Dirty Dancing Costume Ideas – Have the Time of Your Life!

Dirty Dancing Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples and Groups!

Dirty Dancing Costume IdeasLooking for Dirty Dancing costume ideas for Halloween or an 80’s theme party?  Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies of all time, what I would have given to be Baby in that pink dress next to Johnny’s side!  This page is full of Dirty Dancing costume ideas for fans of the movie that want to dress up like Baby and Johnny.  A few of my favorite characters besides Johnny and Baby are Penny, Robbie and Lisa Houseman (Baby’s sister).  I’m going to explore the different options you have for your own Dirty Dancing costumes for all the different characters I’ve mentioned.  Dirty Dancing costume ideas work for couples and groups.  It’s fun to dress up in the best movies costumes at Halloween and theme parties.

Most Popular Dirty Dancing Halloween Costumes

Here are three ready made looks for Dirty Dancing Halloween costumes for Baby and Johnny.  Baby is played by Jennifer Grey and Johnny by Patrick Swayze.  Both we’re quite the heartthrobs in 80’s – making this a really popular movie costume idea for Halloween and theme parties.  If you don’t like these costumes, I have some MORE Dirty Dancing costume ideas below.  The great thing about putting together your own costume is that the outfit is going to be of higher quality in most cases because you’re using real clothes, not cheap costume sets.

 Dirty Dancing Baby CostumeDirty Dancing Baby Costume Dirty Dancing Johnny CostumeDirty Dancing Halloween Costumes Dirty Dancing Pink Dress ReplicaDirty Dancing Costumes

Create Your Own Look Alike Dirty Dancing Baby Dress

Baby wore a light pink, sleeveless dance dress that flows at the bottom. She wore strappy light pink high heel shoes.  Baby has brown hair in loose curls right at her shoulders.  The most important part of the Dirty Dancing Baby dress is the flowing bottom half of the skirt.  Notice that her pink dress is knee-length, this is so Johnny can lift her in the air without any panty showing..

Dirty Dancing Baby Dress

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Make a Dirty Dancing Fancy Dress with these Ideas!

You can easily piece together your own Dirty Dancing pink dress by getting the look that Baby had in the finale of the movie.  A pink flowing skirt, a pink leotard and some strappy high heels and you can make a pink dress replica of your own. I happen to think these three pieces like this would be perfect together for a replica Baby dress from Dirty Dancing.

 Pink Midi Skirt Pink Leotard Pink Strap High Heels

Dirty Dancing Baby Wig – Her Short Curly Hairstyle

Brunette Curly Shoulder Length Wig

A wig like this one would be perfect for that Baby hairstyle in the movie Dirty Dancing.  A wig like this is better than those cheap costume wigs because it will last a lot longer.  This wig gives you the authentic Baby hairstyle that you’re looking for from the movie.

Jennifer Grey had short, shoulder-length curly hair.  It was brown with light highlights throughout just like this wig featured here.  You’re sure to turn heads the way Baby did and look authentic with this wig on.  This “Baby” wig will complete your Dirty Dancing costume perfectly.  Baby’s hair is part of her signature cuteness, you can’t be Baby without it.

More Dirty Dancing Costume Ideas

Dirty Dancing Baby Costume Shorts and Shirt
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Dirty Dancing Baby Costume – Her Dance Rehearsal Outfit

In the steamy dance lessons that Baby took from Johnny she wore some denim Bermuda shorts and a crop top white blouse.  She had on some simple white canvas shoes with no show socks on.  This is definitely one of the more popular Dirty Dancing Baby costumes after the pink dress.

 Denim Bermuda ShortsDirty Dancing Costume Ideas White Crop Top Blouse White Canvas ShoesDirty Dancing Costume Ideas

Dirty Dancing Johnny Costume

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Complete Your Dirty Dancing Johnny Costume!

It’s not too difficult to put together your own Dirty Dancing Johnny costume because his outfits were so simple and manly.  Johnny mostly wore black in the Dirty Dancing movie; a pair of black pants, a black leather jacket and a black tank top.  In the finale scene, he did have a black collared shirt with pockets that he wore.

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

 Mens Black Pants Mens Cotton Tank Top Mens Slim Fit Black Button up

Dirty Dancing Johnny Costume Jacket

Chouyatou Men’s Vintage Stand Collar Pu Leather JacketDirty Dancing Johnny Costume

This vintage style faux leather jacket is perfect for your Dirty Dancing Johnny costume. It’s a really nice jacket that you could actually wear beyond Halloween or a theme party.

In the movie, Johnny wore black pants, black shirts, black shoes and a black leather jacket. He had a few other things that he wore but the most memorable Johnny is the one that wears all black in the final scene of the movie.

This or any black leather jacket will do, but remember, Dirty Dancing takes place in the 1960’s so you’ll want to wear something with a slight vintage look like this one here.

“You just put your pickle on everybody’s plate, college boy, and leave the hard stuff to me.”


Dirty Dancing Group Costume Ideas for Groups!

Dirty Dancing Halloween Costumes

Make a Dirty Dancing Penny Costume!

This is my Dirty Dancing Penny costume!  I think its the most memorable outfit that she wore in the movie.  Who could forget that blonde bombshell in her red long-sleeve leotard, gold belt and black leggingsdon’t forget some gold strappy heels to go with it.  Penny wears this outfit during rehearsal with Baby and Johnny.  Baby is going to be taking her place in a show and Penny is helping her learn the dance  moves in this sexy outfit.

Go back to your playpen, Baby.

 Red Long Sleeve Leotard Gold Stretch Belt Black Tights

Dirty Dancing Billy Costume Kellerman’s T-Shirts

Billy is the clumsy cousin who carries the watermelon to the dance party that Baby finds out about. It’s the first place where Baby sees Johnny and Penny dancing for the first time. Billy is a sweetheart in the movie, always taking care of the girls and his cousin Johnny. He wears his Kellerman’s shirt in the movie. This is the perfect costume piece if you are dressing up in a group with Dirty Dancing costumes. Watermelon not included.

You’d think they were a couple, wouldn’t ya?

 Men’s Kellerman’s Shirt for Billy Kellerman’s Mens T-shirt

Dirty Dancing Robbie Costume

Robbie is the pompous boyfriend of Baby’s sister Lisa that got Penny pregnant. If you’re looking for Dirty Dancing group costume ideas, you could add Penny and Robbie into the mix. Robbie isn’t the most loved character but he makes for good conversation considering his character in the movie.  In the movie Robbie wore something similar to this in the famous fight scene between him and Johnny.

Well, it looks like I picked the wrong sister. That’s okay, Baby, I went slummin’ too.

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Dirty Dancing Lisa Houseman Costume

Lisa Houseman is the beautiful, yet slightly vein sister of Baby in Dirty Dancing. She’s somewhat of Daddy’s favorite because she is dating Robbie, a med student. Since Mr. Houseman is a doctor, the fact that his daughter Lisa is dating a future doctor is very appealing. Little does he know he’s the reason for Penny’s pregnancy. Lisa Houseman has a 60’s flip up hairstyle and pretty much always wore florals and pastel colors.

Oh, my God. Look at that! Ma, I should have brought those coral shoes. You said I was taking too much!

 60’s Flip Up Hairstyle 60s Floral Cocktail Dress Ladies White Sweater

Best Movies Costumes

The best thing about the Halloween Fun Shoppe is our vast selection of costumes!  We have tons more of the best movies costumes for you to choose from if you weren’t convinced Dirty Dancing Halloween costumes were for you.  Dirty Dancing is just one of the 80’s movies costumes ideas that we have featured here.  We’ve even got 90’s movies costumes ideas if you are looking for something in that era.

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