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Cinderella costumes are synonymous with Cinderella dresses, aren’t they? That iconic dress Cinderella wore to the ball to meet her Prince Charming has become the name for any long, full skirted, beautiful ball gown. There’s even a brand of dress named Cinderella dresses, inspired by the fairy tale, no doubt!

There is a new Cinderella movie out in 2015 and the original look has been updated a little, to a darker Blue, but it’s still long, full, and beautiful, just the sort of dress a little girl dreams of wearing to meet her Prince. Cinderella dresses are great for Halloween costumes, but also for dressing up for many events. First Communion, Confirmation, dressy parties, Weddings, the Opera, Masquerade balls, Debutante balls, Beauty Pageants, and that 15th Birthday party in the Latin culture, Quinceañera, to name a few.

Given all that, Cinderella is a perennial favorite for Halloween costumes. You can buy a cheap Cinderella costume from the big box stores in any size, from baby to teen, but they are not very appealing and are not going to last very long since they are made from thin material. (even the Disney ones!) Plus you can’t always find an Adult Disney Cinderella costume but I have them here. Also they don’t really fit that well, since “one size fits all.” I think it’s much better to get a real Cinderella dress that you or your little girl can wear over and over to dressy events.

Beautiful Cinderella Dresses

So here I have all beautiful Cinderella dresses that can be worn to parties and events besides Halloween. You will find toddler Cinderella costumes, Cinderella Halloween costumes for girls, Cinderella Halloween costumes teens will adore, and Cinderella Halloween costumes adults can wear for dressy events besides Halloween because they are so well made. Enjoy!

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Kids Cinderella Halloween Costume

Cinderella Dress: Toddler
Toddler Cinderella Halloween Costume

If you’re looking for a Cinderella costume for toddlers, these are some of the cutest ones around. I think these Cinderella dresses for toddlers are beautiful and reasonable. Remember she’s going to want to wear this dress long after Halloween is over. And she can. Birthday parties, Church, dress up, and if she’s like my little girl, she will want to wear it to the grocery store. That’s up to you, but I let mine wear hers all the time. Might as well get some use out of it. These are Cinderella dresses toddlers will really love and use over and over.

 Disguise Disney Storybook Cinderella Prestige Toddler / Child Costume Blue Toddler (3-4T)Cinderella Dresses Rubie’s Costume Palace Princess Child Costume, ToddlerCinderella Dresses Cinderella Ballerina Classic Size: M (3T-4T)Cinderella Dresses Disney Princess Cinderella Light Up Deluxe Costume, Blue, X-SmallCinderella Dresses Rubie’s Twinklers Twinkle Princess Costum-ToddlerCinderella Dresses Disguise Disney’s Cinderella Sparkle Deluxe Girls Costume, 3T-4TCinderella Dresses

The New Cinderella Dress 2015
Cinderella Dress: Toddlers

In the new Cinderella movie, Cinderella wears a darker Blue dress than she did in the old Disney movie of the same name. Here’s the 2015 version of a Toddler Cinderella dress. (the one on the left) The one on the right is just a beautiful Cinderella dress in a new version.

 New Cinderella 2015 Dress (5-6 Years)Cinderella Dresses Sequined Sparkle Cinderella Dresses for Girls New 2015 FLR7596-1_11Cinderella Dresses

Cinderella Dresses: Girls
Cinderella Girls Dresses

If you are looking through girls Cinderella costumes for your little girl’s Cinderella Halloween costume, you are going to have a hard time deciding which one to get. These are all beautiful Cinderella dresses! Maybe she will have to be the one to choose so you won’t have to. Aren’t these darling girls Cinderella costumes? To learn more about each one, just click on a costume. All of these are Cinderella dresses girls will find beautiful and are very well made. She will want to wear her dress everywhere! And when she needs to go to parties and dress up school functions, she will be glad she has such a beautiful dress to wear.

 Newest Cinderella Dress Movie Girl Summer Long Sleeve Dress Cartoon Character Costumes – 1pc Kids Us Size Xl(140cm) Suitable for Kids 7-8Cinderella Dresses Disguise Cinderella Movie Deluxe Costume, Large (10-12)Cinderella Dresses 2015 NEW Cinderella dress blue princess dress Costume for girlsCinderella Dresses girls Sequined Sparkle Cinderella Dresses for Girls New 2015 FLR7596-1_11Cinderella Dresses girls Disney Princess Enchanted Evening Dress: CinderellaCinderella Dresses 2015 NEW Cinderella dress blue Ella ‘s princess dress Costume butterfly girlCinderella Dresses adults

Cinderella Dresses: Teens
Cinderella Dresses for Teens

If your teen wants a Cinderella teen costume, you might not be able to find one that is specifically teen, but depending on her size, she can shop in the girls department or the women’s department. Cinderella dresses for adults come in very small sizes that many teens can wear. And the girl sizes go up to size 14 or 16, so there is bound to be one that will fit. (My little sister who is an adult shops in the girls department all the time, since the clothes fit her and are cheaper too.)

The ones below are specifically teen sized, but be sure to check the adult ones below that, as they come in small and extra small. I’m sure you can find a Cinderella Halloween costume teens will love, even your teen! (And yes, I know how they can be as I once lived with 3 teens at once in the same house. I’m still not sure how I survived.)

 Costumes For All Occasions DG38091K Cinderella Tween 7-8Cinderella Dresses Cinderella Couture Girls Cascading Organza Dress Royal 14 (1101)Cinderella Dresses Disguise Unisex Child Sassy Prestige Cinderella, Multi, JR (7-9) CostumeCinderella Dresses

Cinderella Halloween Costume: Adults

Cinderella Dresses: Adults
Cinderella Costume Adults

Here are some great Cinderella dresses for women that you can wear for other dressy events too, not just Halloween. All of these Cinderella Halloween costumes for women are beautiful and well made so you can wear them with confidence to the Opera, Weddings, Mardi Gras, and Masquerade parties. And if you want an officially licensed Disney Cinderella costume (adult sized) check out the bottom 2 right ones below. Each is a Cinderella Halloween costume adults will love for their events. Just click on any image to find out more about each one.

 InCharacter Costumes, LLC Women’s Enchanting Princess CostumeCinderella Dresses California Costumes Women’s Classic Cinderella Long DressCinderella Dresses Forum Fairy Tails Fashions Storybook Princess CostumeCinderella Dresses Disguise Disney Cinderella Adult Deluxe CostumeCinderella Dresses Papaya Wear Classic Cinderella Women CostumeCinderella Dresses Officially Licensed Disney Cinderella Prestige Costume (see details on size)Cinderella Dresses

New Cinderella Costume 2015
Adult Disney Cinderella Costume

Wow, I love the new Blue they used in the new Cinderella movie. don’t you? What a stunner! You could wear this to so many cool events! I would want to wear mine to dressy parties.

 2015 New Blue Women’s Cosplay Dress Halloween Party Costumes Custom Made AdultCinderella Dresses

Cinderella Costume Plus Size
Cinderella Dress Adults

This is one version of the Cinderella Costume in Plus Size, but there are many Plus size Cinderella dresses available. Just click on any photo in the Cinderella costume ladies section above to see all the sizes. Many of them feature Plus Size too, not just Misses sizes.

 California Costumes Women’s Plus-Size Classic Cinderella Long Dress GownCinderella Dresses

Cinderella Maid Costume

Someone asked me if I was going to add the Cinderella Maid Costume. I don’t know why you would want to be the maid, unless you were Cinderella in a school play or community theater. But if you do, it’s easy to be Cinderella as the maid. She wore old rags basically. So just find an old dress in terrible shape, add an apron over the dress, preferably mismatched, and wear boots. That should be fine for the Cinderella maid costume.

This page is all about that dress she wore to the ball to meet her Prince Charming! Here is one costume you can buy that is Cinderella in her rags before she got to dress up for the ball and meet him. You can see it would be easy to replicate this look using old clothes. My closet is full of suitable clothing to be the Cinderella maid! (I wish I were joking.)

 Bundle – Rag Dress Cinderella Dress-up Set – 3 piecesCinderella maid costume

Make a Cinderella Costume

Sew a Cinderella Dress

Here are some patterns for you to sew your own Cinderella dress. If you need a sewing machine, you can find one here: Sewing Machines at Amazon There are sewing machines galore!


 Mccall’s 8896 Sewing Pattern Misses Storybook Costumes Size Medium 12,14Cinderella Dresses Disney Princess Easy to Sew Simplicity 0616 (Size A – 3-8) Pattern – Ariel, Snow White, and CinderellaCinderella Dresses

Cheap Cinderella Costumes
Easy Cinderella Costume From Stuff You Have

If you don’t sew, and you are on a tight budget, you can make a cheap Cinderella costume from an old Wedding dress, or prom dress. (I think we all have those old dresses we are keeping around just in case. If not, you can get an old Wedding or prom dress from a resale shop or thrift store. Dress it up by adding a colored satin sash at the waist. Maybe sprinkle some fabric glitter on it in a few strategic places. Easy Cinderella costume! If you do sew, keep an eye out for fabric sales. I only buy fabric on sale.

*Tip: When there is a sale, take some patterns with you to the store so you know approximately how much fabric you will need for a typical project. But if you forget, there are usually patterns at fabric stores, so you can browse those.

Cinderella Characters

I have concentrated on Cinderella herself, but there are other people in this fairy tale. Prince Charming of course! You can find his costume here: Prince Charming Costumes.  And then there are those horrible step mom and step sisters too. I don’t know why you would want to be them. But if you do, you can wear medieval costumes to be one of the other Cinderella characters.

Their names are: Lady Tremaine (Wicked Stepmother of Cinderella)
Anastasia and Drizella Tremaine (step sisters of Cinderella)
Jacques and Octavius (the Mice! who become the coachmen after the Pumpkin is turned into a coach for Cinderella)
Lucifer, the Cat
The Fairy Godmother

If you want to be the Fairy Godmother, you can find those costumes here: Fairy Godmother Costumes.

Happy Halloween! And may you find your real life Prince Charming!