Brady Bunch Costumes

Brady Bunch Costumes

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Brady Bunch costumes based on highly recognizable Brady family characters are very popular, especially for Halloween theme parties or retro sixties parties. Who doesn’t love paisley?

America’s favorite blended family hit the airwaves in 1969–Carol, a lovely lady with three very lovely girls, and a man named Brady, who was busy with three boys of his own.

Both the show and its catchy theme song were created by Sherwood Schwartz, of Gilligan’s Island fame. Schwartz, who interviewed 464 boys and girls to find the perfect Brady kids, had an ingenious technique for interviewing child actors. He would place a bunch of toys on his desk and wait to see if the prospective actor paid attention to him or the toys. If the toys were ignored, Schwartz knew the child had the concentration needed to meet the rigorous demands of a television series.

The Brady Bunch

They knew that it was much more than a hunch …
That this group should somehow form a family

The Brady Bunch PhotoThe Brady Bunch

That’s the Way they All Became the Brady Bunch

The director’s talent for picking winners speaks for itself. Viewers embraced the six young actors who portrayed siblings in America’s most famous blended family. All of them remained with the show for its entire five-season duration. Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, Christopher Knight, Eve Plumb, Mike Lookinland, and Susan Olsen became as well-known as their Brady Bunch counterparts.

The Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch Framed PosterThe Brady Bunch Framed Poster

Brady Bunch Costumes

The show’s opening title sequence in which video head shots of the cast are displayed in a three-by-three grid is a pop culture staple. Brady Bunch characters are a fun idea for Halloween or a retro sixties costume party. Choose from a large selection of costumes and wigs, including “Sunshine Day” and Greg Brady “Johnny Bravo” versions. Click on any Brady character to see the latest costumes and accessories. Some items may differ from what is represented here due to manufacturer variations. The wigs shown here are still available for some of the characters and are sold separately.

Brady Bunch Costumes

Sunshine Day Costume

Brady Bunch Sunshine Day Women’s Costume
It’s a sunshine day! This bright yellow costume is available in several sizes. The set includes a fringed shirt, fringed pants, and upper arm fringe cuffs. If you’re looking for TV show costume ideas, it doesn’t get any cheerier than this.

Brady Bunch CostumesBrady Bunch Sunshine Day Female Costume

Brady Bunch Costumes – Johnny Bravo

Groovin’ Greg Brady as Johnny Bravo
Greg’s alter ego Johnny Bravo is always a hit with the chicks! Definitely one of the grooviest TV show costume ideas. Grab your bell bottoms and accessorize with official Johnny Bravo pieces that can be enjoyed year round.

Groovin' Greg - Johnny Bravo - Brady Bunch 100% Cotton T-ShirtGroovin’ Greg – Johnny Bravo – Brady Bunch 100% Cotton T-ShirtThe New Johnny Bravo - Brady Bunch Groovin' Greg Shopping BagThe New Johnny Bravo – Brady Bunch Groovin’ Greg Shopping Bag

Ann B. Davis

Brady Bunch CostumesAnn B. Davis Photograph

Brady Bunch Costumes – Alice

Brady Bunch Housekeeper Costume

One of my favorite TV show costume ideas is based on Alice the housekeeper, portrayed by Ann B. Davis. Everyone loved Alice! The costume includes a polyester blue dress and a white apron. Wear your most comfortable white sneakers, grab a feather duster, and you’re good to go.

Brady Bunch Alice Housekeeper CostumeBrady Bunch Alice Housekeeper CostumeBrady Bunch Alice Adult WigBrady Bunch Alice Adult Wig

The Brady Bunch Men

Mike Lookinland, Christopher Knight, Barry Williams, and Robert Reed

The Brady Bunch (1969)The Brady Bunch (1969)

Created by Sherwood Schwartz

Sherwood-SchwartzThe Brady Bunch (1969-1974)
In 1965, Sherwood Schwartz was already enjoying success with Gilligan’s Island when a newspaper article caught his eye. The author pointed out that 30% of marriages in the United States involved one or more children from a previous marriage.

Sherwood Schwartz immediately began work on a television pilot, which he called Yours & Mine. The big three television networks—ABC, CBS and NBC—were impressed with the concept, but requested too many changes and Sherwood Schwartz put the project on hold.

In 1968, the success of a film called Yours, Mine and Ours starring popular actors Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball prompted ABC to order a number of episodes. The network objected to Carol as a divorcée, so no mention was made of her prior marriage. The show’s catchy theme song, written by Sherwood Schwartz and Frank DeVol, clued audiences in to the fact the The Brady Bunch was a blended family.

Brady Bunch Costumes

Brady Bunch Costumes

The Brady Bunch Hour

The cast remained close after The Brady Bunch went off the air in 1974. Astute fans will notice that Eve Plumb is absent from the photo below. The actress portraying middle sister Jan Brady is Geri Reischl, who has been branded “Fake Jan” for her appearances in the variety show during the 1976–77 television season. Paris Hilton’s mother Kathy was among 1,500 actresses who auditioned for the role. In fact, she was one of the two final candidates along with winner Geri.

The Brady Bunch Hour Print on CanvasThe Brady Bunch Hour Print on Canvas

The Brady Bunch Cast

Florence Henderson … Carol Brady
Robert Reed … Mike Brady
Ann B. Davis … Alice Nelson
Barry Williams … Greg Brady
Maureen McCormick … Marcia Brady
Christopher Knight … Peter Brady
Eve Plumb … Jan Brady
Mike Lookinland … Bobby Brady
Susan Olsen … Cindy Brady
Geri Reischl … Fake Jan

The Brady Bunch

The Complete Series on DVD with a Groovy Shag Carpet Cover

Brady Bunch CostumesThe Brady Bunch: The Complete Series with Shag Carpet Cover

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Brady Bunch Costumes

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