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Welcome to our Halloween Fun Shoppe! We love Halloween, every bit of it.

We love the costumes, the decorations, the food and drinks and all the fun! Trick or treat? Around here it’s always a treat as we don’t want any tricks! But we do have lots of costumes, lots of food, and lots of Halloween decorations and crafts! We even have help for your Halloween parties and fun Halloween music!

Have fun browsing our site and have a fun Halloween!

Our Halloween Fun Shoppe Story…

Heather, Kim, Lynne, Lauren and Lesley are best friends who were looking for the perfect Halloween costume for their Halloween party.

They couldn’t decide if they wanted a group costume or if they individually wanted to be something different?  The five ladies decided that they would get together that night and go shopping for the perfect costumes for their party. Heather had the perfect place in mind….

Halloween Fun Shoppe


To the Halloween Fun Shoppe..

Donald Trump Shops at the Halloween Fun Shoppe

Heather, being the party girl she is, picked up all the ladies in a party bus and they headed out to LA’s premiere costume store, The Halloween Fun Shoppe.   None of them had ever been to the Halloween Fun Shoppe before but everyone who was someone got their costume from this chic costume shop in Beverly Hills.  Even Donald Trump is known to shop there!

Upon arrival, the ladies were greeted by some sexy German women carrying steins of beer.  Not all of them were beautiful, one sort of looked like a retired Hooters waitress the way her boobs sagged to her belly button, but who were they to judge?  The ladies gladly accepted the beers and headed into the Halloween Fun Shoppe.

Lady Gaga Bubble CostumeWhen they first walked in the Halloween Fun Shoppe they couldn’t believe their eyes… Lady Gaga was there shopping for her Halloween costume too!  Being a huge Lady Gaga fan, Heather ran over immediately and started chatting with her about her costume. She was going to wear some sort of bubble dress that she found on aisle 2 at the Halloween Fun Shoppe. Heather tried it on but found that bubbles were best left in her champagne not her Halloween costume.

I Dream of Jeannie CostumesIn another part of the store a salesperson from the store approached Kim and told her she looked a lot like the girl from I Dream of Jeannie.  Kim is a slender long-haired blonde that definitely could pull off the costume but she really wasn’t feeling it for this particular party she was going to.

Zombie CostumesLauren and Lynne really wanted to do group costumes with everyone but Lesley was resisting the idea.  Lesley had her heart set on dressing up as a Zombie.  Lauren on the other hand really thinks Zombies are disgusting and refused to even hang out with Lesley if she was going as a Zombie.  Lesley always seemed to be the one that had to have the most disgusting, vile costume possible.  She never picked anything beautiful or sexy.

Don’t Upset the White Witch in the Halloween Fun Shoppe!

In the midst of their disagreement, all of a sudden came a HUGE FLASH of light and the whole earth shook hard!!  In a daze, the ladies looked up and saw what appeared to be a White Witch

The White Witch turned to the ladies and asked them why they were arguing in her Halloween Fun Shoppe?

Still not really sure if it was the beer or not they just stared at her in wonder..

Elvira CostumesThe White Witch explained, “There is only one rule in the Halloween Fun Shoppe and it’s to have FUN!  It’s the reason you were greeted with German women and beer!!  Now stop this disagreement and let my assistant Elvira help you find the perfect costume for your party!”

The ladies agreed that they would try to have more fun and began to look for costumes with Elvira for their party.  Elvira was a natural at picking costumes for the ladies; she really had an eye for what looked good.

Now All is Well in the Halloween Fun Shoppe

Heather ended up with a beautiful lady Peacock costume because she has long legs and blue is her favorite color.

Lynne and Lauren dressed up as ladies from A League of Their Own in rival uniforms. This made Lauren very happy because she wanted a group costume. Although it was just the two of them, it was very gratifying for her.

Kim went with the most beautiful Fairy costume ever; she really turned a lot heads that night.  At the party, Johnny Depp went mad over her and got into a fight with Marty McFly who was staring a little too much!  It turned into quite a horror show

Zombie LesleyAnd Lesley, despite Elvira’s advice and Lauren’s pleas – still dressed as a Zombie…. she wasn’t pretty or sexy but she was happy in her Zombie costume

The Halloween Fun Shoppe was such an awesome place to find the best costumes!  The ladies had such a good time and their costumes were a big hit at their Halloween party. Besides the costumes, they were able to get some cool Halloween decor for their party and also some scary food ideas!

Best Halloween Fun Shoppe

About Us

Halloween Fun Shoppe is the creation of Heather, Kim, Lynne, Lesley, and Lauren, a group of friends who love Halloween and everything associated with it! We hope you enjoy the Halloween costumes and fun Halloween party ideas we have found for you.

Happy Halloween!


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