Best Couple Costume Ideas

Best Couple Costume Ideas for Halloween


Best Couple Costume Ideas halloween fun shoppe

If you and the other half of your couple are searching for the best Couple Costume ideas, this page might be the last one you have to search. There are all kinds of couples Halloween costumes here and ideas for more.

Halloween costumes for couples are such a cute idea, and there are so many Couples costumes, that deciding which couple Halloween costume to wear might be the hardest decision of the holiday for you. Which will it be? A famous couple? A historical couple? A funny couple? Only you can decide, but no matter which way you go, I’ve got you covered here.

I have divided them by type of costume: Famous Couples, Funny or Novelty Couples Costumes, and Historical Period Couples Costumes, Happy Halloween!

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Famous Couples Costumes
Classic Couples Costumes

Famous Couple Halloween Costumes
Bonnie and Clyde Costume
Bonnie the Gangster

Click on Bonnie to get to Clyde. She’s helping him hide out, but will be glad to help you find him.

 Women’s Bonnie and Clyde Costume, Largebest couple costume ideas

The Muppets Halloween Couple Costumes
Miss Piggy & Kermit Costumes
Funny Couple Costume Ideas


If you or your child have ever watched Sesame Street, you will remember Miss Piggy and Kermit.
I love Miss Piggy’s personality.

 The Muppets – Kermit The Frog – Card Face Maskbest couple costume ideas Kermit The Frog Adult Costume Muppets Costume 880319best couple costume ideas The Muppets – Miss Piggy – Card Face Maskbest couple costume ideas The Muppets Movie Kermit The Frog Girl’s Tutu Dress Up Box Setbest couple costume ideas

Cleopatra and Mark Anthony
Famous Couple Halloween Costumes
Cleopatra Costume

Seems Cleopatra had more than one great Roman emperor at her feet, so to speak. But her love story with Mark Anthony is the fatal one of legends. She and Mark Anthony are one of the most famous couples in history. What a love story. You can also see lots more Egyptian Queen Cleopatra costumes too, by clicking the link.

 California Costumes Women’s Cleopatra Adultbest couple costume ideas

Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker or Hans Solo
Star Wars Couple Costumes
Princess Leia Costume

Hmm, Hans Solo or Luke Skywalker? She had a hard choice didn’t she? Until she found out that Luke was her brother then, wham, that’s over, like incest is so not cool. So looks like she’s keeping Hans back on the little star hideout, and Luke is helping run the new empire. Either one can be found thru Leia; girls rule!

 Star Wars Child’s Deluxe Princess Leia Costumebest couple costume ideas

Adam and Eve Couples Costume
Halloween Couple Costume Ideas
Couples Costumes Adults

The ones who started it all!

 Adam and Eve Costumebest couple costume ideas

King and Queen Couple Costumes
Fancy Dress Couples Costumes
Royal Queen Costume

The Queen is the power behind the throne, even if he’s the King. But if you want to be King for Halloween, click on the Queen. She has the keys to the castle.

 Gold Queen King or Prince Crownbest couple costume ideas Smiffy’s Women’s Medieval Queen Deluxe Costumebest couple costume ideas

Funny Halloween Costumes for Couples
Cute Halloween Costumes for Couples
Cool Couples Halloween Costumes

Devil Halloween Costumes for Couples
Adult Couple Halloween Costume
Man’s Devil Costume Couples Costume

The Devil! But if you want the “devil in disguise”, as in a female devil costume, just click on the male Devil to see where he’s hiding her.

 Rubie’s Costume Demon Lord Costumebest couple costume ideas

Funny Couple Costume Ideas
Halloween Costumes for a Couple
Salt and Pepper Couples Costume Set

How cute is this set?

 Rasta Imposta Lightweight Salt Costumebest couple costume ideas Rasta Imposta Lightweight Pepper Costumebest couple costume ideas

Cheerleader and Football Star
Couple Costumes for Halloween
Cheerleader Costume

Wonder where the football player is? Back at the locker room. But the cheerleader knows a secret way in. Just click on her to find the football player.

 Fashoutlet Women’s Musical Uniform Fancy Dress Costume Complete Outfitbest couple costume ideas

Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume
Couples Costume for Halloween
Adult Couples Costume Ideas

Another food costume idea for couples.

 Rasta Imposta Bacon and Eggs Couples Costumebest couple costume ideas

For another very fun and funny couples costume, visit Peanut Butter and Jelly Costumes.

Pan Am Couple Costume for Halloween
Pilot and Stewardess Halloween Costumes
Stewardess Pan Am Costume

The Stewardess has access to the pilot. He’s already in the cockpit, but she can get his ear. So just click on her to find the pilot or go see his pilot costume page


 Charades Women’s Pan Am Patty Costume Setbest couple costume ideas

Zombie Dress Zombie Tuxedo Couples Costume
Zombie Halloween Couples Costume
Halloween Adult Couples Costume

Zombies are easy costumes to make if you don’t have time or money to buy a costume and great for couples too! For more about Zombie costumes click here: Zombie Costumes.


 Rubie’s Costume Dead Groom Costumebest couple costume ideas Rubie’s Costume Dead Bride Costumebest couple costume ideas

Historical Period Couples Costumes
Adult Couples Costume Ideas

Halloween Pirate Couples Costumes
Couple Fancy Dress Costumes
Halloween Costumes for Couples

Ahoy, mateys!

 Rubie’s Costume Grand Heritage Collection Deluxe Caribbean Pirate Costumebest couple costume ideas Pirate Treasure Costume – Large – Dress Size 10-14best couple costume ideas

Cowgirl and Cowboy Halloween Costumes
Western Couples Costume
Best Couple Costume Ideas

Classic cowboy costumes are easy and fun to create! I love to be a cowgirl! See more Cowgirl costumes here: Cowgirl Costumes 


 Forum Novelties Complete Designer Cowboy Costumebest couple costume ideas Forum Novelties Women’s Cowpoke Cutie Costumebest couple costume ideas

Hippie Couple Halloween Costumes
Cute Halloween Couples Costumes
Cool Halloween Couple Costumes

I love these cute Hippie costumes for a couple, and it’s easy to make one really. Just use jeans and a cool shirt. Maybe add a vest. But if you want one already made, and these don’t do it for you, just click on the pretty Hippie girl and she will lead you to more costumes. Peace, man!

 Leg Avenue Women’s Love Child Hippie Costumebest couple costume ideas Forum Generation Hippie Hippie Dippie Costumebest couple costume ideas

Flapper Couples Costume for Halloween
Fancy Dress Couple Costumes
Adult Couples Costume for Halloween

Another cute couple idea. I love the Flapper era so this is one of my fave ideas!

 Dreamgirl Flapperbest couple costume ideas California Costumes Men’s Gangster Costumebest couple costume ideas

Pilgrim Couple Costumes for Halloween
Historical Halloween Costumes

There are male Pilgrim costumes too, just click on the woman. We all know who did all the work around the house, so I featured the real Pilgrim here.

 California Costumes Women’s Pilgrim Woman Adultbest couple costume ideas

Vikings Couple Costumes
Halloween Couples Costumes
Viking Princess and Viking Warrior

Since the TV series about the Vikings started, there is a renewed interest in them. My husband is half Danish so we love Viking culture!

 InCharacter Costumes, LLC Viking Warrior Adult Plus Setbest couple costume ideas California Costumes Women’s Viking Vixen Sexy Warrior Costumebest couple costume ideas

Fancy Dress Couple Costumes
Steampunk Halloween Couples Costume
Best Couples Costume Ideas

Love Steampunk! Victorian plus Science! More of them are here: Steampunk Costumes


 Woman’s Steampunk Renegade Costumebest couple costume ideas Forum Steampunk Jack Complete Costumebest couple costume ideas

Happy Halloween!


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