Bewitched Costumes

Bewitched Costumes

Bewitched Costumes

Inspired by Beautiful Witches
Bewitched costumes are based on the most beautiful witch to grace primetime television, Samantha Stephens. Beautiful witches were nothing new in 1964. After all, L. Frank Baum had introduced Glinda, the Good Witch more than six decades earlier in his widely translated children’s story, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. In the 1939 film based on Baum’s novel, Billie Burke embraced the role of Glinda. The original good witch floated down in a sparkly pink bubble to welcome Dorothy to Oz. In 1942, silver screen siren Veronica Lake delighted audiences in the comedy, I Married a Witch. Blonde bombshell Kim Novak cast a spell on Jimmy Stewart in Bell, Book and Candle a few years later in 1958.

A television series inspired by these films featured the lovely and appealing Elizabeth Montgomery. Bewitched introduced audiences to a supernatural (and suburban) sensation named Sam. A chance encounter prompted Agnes Moorehead to reconsider the role of Endora. The veteran actress had originally turned down the demanding schedule of a television series. However, she was charmed by Elizabeth Montgomery when they met casually in a Los Angeles department store. Can you imagine any other actress playing Endora?

Bewitched Costumes

Agnes Moorehead’s contract limited the number of episodes she would appear in each season. Even so, Endora was present often enough to annoy her mortal son-in-law. Darrin was played in the earlier seasons by Dick York and later by Dick Sargent. Endora refused to use Darrin’s name, alternatively calling him “What’s-his-name,” “Darwin,” “Derwood,” and “Dum-Dum,” all much to his annoyance. In fact, Endora referred to him as “Darrin” only 8 times during the entire series run of 254 episodes.

Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Montgomery: A Bewitching Life
by Rita E. Piro

Elizabeth Montgomery: A Bewitching Life

Bewitched (1964-1972)

Bewitched was on the air for eight years, and had the distinction of being the longest running of the fantasy situation comedies that dominated primetime television in the sixties. Other favorites included The Addams Family, I Dream of Jeannie, The Munsters, and Mister Ed.

Bewitched was the last survivor of the fantasy sitcom genre when it left the air in 1972. Thanks to syndication, DVD releases of all eight seasons, and a feature film remake in 2005, Bewitched remains popular with viewers. Not surprisingly, beautiful witches are represented in respectable numbers every Halloween. Bewitched costumes are easy, fun, and flattering to all body types.

Bewitched Costumes

Bewitched Costumes – Bewitching Capes

Choose An Elegant and Flattering Witch Costume
All of the witches on the series wore beautiful, flowing capes—Samantha, Endora, Aunt Clara, and Esmeralda. Even Samantha’s mischievous cousin Serena (also played by Elizabeth Montgomery) looked divine in black. Black capes are a popular Halloween staple, useful for witch, vampire, or historic costumes for years to come.

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3/4 Length Black Velvet CapeBewitched CostumesFull Length Black Crushed Velvet CapeBewitched Costumes

Black Velvet and Satin Hooded CloakBewitched CostumesBewitched CostumesBlack Velvet Hooded Cloak

Agnes Moorehead

Starring as Samantha’s Mother Endora

Bewitched CostumesAgnes Moorehead Photograph

Agnes Moorehead
It’s marvelous to be called a lovely witch!

Bewitched Costumes – Witch Hats

Choose a Chic and Stylish Witch Hat
What self-respecting witch would be seen in public without her hat? These gorgeous selections prove that a witch hat needn’t be limited to basic unadorned black. Any one of these hats would be perfect for a bewitching Halloween costume.

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Bewitched CostumesBlack Feathered Witch HatVelour Wired Witch HatBewitched Costumes

Bewitched CostumesPurple Feathered Witch HatBlack Ruched Witch HatBewitched Costumes

Bewitched Samantha T-Shirts

Bewitched Retro Classic TV Show T-Shirts
Choose an Officially Licensed Bewitched T-Shirt

Bewitched CostumesTwo Darrins – Bewitched Juniors 100% Cotton T-ShirtBewitched CostumesMe Time – Bewitched Juniors 100% Cotton T-Shirt

A Safe and Sane Halloween

Bewitched Costumes

Tabitha’s Cheetah Costume

“A Safe and Sane Halloween” (Original Air Date October 26, 1967)
Who can forget Tabitha’s adorable cheetah costume in season four? It’s Tabitha’s first trick-or-treat experience and she’s accompanied by her new friends—Goblin, Gremlin, and Jack O’ Lantern. Unbeknownst to Samantha, her daughter has conjured up characters from a bedtime story read to her the previous night. How will they ever get back in the book where they belong? Watch the episode and see. The goblin was portrayed by Felix Silla, better known as Cousin Itt on The Addams Family.

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A Safe and Sane Halloween
Elizabeth Montgomery, Erin Murphy, Agnes Moorehead
During the first season, Erin Murphy shared the role of Tabitha with her fraternal twin sister Diane. As the girls grew older and looked less alike, Erin played the part on her own. More recently, Erin has worked as a stunt double for actress Virginia Madsen.

Bewitched CostumesBewitched – A Safe and Sane Halloween (1967)

Bewitched Cast

Elizabeth Montgomery … Samantha Stephens
Agnes Moorehead … Endora
Dick York … Darrin Stephens
Erin Murphy … Tabitha Stephens
David White … Larry Tate
Dick Sargent … Darrin Stephens
Maurice Evans … Maurice
Kasey Rogers … Louise Tate

Bewitched Costumes – Child Witch

Pretty Witch Costumes for Girls
These pretty Bewitched costumes for girls will make any girl feel like a fairy princess rather than a witch. All of these pretty witch costumes include the dress and hat. Costumes are cold water wash and line dry for years of dress up and Halloween fun!

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Bewitched Moonlight T-Shirts

Bewitched Retro Classic TV Show T-Shirts
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Bewitched Moonlight Series V-Neck Women's T-Shirt in BlackBewitched Moonlight Series V-Neck Women’s T-Shirt in BlackBewitched Moonlight Series Round Collar Men's T-Shirt in BlackBewitched Moonlight Series Round Collar Men’s T-Shirt in Black

Dick York

“My What Big Ears You Have”
(Original Air Date December 7, 1967)
Starring Dick York as Darrin Stephens

Bewitched CostumesDick York Poster

Dick York
I’ve been blessed. I have no complaints. I’ve been surrounded by people in radio, on stage and in motion pictures and television who love me.

Bewitched Costumes – Jumbo Fake Ears

Flexible Vinyl Jumbo Ear Accessories are One Size Fits Most
This costume idea is based on one of the funniest season four episodes and makes for a fun TV show Halloween costume. Endora suspects that Darrin is cheating on Samantha, so she casts a spell on her favorite son-in-law. Every time Darrin tells a lie, his ears get larger. Why is Darrin lying to Samantha? You’ll just have to watch the episode to find out.

Adult Super Large Costume EarsBewitched CostumesJumbo Fake Ears (One Pair)Bewitched Costumes

Elizabeth Montgomery Tribute

Set to the Bewitched Theme Sung by Steve Lawrence

Elizabeth Montgomery

Best Remembered for Bewitched
in a Remarkable Career that Spanned Five Decades

Bewitched CostumesElizabeth Montgomery Quality Reproduction Photo Print

Elizabeth Montgomery
Like most people, I secretly hope that it’s true—that there are witches like Samantha, and that families like hers really do exist.


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