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Easy Angel Costumes for Any Occasion

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Angel Costumes are actually pretty easy to make, and they are really nice to have around, as children seem to enjoy pretending to be Angels and they are useful for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day Parties. Plus of course, Mardi Gras and Masquerade parties.

I love Angels and I always dress up for Halloween, and Valentine’s Day too! I made some wings and keep them around for becoming an Angel whenever I want! That makes for a really cheap Angel costume! How to make Angel wings videos are below. Just keep scrolling.

If you like Angels as much as I do, you probably would like to dress up your little darling in an Angel costume at some point. Here are a few to consider, and directions and videos to show you how to make your own easy Angel costumes if you prefer.

I also included some beautiful Angel art from my husband. Enjoy!

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“When a child is born
the Angels sing.”
~Old Welsh Proverb

Infant Angel Halloween Costumes
Child Angel Halloween Costume

Many people like to take newborn photos of their babies as Angels so these are the props you can use for them. But on the second one, the pink flower set, I would put the baby in a onesie, not leave her naked like that. Poor thing is going to be mad when she gets older and sees that! I wouldn’t blame her either.

 FashionWings (TM) Newborn Baby White Feather Angel Wings, Halo & Poster SetEasy Angel Costumes  Mud Pie Newborn Girl Pink Jeweled Baby Angel Flower Wings for a Photo ShootEasy Angel Costumes

More Infant Angel Halloween Costumes
Child Angel Halloween Costume

We do love to dress up our babies as Angels don’t we? Probably because they look so cherubic when they are small, and let’s face it, they aren’t teenagers yet and we know they won’t be little Angels forever!

 Fun World Girls ‘Baby Angel’ Toddler Costumechild angel halloween costume California Costumes Baby Girls’ AngelEasy Angel Costumes

Angel Halloween Costumes Kids
Angel Halloween Costumes Girls

 Child’s Angel Costume Kitchild angel halloween costume Feathered Fashions Child’s Snow Angel CostumeEasy Angel Costumes

Angel Halloween Costume for Kids
Kids Angel Halloween Costume

 Deluxe Angelchild angel halloween costume Girl’s Heavenly Angel Costumechild angel halloween costume Forum Novelties Fluttery Angel Child’s Costumechild angel halloween costume Rosebud Angel Kids CostumeEasy Angel Costumes

“Angels around us,
angels beside us,
angels within us.
Angels are watching over you
when times are good or stressed.
Their wings wrap gently around you,
whispering you are loved and blessed.”
~ Angel Blessing

Angel Halloween Costumes: Women
Adults Angel Costume

 RG Costumes Women’s Guardian Angelangel halloween costumes women Rubie’s Costume Angel Costumeangel halloween costumes women RG Costumes Women’s Classic Angelangel halloween costumes women California Costumes Women’s Heaven’S Angel CostumeEasy Angel Costumes

Adult Angel Fancy Dress Costume
Adults Angel Costume

 California Costumes Women’s Guardian Angel AdultAdult Angel Fancy Dress Costume Adult Goddess of Angels CostumeAdult Angel Fancy Dress Costume

“A gathering of Angels can enlighten the whole world.”

Cheap Angel Halloween Costume
Angel Halloween Costume Ideas

For a cheap Angel Halloween costume, take an old white sheet, an old white curtain, an old white tablecloth, or even an old white dress and cut it up. For all but the dress, cut a hole in the middle for the head, and drape it over your body. (or your chld’s body) For the dress, you will have to fit it to the body however you want it. Then cinch it in with a white ribbon. Or a white rope belt. If you only have brown rope, just spray paint it white. Or any white cord will do. Make some Angel wings out of hangers. (video below) Voila, easy cheap Angel Halloween Costume! (You can use it for Easter and Christmas pageants too!) I have made many easy Angel costumes this very same way!

Below are some videos that show you how to make Angel wings for your DIY Angel costume.

Homemade Angel Halloween Costume Ideas
Angel Halloween Costume Ideas

easy angel costumes

Happy Halloween!