Easy Zombie Costume Ideas ~ Zombie Clothes Ideas

Easy Zombie Costume Ideas


Easy Zombie Costume Ideas Halloween Fun shoppe

Well it’s almost Halloween, a favorite holiday for Zombies and Zombie lovers everywhere, so it’s time to get your Zombies costume ideas flowing. Get out the black ragged clothes, grunge, blood and guts and skulls, and all things gory! It’s time to have some fun looking for brains, I mean trick or treating.

Anyone can buy a costume and throw it on, but Zombies have more imagination than that! So here are lots of DIY Zombie costume ideas with a selection of Zombie masks and Zombie makeup for you to start from in making your homemade Zombie costumes and Halloween Zombie makeup ideas.

Zombie costumes are cheap and easy too. After you finish your Zombie makeup up or Zombie mask, just throw on some black shredded clothing and start prowling. If you want a really cheap Zombie costume, do your Zombie makeup at home and use old clothes you already have. If you need Zombie clothes ideas or Zombie makeup ideas, just watch some videos below.

Or you can wear a Zombie Halloween Costume T Shirt and add your Zombie makeup. Easy Zombie Halloween Costume and you can wear this one all year, not just for Halloween. Other sizes and colors available, and also Women’s sizes. Just click to see more.

 Mens Zombie Funny Halloween T Shirt Zombie Costume Large Slate Mens Zombie Funny Halloween T Shirt Zombie Costume Small Dark Heather

If you want to buy some Zombie stuff though, like masks or makeup, click here.

Image: “Zombie” courtesy of PS Auld via Flickr
All Zombie Quotes and Jokes are from various Zombie movies.


Yay, Zombies everywhere are getting ready
for their favorite holiday
Zombies love celebrating too!


What do Zombies get awards for?

How to Make Gross and Ugly Zombie Costumes
Home Made Zombie Costume

Zombie costumes are easy! Just get out your oldest grungiest clothing and rip it up and shred it some more! Then get a cool mask or some Zombie makeup to make your face look scary and creepy. Voila! Easy Zombie Costume!(Cheap too!)

Kid Zombie Costume Ideas
Boy Zombie Costume Ideas

A few words about homemade homemade Zombie costumes kids will love. Since you probably won’t want to cut up any of their existing clothes (because they grow out of them too fast as it is) this is the perfect time to go to thrift stores and buy some really ugly clothes and let them have fun cutting and shredding to their heart’s content! Little boys especially love doing this!

Zombie Clothes Ideas
Easy Zombie Costume Ideas

Don’t want to shred your clothes and no time for thrift shopping? Here’s an easy solution! Ugly Zombie shirt for an easy Zombie costume instantly!

 Faux Real Men’s Zombie with Mesh Sleeve, Multi, X-LargeEasy Zombie Costume Ideas

Don’t worry,
Zombies are looking for brains, so you’re safe. 


Don’t Worry Zombie Halloween T Shirts (for Men and Women and other colors are available too)

 Womens Funny Zombie T Shirt for Halloween or Costume Party Large Black Mens Funny Zombie T Shirt for Halloween or Costume Party Medium Black

Grave Rot Zombie Mask
Add Some Ugly Clothes~Easy Zombie Costume!

Grave rot, a new level of grunge, gotta love it!

 Foam Prosthet Grave Rot Zombie Costume AccessoryEasy Zombie Costume Ideas

Zombie Halloween
Best Zombie Mask

These Zombie masks should be enough to scare everyone away! Which one do you think is the best Zombie mask?

 Multipack – 6 Official Walking Dead Face MasksEasy Zombie Costume Ideas

Zombies were people too!

Fright Asylum Zombie Mask
Easy Zombie Costume Ideas

Because your victims will be frightened enough to go insane and be put away in an asylum. A Zombie’s dream come true. Easy pickins…

 Zombie Fuller Latex MaskEasy Zombie Costume Ideas

Dead Zombie Doctor Mask
Zombie Halloween Costume

As if it were not scary enough to go to the Doctor, here’s your Zombie Doctor nightmare mask!

 Zombie Doctor Surgical Mask with TeethEasy Zombie Costume Ideas

Does your Family have a
Zombie Infestation Plan?

Halloween Zombie Makeup Ideas

Halloween Zombie Makeup Kits
10 Tips for Halloween Zombie Makeup

Instead of a Zombie mask, learn how to do Zombie Makeup effects by watching vidoes and get Zombie makeup ideas too. Do your Zombie makeup at home and save yourself money and have the most original Zombie makeup too. Halloween Zombie makeup kits are below. There are actually way more than 10 Tips for Halloween Zombie Makeup!

I haven’t talked about girl Zombie costume ideas specifically because they can do the same thing for zombie clothing ideas, but when it comes to makeup the girls are going to really have fun! Here are lots of Halloween Zombie Makeup ideas for all!

What kind of streets do Zombies like? 
Dead ends!

Zombie Dead Like Me Makeup Kit
Easy Zombie Costume

It’s so easy to be a Zombie….
Here you go, a whole kit of brain eating frenzy going on here.

 Costume Accessory: Ez Make-Up Kit Dead Like Me ZombieEasy Zombie Costume Ideas

More Halloween Zombie Makeup Kits

Ooh, flesh, ooh, almost as good as brains. Easy to be a Zombie with this kit!

 Morris Costumes Fun Accessory Zombie Deluxe Makeup KitEasy Zombie Costume Ideas

Family Zombie Makeup Kit
Zombie Halloween Costumes

Now your whole Zombie family can get ready together.

 Zombie Family Makeup KitEasy Zombie Costume Ideas

easy zombie costume ideas

Happy Halloween!