Costumes from Movies and TV Shows

Movies and TV  Show Halloween Costume Ideas

costumes from movies and tv shows

Lots of wonderful costume ideas come from the movies and TV shows. We’ve got unique ideas for your favorite actors, heart throbs, music idols and make-believe characters.  What’s unique about our costumes from Movies and TV shows is that the authors of this blog have worked in the these different industries for decades combined. You’re getting exclusive tips to help you authenticate your costume character. In fact, 3 of the 5 of us have lived and worked in Los Angeles right by Hollywood for many years. One of us had children in several TV shows and knew several big TV stars. (not going to name drop, but BIG stars!) Whether you’re at parties or just trick-or-treating with the kids, you’ll find great tips! Here are some of our unique favorites (many more to be added SOON!)

Disney Character Costumes
Cinderella Dresses and Costumes
Prince Charming Costumes
Addams Family Costumes
A League of Their Own Costumes
Batgirl Halloween Costumes for Girls
Bewitched Costumes
Bill and Ted Excellent Adventure Costumes
Brady Bunch Costumes
Dirty Dancing Costume Ideas
Elvira Costumes
Elvira Makeup
Ferris Bueller Halloween Costumes
Forrest Gump Costumes
Gilligan’s Island Costumes
Harley Quinn Costume Ideas
I Dream of Jeannie Costumes
I Love Lucy Costumes
Infant Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costumes
Kill Bill Halloween Costumes
Labyrinth Costume Ideas
Mad Hatter Costumes
Marty McFly Costumes
Minion Costumes for Kids and Adults
Paw Patrol Costumes
Pitch Perfect Costume Ideas
Princess Bride Costume Ideas
Queen of Hearts Costume Ideas
Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes
Supergirl Costumes
Wonder Woman Costumes
Zombie Costumes

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