewelry and a gold belt. In no time at all you can be Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. Just don’t go near any snakes!

More help for a homemade Cleopatra costume is below, along with lots of Cleopatra costumes for women, teens, and children.

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Image: Composite of Cleopatra Models, from Totally Costumes, Used with Permission.


Cleopatra was fascinating because she assumed power as equal to men and used her sexual power over them for her own means. She was fully as astute as any King of the era. (or maybe any era)

Buy a Cleopatra Costume

Note to me from a very satisfied customer: “These are very nice costumes, they are high quality costumes that can be worn everyday, to look and feel sexy like Cleopatra. Or, maybe you just want to be beautiful for that special someone. The Cleopatra costumes are not just for Halloween.” ~Used with Permission

Cleopatra Costume Ideas
Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Cleopatra Costume for Adults
Cleopatra Fancy Dress Costumes

Manufacturer Description: Cleopatra costume includes gown, collar and belt. Head band and arm accessories also included. Available in Adult sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. An exotic imperial beauty.

 Cleopatra Adult Costume (Womens Large)Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Cleopatra Costumes: Women
Cleopatra Costumes for Halloween

3 Different versions of Cleopatra costumes here. Take your pick of the beautiful Cleopatra Costumes women love the most. Sexy, powerful, or playful, choose the style that fits you best.

Cleopatra Egyptian Goddess Adult Cleopatra Costume
Deluxe Gold Cleopatra Costume for an Adult

Stunning gold Cleopatra costume to be Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile for a night!

Manufacturer Description Excerpt: The costume features a dress, collar and belt. The dress is full length and black and hugs your curves giving you a very sexy look. The bodice features a plunging neckline and has a shimmering golden look. This same look takes place in the waist and belt that includes gold and bejeweled trim. The collar is circular and has gold with rows of jewels that really make you look like an authentic Egyptian pharaoh. The cape is sheer blue and is removable so you can wear it however you’d like. Really classy gold Cleopatra costume! If you want to go deluxe and you love gold, this is the one.

 FunWorld Deluxe Cleopatra Diamond Collection, Gold, 12-14 Large CostumeEgyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Cleopatra Costume Women
Cleopatra Costume for Adults

Simple but elegant Cleopatra costume adults would love for any occasion calling for a costume.

 RG Costumes Cleopatra Costume, Child Large/Size 12-14Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costume
Cleopatra Costume in Black

Elegant black to be Queen Cleopatra in style!

 InCharacter Costumes Women’s Cleopatra, Black/Gold, SmallEgyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costume
Regal Costume to be Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile!

This is truly regal and elegant and worthy of Queen Cleopatra! Just look at that scepter and the cape along with the black for power. This Cleopatra costume for women conveys all her majesty! Be sure to get the wig further on down the page for the full effect!

 Cleopatra (Small)Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Cleopatra Sexy Costume
Cleopatra Costumes for Women

 Secret Wishes Playboy Sexy Cleopatra Costume, Blue, SmallEgyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes Sexy Cleopatra Egyptian CostumeEgyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Plus Size Cleopatra Halloween Costume
Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

A Cleopatra costume is a really good choice for a plus size lady looking for a Halloween costume. The belt and headband are included in this costume of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.

 Plus Size Cleopatra CostumeEgyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Brilliant Cleopatra Art
Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile

 Cleopatra POSTER Movie (27 x 40 Inches – 69cm x 102cm) (1963) (French Style B)Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Need Cleopatra Costume Accessories?
Click either Cleopatra wig to see more!

Complete your Cleopatra costume with the right accessories for the completely authentic style of an Egyptian Queen.

 Egyptian Cleopatra Wig with HeadbandEgyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes Queen of the Nile Wig in BlackEgyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Children’s and Teens Cleopatra Costumes
Teen Cleopatra Costume

Cleopatra is a role model! Female power in a male world and she changed it for all time. Yay for Cleopatra. If women ruled the world, imagine the difference it would make. Teach your girls to be powerful and unafraid to aim high! Follow Cleopatra’s example. Women are just as capable of ruling as men are. Teach your girls while they are young to admire strength!

Manufacturer says: Our Teen Cleopatra Costume features a gorgeous white dress, jeweled headband with medallion and matching armbands.

 California Costumes Girls Tween-Egyptian Princess, White, 3-5 CostumeEgyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Cleopatra Costume for Teens
Cleopatra Costume in Black

Some teens are really into black and this one delivers the power of Cleopatra with a little edge for teens who like the rebel look.

 California Costumes Dark Egyptian Princess Tween Costume, X-LargeEgyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Cleopatra Costumes: Girls
Cleopatra Child Costume

A beautiful Cleopatra costume for kids or teen girls!
Manufacturer Description: This Egyptian beauty is ready to rule! This Child Cleopatra Costume includes a long white dress with an attached blue and gold collar, and a belt. A gold headband is also included to complete this child Queen of the Nile costume. Wig and sandals are not included. Made of flame resistant fabric. Rave reviews of this product on Amazon.

 Cleopatra Costume Girl – Child Medium (8-10)Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Exquisite Queen Cleopatra Poster


DIY Cleopatra Costume

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes
Ideas for a Homemade Cleopatra Halloween Costume

If you sew, you can make a Cleopatra costume that looks authentic, with all the trim for almost no money. This is a great pattern with patterns that can be adapted for other costume ideas too. Cleopatra costumes for kids and teens are included. You can get it in sizes for women too. Just click on the pattern.

 Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2329 Child’s and Girls’ Costumes, K5 (7-8-10-12-14)Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Anthony Cleopatra Costumes
Cleopatra and Marc Anthony Costume Pattern

Easy directions for a homemade Cleopatra costume! Here you get Cleopatra plus Marc Anthony patterns. Perfect for a couple. Or if you need a generic homemade Egyptian costume!

 Grand Illusions Costume PatternEgyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Life in Ancient Egypt Coloring Book-For More Cleopatra Costume Ideas
Ideas for a DIY Cleopatra Costume
Cleopatra and Egypt Coloring Books

Cleopatra Costume Ideas: Cleopatra, King Tut, and others!

Amazon Description: Forty-four detailed drawings recall the glory of a magnificent civilization. Full-page illustrations of Cleopatra, Ramses II, arts and crafts, funerary practices, warfare, architectural monuments, and more are featured, along with captions. Educational entertainment for colorists of all ages; inexpensive source of royalty-free graphics for commercial artists.

 Life in Ancient Egypt Coloring Book (Dover History Coloring Book)Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Cleopatra, The Movie

Released in 1963, Cleopatra was a huge film even by today’s standards. It cost an astronomical amount to make because of the huge crowd scenes and the props and costumes needed. It starred Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, two of the biggest box office draws of the time, and was a huge success.

Amazon Description: Richard Burton, Rex Harrison and Elizabeth Taylor star in one of the greatest screen spectacles ever made – the story of the Queen of the Nile and her love affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. The film is distinguished by superb performances from Burton and Harrison (nominated for an Oscar), but at its center is Elizabeth Taylor in one of the most glamorous roles of her career. Astounding in scope and grandeur, the picture won Oscars for cinematography, sets and special effects. It’s famous moments include moviedom’s most flamboyant entrance – Cleopatra’s dazzling arrival in Rome. Bolstered by a talented supporting cast and utterly stunning backdrops, here is a truly epic portrayal of the woman who conquered two of Rome’s greatest soldiers, affected the course of history, and became synonymous with beguiling beauty – Cleopatra.

 CleopatraEgyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Below is a poster of the two of them on the set of Cleopatra. Since both of them are now gone from us, it will most likely become a collectible.

Cleopatra Film Set Poster, with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, in Costume, Chatting on Set During the filming of Cleopatra

 Elizabeth Taylor Poster From Cleopatra MovieEgyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes

If you want a powerful couples costume, we have King Tut Costumes too, right here! They weren’t a couple, mind you, but both are Egyptian and would look good together.

Happy Halloween!


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